View Full Version : Northwest (Orient) Trivia, part 2

2005-05-07, 02:12 PM
Why did Northwest demand the series 40 DC-10 when the 30 was just fine for most???

What was the real reason to the change that MD did to keep its orders???

think, think..................

Mike ;)

2005-05-07, 02:18 PM
I think because NW wanted Pratt & Whitney Engines only and the -10 and
-30 only had GE's. NW would only place and order if they could have P &W's


2005-05-07, 02:31 PM
You got it Ron!

The NW president said some quote to the tune of " when I need an engine I go to P & W, when I need a lightbulb I go to GE!"


2005-05-13, 03:59 AM
Having visited MSP last month I had a chance to see a whole bunch of those 40s spare engines sitting outside covered by a tarp. Essentially paper weights today :(

2005-05-13, 09:30 AM
Ho good

Show us a picture please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


2005-05-13, 01:00 PM
Sorry, no pics of the engines, but I do have some nice DC-10s. In all over a couple days shooting managed to catch 9 different registrations. Here's a series on one of them departing ...




We miss them at EWR, don't we :(


2005-05-13, 01:14 PM
Thats nice.........

but no engine pics? :( :roll:

Mike :cry:

2005-05-25, 10:54 PM
As mentioned, NW was loyal to PW and would only order the D10 with PW engines. NW was the ONLY early PW customer. The PW version was given the DC-10-20 moniker, later changed to DC-10-40 (apparently to give it more marketing "power"). The NW DC-10's were powered by the PW JT9D-20 engine.

JAL was the only other DC-10-40 customer. The JAL DC-10-40 though was powered by the updated and more powerful JT9D-59 engine, which had a different nacelle and hence look than the NW DC-10-40's. The JAL D10's were delivered several years after the NW D10's.

The NW DC-10-40's has a "pointy" rear end to the engine, while the JAL DC-10-40 has a "flat" trailing edge to the engine nacelle.

Neil, Toronto.