View Full Version : LGA Runway 22 Departures on Saturday 8-20

2005-08-20, 11:23 PM
I know that LGA Runway 22 departures on Saturdays have been a common site this summer with 13-31 often closed for construction during this summer. This has been going on for all the 20 years I have worked at LGA, but today (8-20) during a short visit to Planeviiew Park I saw something new. Normal departure procedures call for a long about 180 degree left turn about 2-3 miles after takeoff. I would guess most departures start there turn around Roosevelt Ave. 7 Train area. Today as I approached LGA eastbound on the GCP I see a UA 757 departure starting his left turn over the Grand Central ! I got to watch around 10 departures from Planeview, 2 seemed to follow the normal climb pattern but the rest started there turn right after passing Planeview, it was very cool ! Have any of you Saturday Planeview regulars seen this, or is it maybe something new ?


2005-08-20, 11:36 PM
I was out there between about 2 & 3 this afternoon, it was the first time I watched Rwy 22 departures up close. I didn't really notice anyone making such an early turn out while I was there.

While I was there, there must have been about 2 dozen people out watching the departures, although I was the only one taking pictures.

2005-08-21, 05:11 AM
While I was on my way to the city earlier, I saw a couple of the departures making what seemed to me to be an early left turn. Interesting stuff.