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2005-04-20, 01:39 PM
Welcome to our Spotter Blotter forum.

This is the place for all of us to share our experiences with local law enforcement while enjoying the hobby of aviation enthusiasm. Whether the experience posted here are positive or negative, it is important for us to discuss these occurences in order to promote awareness to both sides of the encounters and make both our hobby and enforcing the law an easier process for everyone involved.

We also do our best to ensure honesty and accuracy in these posts, regardless of how brutal that truth might be.

This forum is in no way intended to bash police or the wonderful job they do. It is intended to educate and to work towards the fair and legal treatment of law-abiding citizens. All participants here are urged to treat the men and women of the law with the utmost respect, and to follow all other laws that citizens are expected to follow.

If you or your organization has any questions or comments concerning the Spotter Blotter, please email [email protected]


-Phil D.
Site Administrator