View Full Version : Report Faults FBI for 9/11

06-09-2005, 11:46 PM

Why is it that everyone in this country wants to blame everyone for 9/11, except for the people flying the damn planes?

People jump all over the intelligence community like it's their fault, as though there is a goalie in the world that can NEVER let a goal pass.

Did people ever stop to think how many 9/11s may have been prevented in the past?

Ever think that if 9/11 was prevented, that you'd probably hear about it as a passing blurb in the news that no one would take seriously, and no new security measures unveiled until the next attack attempt?

If only the 'crats would put as much effort into fighting terrorists as they do playing the blame game, maybe we'd get something done around here.

Matt Molnar
06-10-2005, 01:24 AM
This is like the most pointless report of all time.

EVERYONE ****ed up! No one agency can be blamed. But it had to happen. No one would have believed the **** that was coming unless they actually saw it happen.

While 9/11 is the darkest day of our generation, I think we're lucky.

These people living in the sand and caves, with nothing to look forward to other than death, with Allah whispering advice in their ear, are very patient.

Had they waited a couple of more years, they probably could have shipped a nuke into New York Harbor as their opening salvo, and instead of 3,000 in their first shot, there would be 3 million dead.

Maybe now they can still do that, but at least we'll know our enemies ahead of time.