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2005-07-28, 11:24 AM
Afternoon guys

hope this is not too off-topic. I maybe coming over to NYC in Dec/Jan, and would like to get some spotting done @ JFK.
Last time I went to JFK (Mar 2002), I was questioned by local NYPD, and was looking for somewhere that may be safe to spot.
Would appreciate any assistance, although would be aware some time in future.

Thanks & Rgds, Mark

2005-07-28, 02:12 PM
Not off topic at all, that's what we're all about here, although you might find it better to post in the "General Discussion" category.

If you've been checking out the forums for a while, you see that some of us are out almost every weekend there is decent weather. As your visit approaches, post another reminder, and I'm sure some (or a bunch) of us will be glad to hook up with you.

2005-07-28, 02:19 PM
Hey Mark.
When spotting at JFK, no spot is really safe.
Almost all of the spots I've been at are public areas and the police can roll up at any time.
As long as you're discreet and not too flashy about what you're doing, there shouldn't be a problem.
And as moose135 stated, make another post [maybe in December] reminding us of you're arrival and yeah, we'd be glad to come out with ya!

2005-07-28, 02:46 PM
I think the more you try to AVOID the police, the better your chances are of looking suspicious and creating an even worse problem.

Any spot you go to will open you up to the possibility of being stopped by police. I think the best thing to do is accept police visits as a part of the hobby and to learn to handle those situations with ease.

Soon, the site will have a page that helps teach you how to deal with the police and other people in such situations to help make it easier for everyone involved.

As for your visit, I think you should reply to this post a few months down the road to remind us of your visit. Reply to this one so that we remember you more easily.

Welcome and we look forward to having you come by!


2005-07-28, 03:35 PM
They've pretty much said it all. No place is safe from a visit by Big Brother (and I don't mean the tv show!).

Phil, I believe, is also right. I hear some of the photogs talk about "keeping a low profile" while spotting. I believe that creates more suspicion than it's worth. I prefer to be open and totally up front. The only time I'm not is when I know I'm in a place that is guaranteed to warrant a vist and a "get lost," like Ikea at EWR. You have to go there sometimes for a shot and if you want that shot, well, you better sit back and wait for it to come because if you stand out there shooting beforehand chances are you will get chased away.

Bottom line, and it's been said over and over and over again, is we aren't doing anything wrong. So why should we act like criminals or terrorists?


2005-08-10, 06:42 AM
Thanks for the replies guys !!!
I do not log onto the computer too moften, so apologies for the delay in thanking you all. I will however keep an eye on the forum, and once I know my trip is planned and in the bag, I will send a post, and hopefully, take it from there.
Cheers, Mark

2005-09-22, 05:29 AM
Afternoon guys

I do not know how to stop this.[:I]

2005-09-22, 05:29 AM
Afternoon guys

I do not know how to stop this.[:I]