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2005-06-01, 01:23 PM
This past weekend, I went to my in-laws country house up at the south edge of the Catskills.

They have an old airstrip there called Livingston Manor, may have last been used in 1993. Now it seems they only fly R/C planes up there.

The nearest airport seems to be Sullivan County airport, MSV. It's the same exit off of route 17 as the Monticello Raceway.

Have any of you landed there? Better yet, has anyone made the trip from FRG to MSV? How is it timewise? What is it like to fly there and land there? Please provide experiences. What are the largest a/c that have landed there?

I posted a similar thread on anet a few weeks back but had to ask you local boys. :lol:

2005-06-01, 11:45 PM
mario i actually was there. as for time i don't remember. it was a year or so ago, and it was logged in the logbook that was stolen from me. when it comes to more detail give me a call tommorow afternoon. i'll talk to my safety pilot and see if what i think the trip was was actually the trip in question.

2005-06-03, 03:58 PM
So did did you hear anything?

why would someone steal your logbook? sheesh

2005-06-09, 09:32 PM
as for MSV...my company's G4SP was in and out of there a few times over the winter. Only on good weather days though, the "FBO" does not have deicing capabilities.

2007-04-24, 03:05 PM
Resurrecting an old question, hoping for new thoughts.

I've been to the Catskills numerous times and we usually stay in a town called Livingston Manor.

In Livingston Manor, I have noticed an old airfield and it seems overgrown and unused.

Have a look at this great site. It is described here:

Does anyone here know about whether it can still be used as a landing site?

Also, if one were to fly a small aircraft up to the Livingston Manor area, since this old airport is now closed, what airport would be closest to it? Any help would truly be appreciated.

The coordinates to the airport are provided in the link above. I appreciate your thoughts. Thanks.