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Matt Molnar
2005-08-14, 11:44 PM
I can't remember a day where I've seen so much rain, thunder and lightning, including several strikes near my house. Even during the couple hours between storm cells, there was constant cloud to cloud lightning. Crazy stuff, and of course the air traffic is messed up. Here are some diversions I found interesting for one reason or another.

NW 340 DET-LGA, B752
Scheduled Dep: 5:01pm
Actual Dep: 6:20pm
Diverted to: DET(!), landing back where they started at 11:13pm

EI 109 DUB-JFK, A332
Scheduled Arr: 8:01pm
Diverted to: Hartford, landed at 9:05pm, recovery took off, scheduled to arrive JFK 11:38pm

CX 888 YVR-JFK, A346
Scheduled Arr: 9:40pm
Diverted to: Toronto, landed at 10:57pm, recovery scheduled to depart 12:04am, arrive JFK 12:49am

B6 170 San Jose-JFK, A320
Scheduled Arr: 8:25pm
Diverted to: Providence, arrived 8:30pm, arrived JFK at 10:37pm

2005-08-15, 08:46 AM
My home airport (BDL) has two other diversions from JFK last night.

AFR008 Air France B773 Paris to BDL
CCA9015 Air China B742 ANC to BDL

There should more diversions to BDL last night.

John Perrotta/BDL

2005-08-15, 06:06 PM
...and meanwhile ISP stayed quiet. Zzzzzzzzzz

2005-08-16, 01:07 AM
AC had a 762 in LGA today at around 1400, old colors though.