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07-10-2005, 01:46 PM
I think a lot of people fail to realize that the war and terrorism issue is more of a cultural war than anything.

Regardless of what you hear in the media and what the liberal masses try to scream, the terrorists do not mount these attacks because of the United States' foreign policy. That's merely an excuse to hide the fact that the terrorists hate us because we charge money for natural things like water and fruit. It's because of how our women dress, how we talk, things like MTV and our lifestyles.

They hate our capitalistic culture and they just hate western civilization as a whole, which is the real reason they are attacking Madrid and London as well.

Then many liberals and France think that we can win this by diplomacy or by throwing money at Islamic groups, when that is simply not true, and purely appeasement and creating more incentive for terrorists. borders need will never sit down at a summit meeting, nor will they stop if we change our foreign policy. On the same note, they would have began this war regardless of whether or not we began this current foreign policy that they complain about.

We need to continue to fight. We need to bring it to them. It's difficult because we are fighting a uniform-less enemy and we need to preserve the Islamic culture as best we can. But we can't sit on our thumbs. Sure, our borders need work, but we can tighten them as best we can, terror attacks are going to slip past the goalie regardless. We need to attack the source.

07-10-2005, 06:20 PM
I'm just gonna repost my tiny convo with Phil on Aim.
MachineHedy: my dads in baghdad right now
Phil Derner Jr: yeah?
MachineHedy: he understands fully well that the terrorists are morons
MachineHedy: screwing up everything for everyone else
MachineHedy: but these insurgents as the usa likes to call them
MachineHedy: arent insurgents anymore
MachineHedy: the reason why there never seems to be an end to insurgency is because a lot of these guys are freedom fighters now
MachineHedy: they cannot stand the fact that america didnt leave at they took down saddam
MachineHedy: at the same time, like i said before... they're morons with no practical motive
MachineHedy: they're killing their own people for nothing.
MachineHedy: they claim it to be in the name of god when it's not even remotely close.
Phil Derner Jr: yeah
MachineHedy: there is no "other" interpretation of it in the Quran
MachineHedy: suicide is strictly prohibited
MachineHedy: especially when taking the life of an innocent with you
MachineHedy: Jihad
MachineHedy: exact line from the quran
MachineHedy: "strive against them by means of the Quran. A great struggle"
MachineHedy: if you notice, there's a period right after the word quran for good reason.
MachineHedy: it doesnt say strive against them by means of a gun, sword, bomb, etc.
MachineHedy: it ends the sentence because if you want to settle your dispuits... use the Quran as a means of proving your argument.
Phil Derner Jr: wow
MachineHedy: if any of these stupid ass ****ing clown mullahs and their followers actually read the Quran
MachineHedy: they'd realize in two seconds, that their ideology is wrong and these mullahs are just brainless herbs.

Matt Molnar
07-10-2005, 09:16 PM
Both of you are dead on.

Unfortunately, the problem is not only that liberal thinkers and the media lead people to infer that US/UK foreign policy is the reason these kooks hate us, but our government does not say nearly enough in the way of dispelling those thoughts. Sure, pretty often Bush or Cheney or Rice will make a statement saying something like "the terrorists hate democracy and what we stand for and want to destroy our way of life." But I've never heard them say explicity "They are doing this for God, not because of US foreign policy. This has nothing to do with what we're doing in Iraq or Afghanistan." A high ranking UK official (Home Secretary maybe) said almost exactly this in his first appearance after the London attack. Western governments need to make this crystal clear to their citizens, otherwise what happened in Spain after the Madrid bombing will be repeated across Europe after every attack.

As far as the "insurgents" in Iraq go...they're not INSURGENTS! An insurgent is a "rebel". A rebel is someone who is fighting against a government in THEIR OWN COUNTRY. By labeling them as insurgents, the media has us believe these guys are no different from the Minutemen defending the colonies from the British. But most of the guys blowing stuff up in Iraq are NOT Iraqis. They are foreign jihadists who have travelled to Iraq simply to kill Americans for being American and Iraqis for allowing the Americans to help them. Sure, some of the remnants of Saddam's crew are around, but most of the bad guys, al-Zarqawi for example, are from Saudi Arabia, Iran, Syria, etc.

07-10-2005, 11:05 PM
Great points, guys.

I completely agree that our government needs to step up and really tell the world this. Is there a reason that they aren't? What would the backlash be?

07-10-2005, 11:27 PM
Yes, it appears many of the "insurgents" are from other (Islamic) countries.

In that it actually appears Bush Admin rhetoric is on track for a change... in so much as yes, it is a good idea for those extremists to die over there rather than here. Seems much of the US Media which continues to call these savages "insurgents" needs to be educated, never mind other countries. But they're still grapling with the concept of people dying in a war.

As for the Koran, I have not read it. Apart from Suicide bombings though, interesting to see so much "misinterpretation" across so many countries...sending school girls back into burning buildings in Saudi Arabia because their faces are not covered, throwing professors out of windows in Egypt, police officer murdering citizen in Pakistan for laying a Koran against the side of wall by mistake, Passing a death sentence on British National due to writings in a book ....etc etc...