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05-08-2005, 04:40 AM
With the Smoking Ban having taken effect in NYC two years ago, there is a lot of debate over the "rights" of smokers.

Nowadays I see smokers getting more breaks than other people so they can go out and smoke a cigarette. I don't understand why smoking is treated as a special circumstance, as though NOT letting them go have cigarettes violates their civil rights or something.

Anyone agree? Disagree?

05-08-2005, 08:44 AM
Well, if you don't let them go out for a smoke they won't bother going to that place anymore. It's in your best interests to let them do it. If I went to a club and they didn't let me go out to have a smoke, I'd leave and never go there again. Plus, you don't want a bunch of smokers who havn't smoked in a few hours in a club. They get really rowdy. I wouldn't say it has anything to do with civil rights. It's just common sense. If they can't smoke inside, they have to go out side. That's why I go to bars that still allow smoking. Damn you non-smokers. You'll never understand.

05-08-2005, 10:12 AM
Phil when you speak of breaks are you referring to breaks at work? If so both smokers and non-smokers get the same amount of breaks. New York State law states that in an eight-hour shift you are entitled to an hour break, and two ten-minute breaks. The fact is most non-smokers don't take their ten-minute breaks like the smokers do. There's no law giving smokers more rights then non-smokers.

The breaks are more visible because the smoker is getting up and going outside away from the work zone while the non-smoker for the most part has no reason to go outside. At my office we encourage the non-smokers (myself included) to take "fresh air breaks" yeah I know it sounds silly but that's what we call it. Most people who don't smoke don't take it. The smokers take their "smoke breaks” because they’re addicted and have that urge. In my opinion smoking should just be banned in general. If people are constantly going outside to smoke then its just a matter of them abusing their break time and their manager should say something.

In fact last night I almost got into a fight because some jackass decided to lite up next to the girl I was with in a local bar, I asked him to put it out, he decided to use some choice words so I decided to put his cigarette out for him ;)

05-08-2005, 12:34 PM
I'm mainly talking about work. At one of my jobs, my bartenders come ot me and say "Phil, I'm gonan go on my smoke break." I might have to say "Wait like 15 mor eminutes until it's alitlte less busy," and they lose their minds like smoking a cigarette was a part of the 11th Commandment. or something.

I also walk around the crowd and do the same as you, T-Bird, with the customers. I try to be nice, but you'd be shocked at how people react, even when they are smoking weed. They try to give me some kind of excuse, and aside from it being against the law and my place risking being fined, I don't want to go home smelling like that. Smelling it on my clothes, my hair and getting a stuffy nose.

I hear "Well if yo don't like smoking, you shouldn't hang out at those bars," or "You shouldn't work in the night life/restaurant industry." Those are about the dumbest thigns I've ever heard. Why would I have to be the one to conform to people who are doing things that damage my health?

I just think of it to be like sex; there's a time and a place and you should respect others around you.