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2005-08-01, 09:23 PM

I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me.

I did some research and I'm not the first person to find this.

Here is the NTSB report on it.

http://www.ntsb.gov/ntsb/brief.asp?ev_i ... 0863&key=1 (http://www.ntsb.gov/ntsb/brief.asp?ev_id=20030612X00863&key=1)

Cool to see though.

2005-08-01, 09:44 PM
Yeah Phil!
I've been asking myself what that aircraft was doing at the end of the runway.
Thanks for the info; now I know.
I can sleep safer now :wink:

2005-08-02, 12:05 AM
Here's what it looked like from ground level.

(Please do not post this pic anywhere else, for NYCA eyes only, thanks)



2005-08-02, 12:27 AM
Wow that is amazing. I've always wondered what an arrestor catch looked like up close.

A Saab 340 was also caught by that bed. You cna see photos of it in this FAA newsletter here: http://www.tc.faa.gov/intercom/may99.PDF

Wild stuff, Mike, thanks for posting it.

2005-08-03, 02:27 AM
This was just discussed on a.net about 2 months ago. Everyone was having a hard time trying to find out what it was.

2005-08-03, 01:29 PM
Wild stuff, Mike, thanks for posting it.

You're welcome Phil.
Figured you guys would like to see it. If that bed was installed at the YYZ the AF A340 probably would have survived.


2005-08-03, 01:32 PM
Yes, that is a great example of how the beds can savelives, although thankfully no one died in Toronto.