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07-03-2005, 11:38 PM
Hey guys. I'm new here on the forum, but all the threads so far are very interesting. I decided to post my first thread.

This Thursday (07 July 2005) I'll be flying Independence Air flight 1099 (JFK-IAD) which is scheduled to depart JFK at 08:45. I've never tried this before, but if anyone happens to be around the area taking photographs, look out for my aircraft; it would be nice if someone got a ground shot of my aircraft departing JFK. If no one makes it to get a photograph [since it's pretty early in the morning, or if there is bad weather] then that's fine as well! Just having the thought float around. Thanks again.

P.S. I'll be taking many shots from my window, so maybe you'll be in one of my photographs 8)

07-10-2005, 11:47 PM
Hey! I'm back from my trip to Washington D.C. I flew on Independence Air flight 1099 out of JFK on July 7th. Overall, I loved the flight! I rarely have the chance to travel and fly, so I was excited about flying a new airline and a new aircraft. I've never flown on a CRJ before, and I've heard how uncomfortable they are. After flying Indy Air, I fell in love with the aircraft! It is one of my favorite aircraft now. Anyway, back to my flight...

I decided to take notes on my flight. I recorded the taxi-out time, the wheels-off time, wheels-on time, and taxi-in time. We were scheduled to depart at 0845 and we ended up pushing back from Gate 23B at 0837. Weather wasn't so good (overcast) so runway 04R was being used for arrivals while 04L was being used to departures. As we taxied, I snapped a few shots of the rear-end of a Northwest Airlines B744. I also spotted a TACA A320, a Thai Airways A345, an American A300, and an Avianca B763 in new colors. As soon as we taxiied to the runway, the captain announced a departure at 0910, so we waited for 15 minutes.

Just like he said, we departed at 0910. Upon take-off, I was able to capture a shot of the threshold of runway 22L and a few meanders near JFK. In about 10 seconds, everything went white; we entered a cloud. The ride to IAD was like this the entire time, but things only cleared up a bit as we began our descent. But before our descent, I enjoyed the comfort of an Indy CRJ. I sat next to mom on the flight, and she commented on the aircraft resembling the length and space of a bus. Although this is somewhat true, I felt very comfortable. We were served beverages (water, tea, juice, or coffee (I beleive)). Since no food was being served, I remembered to bring my own =] Throughout the entire flight, we experienced no turbulence which was nice. As we began our descent, the F/A served hot towels. I enjoyed this part of the flight; it was my first time receiving one, ever.

So we descended over Virginia and began our approach for runway 1R into IAD. The landing was very smooth and the taxi into the gate was quick. We arrived at 1001, two minutes late. It was only two minutes, so it really didn't affect anyone. Passengers began to exit the aircraft but I waited with mom. When everyone was off the aircraft, I asked the F/A for a look in the cockpit. She went to ask the pilots and they said it would be fine. It was my first time in a cockpit and I felt great. I got to chat with the pilots for a little (one was male, the other was female) and I told them my ambition of becoming a pilot. After finishing up in the cockpit, I snapped a shot of the cabin and walked off my plane.

Overall, the flight was awesome! The comfort of the CRJ for a quick 40 minutes or so was a pleasure. I flew with mom while dad and brother drove from NYC to DC. They left NYC at 0630 and picked us up from IAD at 1140. It took them nearly five hours to arrive in DC but it took us one hour. I am surely flying them again in the future!

USAF Pilot 07
07-11-2005, 08:53 AM
Sweet! Sounds like you had a great trip!

07-12-2005, 04:43 PM
I love DH! They have the greatest seats for a CRJ!! Its too bad they pulled out of Norfolk!

07-12-2005, 06:15 PM
I love DH! They have the greatest seats for a CRJ!! Its too bad they pulled out of Norfolk!

Visit my local Airport Home Page!

(give ISP a chance, its a great little airport, with lots of WN!)

You love exclamation points, too, don't you? :)

07-13-2005, 05:41 PM
lol sorry about that I dont know why I used so many. I hate when people use too many. There was a trip report on A.net and the guy used only ! marks. I couldnt even finish reading it. I just left a comment saying he had too many.