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07-31-2005, 06:12 PM
Hey all,

With growth happening fast, we thought it was time to create a new forum to help manage the kind of discussions that we have here on the boards.

So, we've created a "Spotting Planning and Review" forum. This is intended for everyone to learn about spotting locations, plan out spotting trips, get others to join them and also to discuss how the meet-up went!

Everyone is encouraged to post pictures of the "aftermath" in the same thread as the planning one. Please, do not start a new threads for the review. If you'd like, once you post about the review, the thread starter can edit the original post to alter the thread's title to say "(Aftermath)", "(Review!)" or "(Aftermath Photos!)" in parenthesis or something just to let people know that the review is posted.

We are going to start moving threads over from the General Discussion forum over to this new forum, so you'll see a lot of things changing locations, and some of you may or may not get "Your Post Have Been Moved" emails as we do that.

Needing to create this forum means that a lot of your are participating, and hopefully enjoying, the board. So, we'd want to thank you all very much.


-NYCA Moderator Team

08-01-2005, 11:08 AM
I thought something looked a little bit different...