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07-15-2005, 12:37 AM
Ever since these downstairs people moved in, they've brought nothing but filth with them. Since we share a same lobby door, we have to smell their vile stench everytime we open the door. It's so unbearable, it's like a strong musk which just hits you on the face like a hammer.

The family is also mentally retarded... i mean ****... the father works for the post office. The parents curse out the kids, the kids curse out the parents. All they do is bang doors and destroy eachother all day. Unfortunately the walls that separate us and them are so hollow we have to hear everything.

And now! We have mice in our house! because these people are so damn unhygenic(sp?). I felt like puking when i saw that rodent run across the room.
we've called the cops on these guys(on those days[which is everyday]when everything gets too damn rowdy) and they never do crap. I don't understand there are commercials all over t.v. saying that if you're witness to domestic abuse or something to that affect... don't be blind to it and report it. What's the point of fricken reporting it if the cops don't do ****???

We can't have these people evicted because they've bought the place. I've confronted these downstairs rednecks so many times and they act like nothing's wrong. Anybody a lawyer around here or something? Any legal advice as to what i can do to shape this **** up?

07-15-2005, 02:55 PM
Well, you mentioned they had kids, do you feel the living conditions are unhealthy or dangerous for the children? If so call CPS. If itís real bad they'll be made to clean up the place. You can call the Police if the noise gets to a certain level that it affects your privacy and invades your living environment. Generally they'll get a warning but if it continues they can be charged with trespassing and/or invasion of privacy. Why trespassing you may ask, anything that invades your private property and causes you discomfort or harm is considered trespassing and perhaps assault if they threaten violence that you perceive will harm you. On the friendly side you may want to consider talking to them and ask them to shape up and if they don't take action.

07-15-2005, 05:07 PM
Thanks for the advice, especially on trespassing. Much appreciation.