View Full Version : ATA 753 Visits LGA

06-30-2005, 02:49 PM
Real nice surprise at work today (Thur 6-30) I turned around in my chair to see an
ATA 753 (N552TZ) taking position on 13 for departure. Although my trusty Olympus
was on my desk ready to go as usual I forgot how bloody long the 753 is so did not
get an a.net/jp quality shot. She departed at 1455 lcl at TZ 4980 to MDW ,it appears
to be an extra section, probably because of irregular ops yesterday.
But the inbound TZ 7197 needs a flight tracker expert to investigate, no idea where
she came from, got a weird response. And finally as a nice added bonus 2 aircraft behind in
line was an AC A-321, and another one of those is do out at 1730 lcl on AC721.



06-30-2005, 03:44 PM
753s are absolutely gorgeous in every livery I've seen it. Well, it's only been ATA and NW for me, but those are some nice lookin planes.

07-01-2005, 01:59 AM
They are really hot....

07-02-2005, 07:37 PM
Here is a link to my so-so shot, sorry bout the quality.



Matt Molnar
07-02-2005, 08:20 PM
Not a bad shot at all considering you weren't expecting it.

07-02-2005, 08:55 PM
ron, thanks for the warning and getting me out of the bagroom. really nice seeing a 757 other than the usual AA/UA/DL....