View Full Version : Can't ID This 752 at JFK

2005-04-20, 01:54 PM
I saw this 757 hanging out by the overnight stands at about 4PM on Tuesday 4/19.

I can tell what Emirates, Singapore, even the little bits of jetBlue and North American are, but this jet stumps me.

Here's the fantastic shot:


USAF Pilot 07
2005-04-20, 03:39 PM
Hmmm, interesting aircraft. The name seems to be fairly long. I would say maybe it was an Icelandair plane, based on a similar tail logo, but it's obviously not the Icelandair logo, and the name is way too long to be that.

Anyway, I'm sure someone will know something about it!

2005-04-20, 09:18 PM
Loftleidir Icelandic

Mr Smith
2005-04-20, 09:20 PM
Loftleidir Icelandic

yes that was my reply, it's the old Iceland air name i think.


2005-04-20, 09:40 PM
Wow, thanks guys.

Since Tom seems to have nabbed it on the 9th and I saw it on the 19th, it seems as if it's been making its rounds for the 752 with the normal Iceland Air titles.

Definitely want to get a better shot of it. Maybe you can bring it with Wunala when you come to town, Monty. 8)


2005-04-20, 09:51 PM
I have to agree with everyone else. I saw that 757 on 4/6 when I left for Orlando. it was sitting on the ramp by taxi ways Alpha and Hector. Then when i arrived at MCO another Icelandic 757 was there...kinda weird :shock: Also on that day at JFK a NWA 747 n/c was there... http://pg.photos.yahoo.com/ph/urbanexplorer222/detail?.dir=4d93&.dnm=904c.jpg&.src=ph

2005-04-21, 04:27 AM
Hi Brian (Buck :D )

Yes, Icelandic / Loftleider(sp?) were the old titles for Icelandair back in the days of the CL-44s (longest commercial pax prop to ever fly in reg. service I believe) and the DC-8s.

Icelandair is apparently branding a few aircraft with these titles right now for a charter service, but its been to JFK at least a couple of times now.

Can't remember if we still get yearly pax service from them (I know we get the cargo 757 anyway), so unclear if they're mixing the aircraft indiscriminately at the moment or if we did properly get the "Loftleider" service.


2005-04-21, 12:56 PM
Tom..I believe the aircraft is doing service for Universal Guyana.


2005-04-23, 11:49 AM
this airplane came back on thursday afternoon, at about 1635. nick and i caught it on final for 13L.