View Full Version : 21 Apr 2005: 13L arrivals at JFK

2005-04-21, 11:19 PM
after coming home from the NBAA forum at FRG i met up with nick vollaro and we headed down to JFK for some heavy metal. when i initially checked the wx they were landing on 22L. that changed to 13L once we got to the mounds. now, we stopped at the lot near the polar air cargo facility where we usually have problems with PAPD and set up for the afternoon arrivals. surprisingly, we stood there for about 2 hours withouth anyone bothering us. there were a few rent-a-cops from the air india facility that looked us over, we were even observed from a distance by a PAPD officer who was playing with his dog on the ramp. the traffic was a nice mix of heavies mixed in with the usual boring jetBlue flights. we even got a shot of Adriana as she came in from italy on alitalia. nick was very happy to hear this, and then proceded to drone on and on for an hour or so about how amazing this girl is. i've yet to meet her though. look forward for a few shots from today on anet soon, both from FRG and JFK.

2005-04-21, 11:28 PM
It was a great time Matt! I couldn't believe we saw my friends gf go right over us! You should see her, she is mad hott! I should be hanging with them on Monday for a nice trip to AC for some Texas Hold em. Wish I got a better pic of that 777.

2005-04-21, 11:30 PM
Sounds like you guys had a great time!

2005-04-22, 12:13 AM

I am going to start dragging you along with us! You need to start spotting! :P

2005-04-22, 11:26 AM
To heck with the FRG/JFK pics...lets see shots of the hot chick :)


2005-04-22, 11:39 AM
yea nick, mike is right. get adriana's pic up here ASAP!!

2005-04-23, 03:43 AM
Mike and Matt,

I will! Looks like we are driving down to the Borgata Monday. I will snap a pic of her either here or in the casino. She is a major chippie. My friend is so lucky!!!

2005-05-26, 12:29 AM
here is the result of spotting at the cargo areas:


2005-05-26, 01:11 AM
Nice pic Matt! Next time we got to shoot from that taxi stand. I don't like that angle so much.