View Full Version : "Eve To Adam" Show - Thursday 7/14

07-13-2005, 02:24 AM

My friend's rock band Eve To Adam. Lots of my friends have bands, but this is the only one that's good. I wouldn't go to bat for them if they sucked.

http://www.myspace.com/evetoadam <---hear some samples there


"The Delancy"
168 Delancy, between Clinton and Attorney


Thursday, July 14 8pm SHARP, show up at 7:30. The show will last 40 minutes.


Because they are awesome and you'll all really enjoy their stuff. Like I said, I'm a huge fan of theirs, and not just because I know them. God knows my other friends' bands suck, I wouldn't waste your time if these guys didn't kick ass. My rep is on the line otherwise.

Taki, the lead singer, is the guy that all the girls drool over.

The bassist is good. You should call him "Apple Jack Potatos". He rocks.

Admission is $7, and I think they are giving out free stuff (t-shirts and CDs I believe).

If you have questions, ask.

Really hope to see some of you folks there.