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2005-08-21, 10:43 PM
So Saturday i decided to go photograph a powerplant at a former mental hospital (Central Islip) which is going to be demolished probally next week. Fred(derf) will know what im talking about ;). Anyways after about 15mins of shooting this thing like crazy, my sister comes to pick me up. But before i can even buckle up, SCPD cruiser pulls up. Walks up to my window knocks on then window then OPENS my door. Asks for my ID. Same stuff that goes down when getting "caught" spotting. TO make a long story short, he tells me that "After 9/11 this is very suspicous behavior" (NOTE: THis building is all prepared for demo!!!) that "taking pictures of buildings is not the right thing to do right now" He asked me the usual, who do you work for, are you into photography(i have a $$$$$$ camera in my hand what do you think?) Eventually everything cleared and we were sent on our merry way!! I know this has nothing to do with spotting, but it seems like anything you do today with photography is defined as being suspicous. Plus the fact that the building that is being photographed is gonna be BLOWN UP next week!!! This world is insane.... Phil sorry you can move this topic if need be :wink:

2005-08-22, 01:03 AM
I had a run in there the other day....Cop pulls up to me walking to my car with my camera....asks what I am doing, I tell him that I grew up near by and wanted pictures. He asks if "IT" looks weird. I said sure, but I am doing nothing wrong so I do not mind the chit chat. He smiles and says have a nice day...... YOU TO!

I have many shots here
http://fromtheflightdeck.com/Long%20Isl ... owerplant/ (http://fromtheflightdeck.com/Long%20Island/ci%20powerplant/)

Here is a picture of it

This is inside the massive stack looking up!

2005-08-22, 03:04 AM
Wow! Those are some amazing pics!!!