View Full Version : Does Anyone Know Where the 777-200LR is Parked @ EWR?

2005-07-24, 11:49 AM
Just as the title says, would anyone happen to know where the B777-200LR is parked at EWR? Most of you know it landed yesterday at EWR operating as flight 2 from MEX.

I should be heading over to EWR later today to hopefully spot her. Help on where she's parked is GREATLY appreciated :D !!

2005-07-24, 06:42 PM
I answered my own question..
If anyone is interested, the Boeing B777-200LR is located on a ramp just off Terminal A.
I got a few photos of her; she really is a beauty!

2005-07-24, 06:46 PM
I have never been over to Newark, Where would I go to shoot this, Would late afternoon be good for shooting.



2005-07-25, 12:02 AM

Where she's parked no way. I'm sure Mike shot it from the Air Tram that goes between terminals. Not shootable from outside any other way I know. She was still there at 8 tonight and is scheduled to leave, or so I hear, tomorrow sometime. Not sure when but working hard to find out.


2005-07-25, 01:17 AM
Yeah, Art, I did use the Air Train! lol, I kept going back and forth with my parents and brother between Terminal A and B. I was getting nervous, because it does seem wierd to just ride the train back and forth (there were airport employees around...)

Yes, I got a pretty good shot of her from the Air Train. I wish I could be there tomorrow to see her depart. But, you can't drag the parents out everyday of the week just to go to an airport...sigh :cry: