View Full Version : What's your fav sushi place in the city?

06-03-2005, 03:21 PM
For sushi, I gotta say that YAMA is pretty tough to beat.

For seafood, try McCormick and Schmick. Great crabcakes, and fresh!!

06-06-2005, 09:59 PM
Not to many sushi fan's I guess, hehe. I'm not a big fan myself. Man discovered fire for a reason.....to cook things, lol

06-06-2005, 10:46 PM

The only type of sushi I like is the California roll.

06-07-2005, 02:14 PM
I like Ginza on Francis Lewis Blvd in Queens.
Raw fish rocks!

09-04-2005, 10:41 PM
Sushi Samba--I believe they have 4 locations. I always go to the one in the village.

09-07-2005, 12:52 PM
I liked this place called Geolatto which is in the East Village (but I forget the exact address). We used to go there all the time; it was pretty cheap too.

This might be bordering on racial steryotyping (but I really don't care), but I find that Sushi joints runned by Japanese are much more expensive than those runned by others, specifically Koreans. Those owned by Koreans, like Geolatto, are just as good and a lot cheaper.

11-14-2005, 08:39 PM
Zutto on Hudson Street in Tri-beca, about a block or two from Nobu. I've been to Nobu but was not overly impressed, the food at Zutto is just as good.

I want to check out the new Nobu in Mid-Town, it's in the Krock building.

Also last week went to Haru in Times Square last Weekend, great Sake-Tini.

01-09-2006, 10:39 PM
Taro Sushi on Dean Street by Flatbush in Brooklyn and Ise Japanese on Pine St and Williams in Manhattan are the best sushi places in all five boros.

04-08-2006, 04:09 PM
This is my second favorite hobby, food! Personally I feel there are many good sushi resturants in the city, just depends on your budget and if you are looking for a trendy/power scene or a cheaper more laid back scene. Nobu, Poke, Sushi Yasuda and Masa (crazy expensive) are all good sushi and trendy scenes. Ichiro on the upper east side is great, cheap and cozy. Iron sushi is good, not expensive but not great decor. Matsuri in the Maritime Hotel is great as its not as expensive as Nobu etc, but has great ambiance, trendy,and great sushi. Good place for a first date.

04-08-2006, 04:19 PM
I forget the name but this little place downtown on Varick street was pretty good. It was near Van Dam st. I have this great place near me on the Island though. Awesome Sushi!

Tommy, get out of the dark ages!

Matt Molnar
04-08-2006, 07:26 PM
Ennju on 17th btw B'way and 5th. Very yummy, very reasonably priced, very fast. Pick up a spicy tuna roll and a crab with mayo roll and a drink for around $11 and under 5 minutes of your time.

USAF Pilot 07
04-09-2006, 02:13 AM
I hear Masa is great... if you can shell out at least $200 a plate. (which i can't).

East, on 28th and 3rd is pretty good, and reasonably priced...