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2005-06-29, 09:59 PM
Hey Everyone!

I'm very excited to unveil the newest and one of the most exciting features that NYCAviation.com has released yet; our Online Store. Check it out here:


What was in planning for a while is finally here. You can now go and support the site and look great by getting one of our Logo Tees! Starting off with blue and gray shirts, you can choose among a variety colors that you want the logo to be.

You can also purchase stickers as well. Coming in two sizes (4.5 inches and 9 inches), you can also choose several colors to slap the NYCAviation logo on bumpers, motorcycles, picnic benches or any smooth surface. These stickers are of great quality, made for outdoor use and can last up to five years in harsh conditions. Keep in mind that these stickers have no background, that you are applying only the logo itself to the application.

o2w Inc. is a great company that I am very close with and I trust them 100% with our product line. Their team is very dedicated to excellence and making sure what they ship to you is exactly what you want. You can expect your orders to be delivered within 5-7 business days.

We just wanted to get these logo shirts out there to you, but don't think that's all. Over the coming weeks, we will be adding more and more new shirt designs for you to check out that I think you'll all enjoy wearing around. The themes pertaining to our hobby will be humorous, classic, attractive and most importantly, comfortable and made of quality.

Speaking of quality, the shirts are screened in a way that the letters will not fade or peel after washing. Anyone who's been hanging out with me knows that I've been wearing my shirts too much and it looks as great as the day I first got it. Shockingly, yes, I have washed them at least once.

If you folks have any questions at all, please do not hesitate to ask. I want you all to be as confident in the products as I am.

So represent our local scene with pride. Let people know who you are and that there is more than one of us out there.

Take care all,


2005-06-29, 10:15 PM
Ordered mine!! Gotta support the cause...!

2005-07-01, 02:55 AM
Do you have girl shirts?

2005-07-01, 03:01 AM
Do you have girl shirts?

As we start releasing more designs and such, we will expand the clothing that they can be put on. Other colors and clothing types. So yes, eventually.

I have no timetable for that though, so if you want a shirt, you might wanna get a size small for now. :)

2005-07-01, 07:36 AM
...you might wanna get a size small for now...



The store's great...waiting for my shirt in the mail and will probably order some stickers in the near future...


2005-07-01, 10:43 AM
Sell Out

Mr Smith
2005-07-12, 12:05 PM
you shipping to Oz mate? i 'don't want Boeing shipping rates either! good work and i hope to order some stuff too! :)

Hyder, you a fan of Kill Bill? ;)

2005-07-23, 07:32 PM
Shirts sales are goin ok, but those of you who haven't gotten a shirt yet should really hop to it before we start changing our designs around a little bit. Gotta keep up!

Monty, I'll have your shipping estimate to you soon. :)


2005-07-24, 12:43 AM
phil... dude... i'm waiting on a polo shirt to be put out. it's just my style man.

2005-07-24, 08:25 PM
If we ever release a polo shirt, it probably wont for quite a long time. The texture of polo shirts is inconsistent with the production process currently used by what we sell, and we won't be able to offer something like that until we get into stitched shirts, which, again, won't be happening for a long time.

So I would recommend getting a t-shirt now. :P

Matt Molnar
2005-07-25, 12:06 AM
How about underwear? Supposedly A.net offers a logo thong and has an offer to refund the purchase price if you send a pic of a chick wearing one to Johan.

2005-08-28, 10:32 PM
Phil, I ordered one of the NYCaviation T-shirts. I think my order caused Matt at O2W some special handling since my destination (Canada) required him to make separate shipping arrangements.

Matt was great about it! I appreciated the personal intervention of Matt to process the order. Great customer service!


2005-08-28, 10:45 PM
Matt is a great guy and I'm glad everything got sorted out. :)

I hope you like the shirt and that you wear it with pride!

Thanks for helping us out, Neil.