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05-23-2005, 03:19 AM
If you are going on a date with a girl that is on the innocent side, be sure you know what movie you are taking her to see.

I am on a date today and decided that it would be fun to go see an independent film at the Angelika Theater on Houston. Not mainstream, something different. How bad could it be, right?

We look at the posters for each of the movies that are a playing. A cartoon…no. Kung-Fu…nah. Pothead movie….I'll pass. Drama….hmmm. "Brothers". It sounded like the closest thing to not being too weird and chose this one.

Keep in mind, that a few weeks ago, I was watching Office Space with the same girl and she covered MY eyes during the breast exam scene. Haha

So we sit down and stat watching. A man with a beautiful wife and family is preparing to be sent off to war in Afghanistan. His brother is a bit of a drinker, unemployed, and looked at by the family as a loser, especially by the father.

The man goes to war and his helicopter gets shot down his first night in combat while searching for a lost radar technician who has no real training as a soldier whatsoever. His family starts coping with the his death, the loser brother suddenly taking over for family chores and getting closer and closer with the kids…and the wife.

Now this sounds like it's not that bad right? Kinda emotional, but fairly normal.

But the thing is that the husband isn't really dead. He swam ashore and was captured and brought to a POW camp, where he "bunks" ironically with the soldier he had originally set out to find on the mission he shot down.

The radar technician is useless. The bad guys ask them both to teach the how to arm a new rocket they found, and only the husband knows how. He teaches them and back inside their room (cave), the radar guy starts crying , saying he wants to see his newborn son and wife again. The husband-guy promises him that they will both make it home alive.

Not that bad yet, right?

Well how about the part where not even 30 seconds later, they take the two guys out of the cave and into the open, give the husband a lead pipe and order him to kill the other guy because he is useless? I'm here on a date with this sweet girl and we're sitting there watching this radar technician's head get bludgeoned with a lead pipe by the solider in the Billiard Room ("Clue" reference of course).

Then the guy gets rescued like 10 minutes after he turned this other guy's skull into spaghettios. He goes home to the suspicion that his brother has been banging his wife, which isn't really true. He visits the family of the guy he killed, lies to HIS wife saying that he's still alive out there while staring into the eyes of the guy's son. He then turns to alcohol, starts abusing his wife, then goes on a rampage where he destroys his home, steals a gun from a cop and almost kills his brother and several cops....and ends up in jail.


05-23-2005, 03:53 AM
Well, thanks for the warning, that's definitely one movie to cross off my list. Forget the blood and gore, the plot just sounds horrible. I hope the rest of your date went well and she isn't too scarred. ;)

05-23-2005, 02:44 PM
The movie itself was actually good, just not a great date movie.