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08-08-2005, 09:46 AM
Hi all:

This is my first new topic post in the forum, and I must say this place is great. Many thanks to the creators!

I had a question regarding scheduled passenger service within and between the three New York City airports and airports like Islip, Newburgh, Farmingdale. In the past I've heard of TWA flying from EWR to JFK to connect to European flights, United flying between JFK and LGA, and Cessnas operating scheduled service from Farmingdale to JFK. Does anyone have any information on such past (or present) flights, and which airlines/aircraft operated these routes?

Also, did anyone ever fly on Pan Am's helicopter service here?

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08-08-2005, 10:21 AM
Well one interesting flight that CO use to make was ISP-EWR to connect passengers. I used it a few times. It was about 25 mins total flight time from take-off to landing. While none of the below were scheduled between the NYC airports they were certainly interesting routes flown out of the local airports.

As for other interesting routes
- TWA use to fly an L-1011 JFK-BOS-LHR.
- Northwest Airlink flew from Farmingdale for a short period of time I beleive to Boston.
-Eastern use to fly PVD-ISP with 757's continuing onto to FLL.
-Northeastern International to San Jaun and MSY from ISP.
-TWA Express ISP-BOS
-US use to fly ISP-ROC, ISP-DCA, ISP-FLL, ISP-Stewart, ISP-SYR, ISP-MCO, and perhaps a couple other cities.

Anything else that comes to mind I'll post it.

08-08-2005, 03:38 PM
DHL's helicopters also fly JFK-FRG and to the coliseum too

08-08-2005, 11:15 PM
I recall hearing of either TWA or UA continuing a leg from EWR to JFK. - but not sure if this was merely a ferry flight or not. This was many years ago.

Several airlines seem to occasionally move equipment amongst the airports late night.

New York Airways operated helicopters - Boeing Vertols mostly in the 60s (a couple of other types very early 60s) and later Sikorsky S62s in the 1970s between EWR/LGA/JFK.

At times their network included a stop in Manhattan - Pan Am building rooftop or DownTown Manhattan Heliport. (They may have used West Side heliport in early 60s).

Morristown NJ was a desitination for them as well.

At one point they briefly used fieed wing aircraftt - Twin Otters I believe.
One of these crashed at JFK I think.. not sure of fatalities. They had a terrible helicopter accident (helicopter was secure on the pad at the time and one of the wheel struts collapsed) atop the Pan Am Building. They my have also had to put down on one of the towers of the Brooklyn Bridge (no fatalities - can anyone confirm this incident?).

I believe Pilgrim Airways may have operated to JFK from Kingston New York in the 1970s. (its a tiny airport -) or if not there, from Mid Hudson.

Pan Am helicopters operated from Mid Town East side heliports for a time. I believe Bill Hough has one of the few pix of it on A.net

There is currently an opertor using Bell 430s from NY Heliports to local airports on a semi-scheduled service I believe - but not to regular pax terminals at the airport. And no titles. Very bizjet-like :)

- Tom

08-09-2005, 05:59 AM
Here I go showing my age again :( Back in the late 70's I used to take the New York Airways helicopters from EWR to JFK. Air Canada had a deal where if you flew first class they would provide the helicopter service for free. That was nice back in the days when you really couldn't go many places from EWR, not like today. It was always fun making the stops in the city and at LGA on the way. Beautiful views.

I don't know of any regularly scheduled commercial flights by the big airlines between the three major NY area airports. There were some private services from outlying airports like Morristown.

Interesting though. I used to fly regularly between PHL and EWR back in the mid to late 70s. And back then it was either a small twin prop or, believe it or not, Nothwest had a scheduled DC-10 flight and American a scheduled 707 flight. I remember flying the DC-10 once, me and about 5 other passengers.


08-09-2005, 09:21 AM
no. i do know that AA ferried a 767 from JFK to LGA for a revenue flight to and from LGA, then ferried the bird back to JFK. i'd love to see thier flight plan!