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2005-06-18, 09:03 AM
Hi everybody in the NYC spotter community,
I'm a spotter from the Cologne area in Germany and I will be visiting NYC for the first time this year. I really would love to spend half a day spotting around LGA, but since I have never been there and since I won't have a car I'd be happy for any advice on where to go for good pictures, how to get there and what to be careful about. I'll be in NYC from 30 July to 2 August.. mainly doing all the touristy and sightseeing stuff - but then as a spotter coming to NYC and not go watching planes? ;)

Thank you very much in advance for all your help - and in case you want to have a look at some of the pics I have taken so far, here's the link


Greetings to the Big Apple,


USAF Pilot 07
2005-06-18, 11:45 AM
Good spotting at LGA depends on runway usage. Hopefully, while you are here, they'll be using RWY4 and/or RWY22 (for departures) so that you can experience Planeview Park.

LGA is by far the most "public transportation" friendly airport. It's the closest airport to the city, and is easily accessible by several forms of fairly reliable transportation. From Manhattan, Planeview Park is easily accessible from any subway (except the 1/9) to 125th street in Manhattan, and then the M60 bus to LGA. You can't miss the Park. You'll have to get off the bus right underneath the approach lights which will be clearly visible.

Here's a good guide to spotting locations at LGA:

The other locations are somewhat more difficult to get to via public transportation, and can be tougher to spot, especially in the middle of the summer.

Before you head out, give ATIS a call. The phone number is 718-478-6070, and ATIS is automated and will let you know what runways etc... are being used.

Just as a heads up, the biggest aircraft you'll see at LGA is a DL 767, and maybe if you're lucky an occasional substitution for AA. Other than that, expect a lot of RJ's and quite a few 737's and 319/320's.

JFK is far more difficult and time consuming to spot via public transportation. You'll have to give yourself at least an hour and a half to get out there via public transportation, and some of the locations are only accessible via car.

Here's a spotting guide to JFK.


The best way to figure out how to access these locations, IMHO, is to go to http://www.mta.info go to "Maps" click on Queens Bus Map, which'll open up a PDF map, to scale, which you can compare with the above map on Art and Anne Brett's site.

As far as EWR goes, without a car, and not being familiar with the area, I'd just forget about it.

2005-06-18, 12:15 PM
Hi Peter -

There's usually always at least one or two people out on the weekends, so as your trip gets closer, post another thread to remind people that you'll be here and let them know which day you'll be doing your spotting.


2005-10-25, 01:46 PM
Im going to NYC 2/1-10/1 2006, as me and my family will stay for a week I think a will spend a day or two at LGA spotting some domestic traffic!

As Im completely new to the whole Public transportation system in new york I wounder if I got this right:

When Im going to LGA for spotting, is it correct if Im taking the M60 bus from the subway station Astoria Boulevard?
From above I understand this bus will take me to Planeviewpark, how great is the chances of having this runway active during my visit?
Is it possible to take a walk to other locations or do I have to take the bus?

Is it safe to carry your camera equipment around, what is the best way of carrying it?, put the camera inside another bag maybe looks suspect..

I would really appreciate if I found some of the answers!, thanks in advance!

Johan Junemo, Sweden

2005-10-25, 06:54 PM
Hi Johan,

For info about spotting at LGA, check out our page explaining everything in detail here:


Hope you enjoy your time here. Let us know if you have any more questions.


2005-10-26, 04:04 AM
Sorry, missed that!

Thanks for your answer!