View Full Version : Vans Warped Tour - August 13th at Randall's Island

08-11-2005, 03:13 AM
This Saturday is one of the days that I wait all year for. Many of my favorite rock and punk bands playing in a dirt field where I get to beat the **** out of little kids who get in my way while I wear a black bandanna around my face in a dirt cloud of moshing madness.


Most of you will have no idea who any of those bands are, but many excite the life out of me.

Fall Out Boy (in top 3 favorite bands of mine)
My Chemical Romance
The Offspring (seen them many times, they never disappoint)
Relient K
Dropkick Murphys (bagpipes and rock. kickass)
Thrice (great)
The Starting Line (great)
Senses Fail (great)
MXPX (classic, will be great to see them live)
Something Corporate
Avenged Sevenfold
Matchbook Romance (love them, first time I'll be seeing them live)
Funeral For A Friend (they are actually coming to my bar after the concert)
Hawthorne Heights (awesome)
Gratitude (recent fav of mine)
Hopesfall (underrated)

I'm pretty pumped. If I come home without any broken bones, blood-stained clothes and without at least four new blemishes on my criminal record, I'll have failed as a man.

08-11-2005, 03:23 AM
i've wanted to see The Offspring since i teenager

08-11-2005, 08:50 AM
Phil, the best band on the bill is Avenged Sevenfold. They are awesome. I am kinda surprised that they're on the Warped Tour, though, as they could just as easily be on OzzFest. Their music is a hybrid of punk of metal, with not so much punk and lots of metal. Besides, if I like them then you know they must be good. :)

08-11-2005, 10:40 AM
haha, yes, I'm a fan of theirs as well. My favorite song of theirs is "I Wont See You Tonight". (te song seems to come in two parts, Part 1 is better)

08-11-2005, 10:47 AM
Which album do you like better...Waking the Fallen or City of Evil (the new album)? I probably lean towards Waking the Fallen, but their new album is fantastic. I dont think that they have one song that I dislike.

I just checked out the link you posted above....I didn't even realize that Opiate for the Masses is playing. They're a band from my hometown that are really awesome (and they're really popular, too). If you get a chance to check them out, you should do so.

08-11-2005, 11:02 AM
I'm a music pirate, so I'm not too familiar with CDs.

However, I just checked out their discography and I certainly like Waking the Fallen better. It's like every song of theirs that I like is on that album. Unholy Confessions, Eternal Rest, And All Things will End.


08-11-2005, 11:09 AM
Oh come on now, Phil....you're not just a "music" pirate.... :)


I'm so excited that we both like Avenged Sevenfold. Next time you're in the car with me that's what we'll rock out to as we head to the airport. :)

08-11-2005, 11:15 AM
Definitely. As long as we can still do a little Nightwish as well. :)

I'll bring some Coheed and Cambria. I think you'll like them.

08-11-2005, 04:27 PM
Have fun beating up the teens!
Offspring and Atreyu are the only things on that list that I've ever heard of. Chances are I wouldn't like any of it. Haven't listened to new stuff since '94.
I saw Meatloaf at the Beacon 2 days ago. That rocked :)

08-15-2005, 10:41 AM
So, Phil, how was the show? Specifically, I want to know how Avenged Sevenfold was. I also want to know if you got a chance to check out Opiate for the Masses, and, if so, what you thought of them.


08-15-2005, 12:11 PM
In my most disappointing occurance of the year, I was unable to attend the show due to a crazy work schedule.

Pretty upset still. I'll now have to wait until next year.

08-15-2005, 12:12 PM
That sucks. :(

08-19-2005, 03:46 AM

I heard the Avenged Sevenfold played great and that Atreyu was the best performing band there.

Fall Out Boy sucked ass.

08-19-2005, 09:04 AM
Of course Avenged Sevenfold played great....those guys have insane talent. :) Phil, next time these guys come to NYC, we gotta go to the show.

I've never gotten into Atreyu for some reason.


08-19-2005, 10:47 AM
My sister went to the concert in Englishtown, NJ. She comes home and says to me, "Brian, if you had fun at the concert at the Knitting Factory a few weeks ago, I might be able to get you a photo pass at Warped Tour next time. Would you be up for that?"


08-19-2005, 11:49 AM
haha, I turned down a photo pass becuase that is just one place I do not trust carrying my camera around, and I wanted to enjoy the show in my own inappropriately violent way. :)

Matt Molnar
08-20-2005, 08:50 AM
The Offspring played a surprise show at CBGB Wednesday night. That must have r0xzxed.