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2005-07-24, 02:00 PM
After seeing Eric's shots from the Frank M. Charles Memorial Park, our modest group of 4 spotters - Josh Akbar, Eric Dunetz, Shane (lear45), and myself (DannyO left earlier) - set up camp in an open passageway to the beach at the park.

We arrived there at about 4:00PM and were there for a good two hours when we realized that we were all dying of thirst. So, Josh and I packed up and headed out to CVS at 5:50. As we walked toward the exit, though, a small Park Ranger was speaking to an officer from the NY Park Police K-9 Unit in his car, who then proceeded to drive up alongside us as we walked.

"Hold on a second guys, stop right there."

It was 5:55PM.

"So what're you taking pictures of?"

I was surprised for a split second that he didn't bother asking us what our cameras were.

Josh said, "Airplanes."

"Ever since 9-11, things have changed, so I'm going to need your ID's. Are you with a group or anything?"

It continued with the usual innuendo of "who are you working for" and "why are you doing this", but remained pretty mature while we prepared an NYCA business card with all of our names. The officer took one glance at Josh's liscense and spits out this classic line:

"Hey, Josh, you know your last name is pretty suspicious, right?"

Blatant racial profiling. I now know why this officer's partner is a damn DOG.

He called our IDs in and we were cleared to go within 5 minutes. He took down our addresses and backtracked to our spot to get Eric and Shane's information as well. Eric later told us that the officer suggested we "hide in the bushes" so no one sees us.

Spotter Names: Brian Futterman, Josh Akbar, Eric Dunetz, Shane (lear45)
Airport: JFK
Location: Frank M. Charles Memorial Park
Date: 7/23/05
Start Time: 5:55PM
Duration: 5 minutes
Preemptive Course of Action: No action taken
Agency or Agencies Involved: NY Park Police K-9 Unit
Primary Officer Name: Cobaj
Badge Number: 214
Misc.: Mention of 9/11, Civilian Complaints, ID Check, Racial Profiling, Obnoxious Remarks
Case Number: None
Other Information: Park Ranger called in suspicious activity.


2005-07-24, 07:41 PM
That is some pretty blatant profiling. I was also surprised to see that the guy recommended we hide in the bushes. I'm sure the other police would love that.

Matt Molnar
2005-07-25, 12:01 AM
Hiding in the bushes. That wouldn't be suspicious at all. :roll:

2005-07-25, 09:46 PM
At the point he said that to Josh you should have stopped and requested that his scene commander come down and explain why Josh's name was so suspicious. I guess those cops have never seen people in parks with cameras before.. :roll: Although I think we should try that hiding in bushes tactic the next time. I'll bring the camouflage paint and Phil can bring his army hat.

2005-07-30, 01:13 AM
unfreaken believable... Hide in the bushes.. Cobaj is a suspicious name too :wink:

2005-07-30, 01:19 AM
hide in the bushes? not for photography!! that's for other things if you knwo what i mean. dont' want a cam in tehre.

is NY Parks Police even a real agentcy?

2005-08-01, 05:59 PM
Being hassled by Park Police at Charles Park is nothing new. Back in my jetskiing days we were always being approached by the Park Police there. I was at Charles Park every sunny weekend (it was our launch site) with a bunch of guys and it was rare if we didn't have an encounter with the rangers. They have nothing better to do. No one launches from there anymore so guess they have to find new victims to hassle.