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2005-06-08, 07:35 AM
Can someone kindly give me a hint where is the spotting areas at Newark Airport? Thanks.
Dave :shock:

2005-06-11, 10:47 AM
Hi Dave. It was nice to meet you at MIV. Nice shots.

There are absolutely no hassle free, risk free spots at EWR.

I shoot from about 7 or 8 different locations in and around the airport, (but not too often these days) but only a few of those locations are special in any way.

All of them involve shooting and leaving or facing one of the many enforcement agencies in that area. This would include but not be limited to Port Authority Police, State Troopers, US Customs Police, Prison Guards to and from work, TSA, Newark City Police, Elizabeth City Police, various private securtiy firms (rent-a-cops) etc. The vast majority seem to believe you are not allowed to photograph aircraft. Of the ones that do, many will be keen to prevent you from doing so anyway, regardless of their knowledge of the law.

Having said that, you may of course from time to time, be enouraged to continue shooting by whomever you encounter - including Port Authority police/employees - but just be prepared for a hassle.

I don't doubt your car will be impounded if you do not have all your paperwork, up to date on any moving/parking violations etc. Make sure all signals are working etc. If you go out without ID otherwise, you could be detained for quite some time. Some rail spotters were held for many hours some months ago, and had to be questioned by the FBI. The Customs people by the docks might take your camera/film etc.

I'm sure anyone that has missed a court date or over a day or two on a Green Card will be quite sorry to have been shooting around EWR.

I am not saying "don't go". By all means we should all go when we want. But just to give an example, my last encounter was peppered by gems such as: "Things have changed since 911", "Time to get a New Hobby", and "My best advice is not to come back".

Maybe one of the locals that is more familiar with the street names can email you some specific directions. I just go by memory most of the time.

- Tom

2005-06-11, 11:52 AM
I in a quagmire on this one.....................having read this many times and "pretending" its not here.

While EWR is my hometown airport for 20+ years, I'm not sure what else to say.

Tom as expressed the "finer points of spotting at EWR" and has shown superb restraints to the "more colorful metaphors" that are freely given if your found spotting.

I know the majority of folks here adore LGA, and its that kind of deep down in the gut passion that I have for EWR.

Considering "who else" that may or may not read these threads may not appreciate this kind of info.

Mike :cry:

2005-06-11, 12:51 PM
Thanks Tom. It looks there will be more stop and go than actually shooting there. Well still like to try one of these days. I passed by Stanten Island side of the Gothel Bridge once and looks pretty good in early morning.
Dave :P :P

2005-06-11, 01:02 PM
Hi Mike - I have great sympathy for what you say about EWR. Even though I grew up in NYC, EWR was often my preferred airport to spot at over the many years. People think of it now often as simply Continental. but over the years, it has rarely disappointed - with many special visitors these days and an underrated history.

Its a shame not enough people connected with that facility /area are educated in what we do. Only recently has the issue of "draining resources" entered the posture of the enforcement personnel...if only they would make the next connection to us being an asset in that regard. Certainly the dirt bikes at JFK, fishermen in the Jamaica Bay and all other "extraneous" people are seen in that light. The first "stop"/check you out" visits are not what is draining the resources, it is the "we need to get our superiors' instructions" (after everything checks out) that slow these folks up that do otherwise have an mportant job to do.

Some people reading your post above may think you are paranoid but I am not one of them. I have gotten an extraordinary number of emails through the A.net interface from various Hotmail and other addresses...from people that - unlike all other requests/questions - fail to identify themselves in any meaningful way, do not jive with similar emails pertaining to other airports, and I never come across these folks in person over the years.. The emails all want to know.. "Where do you Stand" when you take your pictures... Thought has crossed my mind someone is getting a paycheck someplace doing "research" :roll:

For that reason I have stopped responding to those long ago...

2005-06-14, 11:02 AM
I started spotting back in 1978 at JFK after seeing a Concorde pass by my house. I didn't even know it was called spotting; I said I was taking pictures of planes. No problems through the 80's or 90's until 9-11. Now, it's no fun. You can no longer count on staying until dusk by a particular runway. I would only leave my "spot" if it started to rain or if runways were changed. Now, you must worry about security and the embarrassment. What good is waiting for a certain plane, like Thai,if security comes just as the plane is approaching? That seems to always be the case. It's not worth the hassle so I gave it up. I am truly miserable but at least I'm not missing any more Concordes and those 747s are getting rarer.

2005-06-14, 11:23 AM
I spot from the NJ Turnpike whenever I drive on it, if you can even call that spotting. the pictures always end up getting messed up from other cars, buildings, or fences. I think they should outlaw spotting from the road only for my sake because everytime I try, I always end up almost getting into an accident.

2005-06-16, 04:08 PM
I spot from the NJ Turnpike whenever I drive on it, if you can even call that spotting. the pictures always end up getting messed up from other cars, buildings, or fences. I think they should outlaw spotting from the road only for my sake because everytime I try, I always end up almost getting into an accident.

Joking, yet not.............

If someone stops you while spotting on the highway and asks "what are you doing???"

You say I'm watching the planes because the airport doesn't have a place for it!!!!!!!


2005-07-12, 01:22 AM
hey everyone i'm looking for a little advice on the shooting situation at EWR....but not from outside the airport. i will be having the option of spending about 4 hours at EWR from 1130-1530 or from 1620-1920 on a monday in mid-september while heading back to JAX from VA beach. i was just wondering if there are any good spots to shoot from within the terminal (mostly want to catch int'l arrivals) and i figured this crowd would be the best to ask. :)


2005-07-12, 02:27 AM
Hi jd.

That would be Terminal C - all the way down the one finger to gates 85/86 I think it is. You can't miss it. Runways/taxiways right in front of you...very hard to miss anything coming or going from there regardless of the runway usage.

Sun is to your back most of the afternoon. Difficult reflections late in the day.

Good Luck.

2005-07-12, 08:07 AM
Hey guys, I say this with a disclaimer that I'm new to "taking pictures" but not necessarily spotting. I have many times gone to EWR as it's very close to my house but only to "watch" planes. I just enjoy that. I have taken some pictures but only on one instance. So here's my 2 cents. This past weekend I showed up at EWR and proceed to the North Area road. This road I'm sure you all know runs somewhat parallel to route 1-9. If you follow the signs for the north area and then head east toward long term parking you will see that you then turn south toward the south most long term lot. This lot is closed but before you get there there is a nice area that's been cleared and you can pull your car right up to the fence. I know because I just did it. On my motorcycle. Either standing on your car or other you could see clearly onto both runways running north/south. From here you would catch all takeoff's/landings as well as many taxiing opportunity's. While I was there a security vehicle pulled along the curb and stopped. I turned back to look at him/her and just turned back around and continued to watch planes. They drove off. The catch here is that I was not taking pics. That may make all the diff. BUT, if you love EWR I'd say this is a very viable opportunity. Funny thing is I've passed this spot many times and it seems to me that there was a lot of junk in this spot that got cleared out recently. A couple more areas are over by the cargo buildings. These are also accessible from the access road by following signs to north area. Funny thing here is that the day I was taking pics was when I was right in front of one of the security buildings. I'm pretty dense so I didn't think there would be a problem taking pics. I sat in my car, opened the sunroof and sat high on the back of the front seat and got some shots as planes landed from the north. No one even approached me. Maybe they thought "Hey check this guy out" He's way too stupid to be any harm! :?

2005-07-12, 10:00 AM
thanks Tom....i'll have 4 hours to kill so I'll check it out for sure...