View Full Version : Here's one for the books, Can't find the pilots

2005-07-21, 08:28 PM
My parents who are returning from Alaska tonight with a stop over in MSP just called me to tell me they are delayed because they can't find the pilots.


Matt Molnar
2005-07-21, 08:45 PM
What airline?

2005-07-21, 09:15 PM

The pilots where coming in on an inbound flight.

The flight was delayed about an hour.

The Airline was NorthWest.


USAF Pilot 07
2005-07-22, 12:05 AM
Yea I would be very surprised if both pilots just all of a sudden decided not to show up!

How'd your parents like Alaska! I'm here in Anchorage until the 5th of August. Very long days, but beautiful!

2005-07-22, 12:09 AM
not a first... we have crew issues all the time, especially when we have wx delays. there was one crew that was supposed to be in LGA while they were still in KDAY. wonder who screwed up...