View Full Version : Fence Put up at the Mounds..fully completed

2005-08-26, 01:00 PM
Heres a diagram of what I saw yesterday when at the mounds.


The fence has been completed. They utilized the tall dense overgrowth as a natural barrier on the left and right side of the field and blocks out access to the hill where we shoot. Its not passable, However there is one place to squeeze though on either side of the fence. In my opinion I would NOT recommend crossing to the other side of the fence as it would be very risky, poor judgment and down right irresponsible to do so. Fences are there for a reason. How would you explain your presence there is some idiot called the authorities? Its a weak temprary fence I might add. I would suggested leaving it for the lcoals (especially the ones that tore up the field in the first place)..in a few month there prabably won't be much of a fence left there as they would want access to that field.
Two other photogs at the area had a visual on the new barrier had a similar assessments if the spot.

Matt Molnar
2005-08-26, 01:44 PM
If it's a temporary fence maybe they are planning on doing some sort of construction on the site, like a baseball field or playground or something. It's public property, correct?

2005-08-26, 05:25 PM
According to maps I've seen, the mounds are in Idlewild Park, making it public park, and therefore property that we CAN go on. However, it looks like there is construction about to go on if it looks temporary.

Let's wait this out a bit. Maybe we just won't be able to go there for a little bit until it's over.

What are the other spots for us to use for 22L arrivals?

2005-08-26, 06:23 PM
You can still get a few shots from where we park our cars , next to the fence.

ps -- what happened to the field, 'torn up?" some one went off roading?


2005-08-27, 11:25 AM
Yes we will have to shoot from the road. As far west from the mounds as possible. I suppose if you go as far as you can you don't have to worry about that b;asted powerline and the Giant Cattails that ride the bottom on our shots.

2005-08-27, 02:32 PM
I took a ride by this afternoon (Saturday 8/27) There were some construction vehicles and one guy working. He told me they are renovating the soccer field and the fence is up to protect the area during construction. He wasn't sure how long the work would take, but it sounds like we'll have access when it's done.

Not sure if we'll be able to get up one the "mounds" themselves, but should certainly be able to access the field.

2005-08-27, 06:53 PM
Good news. Maybe this renovation will mean that it'll actually be MAINTAINED, so we won't have to fight off 80-foot weeds every time we go there.


2005-08-28, 11:33 PM
what i'm worried about is the mounds still being there once they're done.

brian, you sould like one of the airhead sluts that live in scottsdale AZ and think that everything natural should be paved over and turned into a mall. you do what you have to do to get what you want, regardless of what you have to get through. stop tryng to change everythign please.

2005-08-29, 12:03 AM
I think the mounds themselves exist to act as a barrier for the swamp to grow towards the field, and for soccer balls to not go into it, either.

So I'm pretty confident that they will keep the mounds, unless they put a fence along that end.

2005-08-29, 02:53 PM
Why don't they just pave over the mounds and turn that area into a strip mall? It's just a swampy, bug-infested pile of dirt anyways. Now I'm an airhead slut too....woohoo! :) (see reply 7)

Seriously...I much prefer shooting from the street as opposed to climbing up on the dirt piles. I can't stand getting 8 million mosquito bites in 10 seconds and also having to deal with the bees circling my head as I take pictures. I could care less what they do with the actual mounds.

2005-08-30, 12:47 AM
Yeah, Buck .. stop trying to change everything.. :)

Seriously, The ticks are potentially a bigger issue than the bees or misquitos, but much as it would be convenient to shoot from the street (if there was one there), we'd get called in all the time and there'd be more powerlines maybe etc.

Plus..there are some undesirables in the area. :(

I'll gladly take the mounds as they are if we get so lucky.