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08-04-2005, 09:41 PM
Well for U.S Airways, United, Northwest, and American its mishandled luggage, poor customer service, and delays. The latest report out from the government showed a large increase in the amount of complaints registered against U.S airlines.

The worst offender was bankrupt U.S Airways who out of 100,000 had an average complaint rate over 2.00% up from .92% for all of 2004. The majority of the complaints against U.S Airways were for mishandled baggage, which stemmed from their sick out some months back.

UAL, Northwest and Delta also didn't fair well and scored in the bottom half of the ranking for similar complaints as U.S Airways. American that turned a decent profit for the second quarter was ranked 14th out of 20, which was worse then last year for American. Southwest Airlines was ranked #1 in the ranking only averaging .17% a slight improvement over last year.

So the question is where is the legacy in the legacy carriers? For a long time the legacies were known for their great service, onboard amenities, personal service, and strong networks. Today itís just the opposite you have dirty planes, rude employees (although I can't blame them, take my retirement and flush it down the ****ter I'd be pretty pissed to), no onboard service, delays, cancellation, and the list goes on and on.

So when did it start? Some would say it goes all the way back to deregulation. I don't agree, I think it goes back even farther then that to the airlines Agrarian business style. Deregulation if anything should have been a wake up call. But when you have 60-year-old Good Ole Boys running your company that's what you get.

What is sad about today's industry is its truly turning into an "airbus". I don't mean everyone is buying Airbus aircraft. I use the word "airbus" as itís like getting on a City bus, get on get off, packem in, strange smells, and no service. Flying today in this country is like using public transportation. The legacy the legacy carriers are making for themselves today is far from their glory days and itís certainly no legacy Iíd want for myself.

Matt Molnar
08-05-2005, 12:07 AM
Considering the piss poor prices the masses are demanding for air travel, a flying bus is no more and no less than they should expect.

08-05-2005, 08:56 AM
Good point GothamSpotter. I'd say however that for the business traveler and even to the first class customer the service levels have gone down dramatically. Just an example I'm flying to Chicago on Monday and returning Tuesday for a biz trip. My company spent $500 on the tickets (I told them I'd fly Southwest but they use AA) and what do I get from AA? Nothing! Not even a day pass to the Admirals club, a drink voucher would be nice but for that $500 I get nothing at all.

While for most leisure travelerís price is the key reason for flying airline A or B for the business traveler and road warrior service is still an important part of their decision to fly either Southwest or Continental, who's giving you more for the money. We get too hung up on price and often times forget that service in todayís age still counts for something.