View Full Version : Old delivery photos and film footage?

2005-06-27, 10:04 PM
Hi all

I was one of the lucky ones that saw Ron Peels video of "old Lga" Good stuff.

But I'm looking for the original factory photos and film of delivery aircraft and factory first flights, circa on average 1969-1976.

What really bugs me is I know its out there, lot of it, pics and film footage from Boeing, MD, Lockheed. Every now and then you will see some little 'piece of gold ' footage when watching some History channel show , etc.. The never show more then a whopping to seconds of it dammit!

Why is this stuff seem to be so heavily guarded?! Hell, 95 % of the airlines and planes of that day are looong gone.

I hope/wish someone would put this footage together on a DVD for sale.

Any info anyone????


2005-06-28, 02:29 AM
There are a couple videos on this page: