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ISP Pilot
2005-07-04, 10:22 AM
Just came across this website after seeing it mentioned over on jfktower.com. I'm a long time NY area spotter and enthusiast. Growing up in Forest Hills, I used to live under the approach path of the LGA Expressway Visual 31 or the departure path of the 13 Maspeth climb. I remember the days of seeing AA DC-10s (my fave plane), EA, DL and TW L1011s and the not too noisy for me 727s. Used to be a regular visitor to the Customs lot at JFK before they desecrated it. I sometimes hit Planeview Park but sorely miss the heavies. When at ISP, I have the envious privilege of spotting from the flight deck of a C172! The best is when WN737s have to follow me, give way to me or hold position for me! My best spotting experience was landing a C172 at JFK Rwy 31L with a fellow pilot friend and spotter. AA's 777 morning LHR flight was holding short until I landed. A JL 747 cargo couldn't leave the GAT area until I entered. Hope to meet some of you at one of the spotting outings. Hope everyone is having an enjoyable holiday.

Anyone going to JFK to watch the Air Tahiti departure today?


2005-07-04, 10:45 AM
ISP Pilot,

Welcome to the site. We should have a bunch of spotters out there today.
Hope to see you out there.


2005-07-04, 12:06 PM
Hey Victor,

I'm in the Forest Hills/Rego Park area as well, always a sucker for the Expressway Visual and 13 departures out of LGA. Haven't been around long enough to remember the L10s, DC10s, though, or even the 727s...must've been awesome.

There'll be a bunch of people out for Tahiti today, sure thing. Check your private messages.