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2005-06-15, 12:31 AM
pay attention to the bold paortion... recorded at about 0030 lcl.

laguardia airport information papa. 0351 zulu, wind 280 at 6. visibility 10, ceiling 6000 broken. temperature 31, dew point 20, altimeter 2961. ils runway 22 approach in use, land runway 22. depart runway 4. runway 13/31 closed. laguardia class bravo services available on frequecy 126.05. laser light activity about 4 miles south-east of laguardia from 1530 zulu to 800 zulu. advise on initial contact you have information papa.

there is only one airport that i know of that actually uses this type of pattern on a daily basis. it's somewhere in colorado and has to because the runway runs straight into a cliff on one end.

USAF Pilot 07
2005-06-15, 12:56 AM
Interesting... At 0030 I'm sure not much is actually departing LGA, and what is is probably pretty small.

Probably using 4 for departures for better noise abatement. Winds are only at 6kts.

2005-06-15, 04:17 AM
That can't be right. I don't see LGA having big enough gaps in between landing and departing aircraft to enough try to do something like that.

Also, did you type that out or do you have a source to get it already printed?

2005-06-15, 09:54 AM
i typed it out, was kinda bored this morning. besides, GA closes now betwwen 0001 and 0600 fro construction. i have yet to hear them say "laguardia airport closed" on the atis though....

now, wih the winds at 6 knots there is no reason they couldn't do it. it made me want to go get an airplane just to fly into there last night. i've never flown that kind of a pattern before in my life.

USAF Pilot 07
2005-06-15, 12:19 PM
Yea I called ATIS too last night around 0050 and heard the same thing.

at 0050 there should be plenty of gaps to fit in the probably one or two departures with the few arrivals.

ATC at that hour can easily vector an inbound plane around and change it's speed to allow sufficient time for a departing aircraft.

2005-06-15, 06:08 PM
well i checked the signs in our OPS tower today, they reminded me that LGA is cloesd to fixed wing traffic from 0001 to 0600.

USAF Pilot 07
2005-06-15, 10:55 PM
well i checked the signs in our OPS tower today, they reminded me that LGA is cloesd to fixed wing traffic from 0001 to 0600.

Wow, I wonder how many times that rule is broken. I've flown into LGA more times that I can count after midnight. (specifically on the last ORD-LGA, DFW-LGA and DEN-LGA flights of the day).

DL has a departure at 11:45PM to Charleston S.C. I wonder how often wheels up on that fliight is after midnight...

2005-06-16, 12:22 AM
USAF, that curfew is not always in effect. the last few weeks have given us some very interesting wx, so the FAA asks the PORT to extend the curfew to allow for traffic to make it in. i'll get the exact verbiage on friday for you guys....