View Full Version : Climactic Photographic Moment For Me

2005-06-24, 02:24 PM
I did somethign yesterday that was very exciting for me.

Some of you might have seen this shot of mine on Anet.



Well, yesterday I was out in Manhattan taking phots and wanted to get some skyline and city shots that I've been dying to get.

I've always loved that ATA skyline shot, and luck was on my side when I was able to take that same exact photo....but from the other side:


Note the park behind the plane, the same spot that I took the original photo.

I took this from the top of the Empire State Building. I was up there and decided to do a little spotting from 1,400 up and 8 miles away. I zoomed in and there came an ATA 738 on rwy 22.

Just something really cool that I was excited to do.

2005-06-24, 02:35 PM
great shot Phil,

The vantage point from the Empire State Building is unusual, you can get some interesting shots from up there. Back in 03, I was able to get concorde taxing down 31R.


2005-06-24, 03:08 PM
Nice shot Phil! Now you just need that 1000mm/f5.6 and you're set!


2005-06-24, 09:57 PM
Nice shot Phil!,
Nice to see all kinds of ideas out there for the hobby.

2005-06-24, 10:44 PM
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********************just kidding!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey, I do like it, well done!

Mike :wink:

Matt Molnar
2005-06-24, 11:26 PM
That's frikkin cool, Phil.

2005-06-25, 09:58 AM
Good job baby! I know how much you love those.

2005-06-26, 12:20 PM
Phil -- I worked in the city corp building very briefly and there was a nice view of LGA from there as well. Thanks for sharing the shot here.. Very enjoyable..

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2005-07-25, 12:38 AM
i got the same shot from the empire state builing - nd i was able to see a song 752 landing if u want the pic - e-mail me

2005-07-25, 07:41 PM
Philly, you've come full circle! Thats great!

2005-07-26, 08:36 AM
Great view of an inbound to LGA from the ESB. I thought I was the only one to do spotting from observatories. Phil, did you notice the Concorde sitting on her barge on the NW corner of the observatory? I fondly recall doing lots of spotting from the WTC of the action at JFK. I once followed JAL Flight 6 depart 31L at JFK and head out over the Atlantic. Lots of airships passed under the Trade Center Observatory, too. I mostly take videos and the microwave interference plays havoc with my camcorder. Do you have any problems using a digital still camera? Did you ever photograph from the Trade Center?