View Full Version : Meeting Up This Weekend

2005-06-29, 11:51 PM
Who here is going to be around for some spotting Saturday and Sunday too?

Not sure if we can get enough people out to warrnat bringing the camera crew (4th of July weekend and all), but I'm interested in getting out there anyway.

JFK and LGA, back and forth.

Who's around and down?

2005-06-30, 12:12 AM
I'll be around, sure thing, but you should note that there are NO scheduled runway closures at LGA this weekend...so 22 deps are unlikely and we're lucky if they arrive on 04.

I say we piggyback on Joe and Mike around the taxiways at JFK.


2005-06-30, 07:11 AM
I will be around, on Saturday can't make it out until after 1PM. Sunday I am good all day. The Weather should be good.

Also Monday we have Air Tahiti Nui. Get some pre firework shooting in.


2005-07-01, 01:43 PM
For LGA on Saturday:

"There will be a 16 hour closure of Runway 13-31 on Saturday, July 2, 2005 from 00:01 to 16:00 local hours for necessary maintenance work."

2005-07-02, 03:56 AM
Will be at JFK this afternoon (Sat) if the sun is shining.

2005-07-02, 09:46 PM
I say we piggyback on Joe and Mike around the taxiways at JFK.

wishful thinking brian....