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  1. The Big Man on Obama and McCain (some language nsfw)
  2. Voters want to vote in the buff
  3. No Halloween candy for Obama supporters
  4. I'm sorry I screwed up
  5. Back from the polls... reflections on this morning
  6. Official Election Results Thread
  7. Obama Wins!!!
  8. What to do with all of the Obama supporters?
  9. Bloomberg: NYC Income Tax Could Rise 15 Percent
  10. Photos: Election Night in Times Square
  11. FOX NEWS - Palin didn't know Africa was a Continent..
  12. Post election discussions and thoughts
  13. Oregon Town Elects Transgender Mayor
  14. Wash. Post: We were biased for Obama. Oops. Sorry...
  15. Barack Obama: The 50 facts you might not know
  16. Obama Ready to RULE on Day 1
  17. Barack Obama, My President by Mike Huckabee
  18. Obama wants Lieberman to stay with Senate Dems
  19. Obama video game
  20. MSNBC retracts false Palin story
  21. Just heard on CBS 880 AM
  22. Obama avatar
  23. Bill's Business Deals Might Cost Hill SECSTATE Job
  24. Turkey Slaughtering No Distraction for Sarah Palin Interview
  25. Obama set to nominate Sen. Clinton for State
  26. Obama to delay repeal of 'don't ask, don't tell'
  27. Obamas Picks private School for Daughters
  28. The New Attorney General of the US?
  29. Obama Team Mulls Role for Miss Lewinsky in New Admin.
  30. OBAMA-spoof, "Whatever I Like"
  31. Obama forced to deny abandoning 'change' for insider selects
  32. Bush: "I wish the intelligence had been different, I guess"
  33. Step Aside, Rep. Charlie Rangel
  34. Bill Clinton mentioned for wife's Senate seat
  35. Obama Ditches Oil Company Tax After Price Crash
  36. Pennsylvania Gov. Rendell called sexist for ‘no life’ remark
  37. GOP rep hangs up on Obama — twice
  38. Obama's 3 Million Donors Asked to Pay Clinton Debt
  39. Obama unveils 21st Century New Deal
  40. La. voters oust indicted Rep. William Jefferson
  41. A Senate Seat is a ****ing Valuable Thing
  42. Obama's $1.74 million party
  43. With economy in shambles, Congress gets a raise
  44. Ill. Gov. Blagojevich pledges to fight, won't quit
  45. Obama’s Choice of Pastor Warren a ‘Mistake,’ (Barney Frank)
  46. Limbaugh Is Right on the Fairness Doctrine
  47. Resistance to Kennedy Grows Among Democrats
  48. L.I. school cancels school name change to Obama
  49. Richardson withdraws bid amid a grand jury investigation
  50. Illinois House impeaches Gov. Rod Blagojevich
  51. Baltimore mayor indicted for perjury, theft
  52. Obama hosting pricey party in a dicey economy
  53. So much for the spirit of wanting to work together
  54. Helen Thomas interview
  55. Jay-Z Blasted by O'Reilly and Miller for Inaugural Hate
  56. Sources: Kirsten Gillibrand Chosen to Fill Clinton's Seat
  57. House Defeats Bill to Delay Digital TV Switch
  58. House OKs $819B stimulus bill in win for Obama
  59. Jessica Alba vs. Bill O'Reilly
  60. Poppa Bush has a great sense of humor
  61. GOP Congressman Intros 'Rangel Rule,' Eliminating IRS rules
  62. Illinois senate votes to oust Governor Blagojevich
  63. SNL does Gov. Patterson, again.
  64. Big shots on Wall Street, in Congress still don't get it
  65. Obama has a lobbyist problem
  66. Senate Lacks Votes to Pass Stimulus
  67. Pelosi: 500 Million Americans Lose Their Jobs Every Month
  68. More problems with Obama nominations
  69. Obama Ouch: Gregg withdraws as commerce secretary nominee
  70. Cool, Obama-pan
  71. Obama warned over ‘welfare spendathon’
  72. Tax cuts will be felt by April 1
  73. Will foreclosure plan work?
  74. Santelli tears up Obama’s mortgage plan
  75. Obama sees 'tougher times' for African-Americans
  76. As the Dow keeps dropping, the President has nobody to blame
  77. Sen. Clinton: USA is the oldest Democracy
  78. Obama Takes On Teachers Unions, Touts Schools Overhaul
  79. Pelosi Abusing Aircraft Priviliges, Says Conservative Group
  80. Flashback: Carville Wanted Bush to Fail
  81. Arlen Spector switches parties to become a Democrat
  82. $100s of Millions to Montana for Border Security, TX Gets $0
  83. Arnold Palmer gets Congressional Gold Medal.
  84. Obama takes a hit on Guantanamo
  85. 1 in 7 freed detainees rejoins fight, report says
  86. AP source: Obama picks Sotomayor for Supreme Court
  87. Why, then Sen. Obama Voted Against Judge Roberts
  88. U.S Forces reading Miranda on the battlefield
  89. Letterman apologizes again for 'bad' Palin joke
  90. How much will the markets tank tomorrow?
  91. House eyes new taxes as senators pare health bill
  92. SC Governor Mark Sanford Admits Affair
  93. Rep. Obey & Rep Waters get into a smackdown
  94. CBS, Helen Thomas Challenge Gibbs On "Controlled" Town Hall
  95. Gov. Palin to Resign
  96. Budget Nightmare: 10 Most Broke States
  97. Obama Approval Rating Sinks Into Negative Territory
  98. Democrats accusing the CIA of lying
  99. CBS: Obama dropped six points in a month
  100. CBO Chief: Health Bills To Increase Federal Costs
  101. U.S. should pay for carbon content of imported goods
  102. Obama: Health Care Plan Will Bring Greater INefficiencies
  103. President Obama prime time press conference on 22-July
  104. Police react to Obama's comment from press conference
  105. Meet the 47 million uninsured
  106. Health care reform cannot happen without malpractice reform
  107. House Buys Itself $200M in New Biz Jets After Blasting Execs
  108. Will used car prices increase thanks to Cash for Clunkers
  109. Hillary Clinton in DIRTY DANCING 3
  110. White House says it did send unwanted e-mails
  111. Gov. Patterson Plays Race Card
  112. Senator Edward Kennedy dies
  113. Marine goes nuclear on Democrat over ObamaCare
  114. Native Americans receive Gov. health care (not so good)
  115. Obama Urged to Rally Support for War
  116. Joe Wilson Heckles Obama
  117. Town Hall Meeting
  118. Pelosi: We'll ‘Squeeze’ Medicare to Pay for Health Care Bill
  119. Obama: Legalize illegals to get them health care
  120. ACORN
  121. President Obama's request turns Gov. Paterson into lame duck
  122. Bill Clinton: Still a vast right-wing conspiracy
  123. Interesting Obama article
  124. Secretary of State Albright Talks About Her ‘Firm Breast
  125. Harry situation: What if Reid loses?
  126. SNL Pokes Fun at Obama for his Lack of Accomplishments
  127. Charlie Rangel retains Ways and Means gave
  128. Obama and the Peace Prize
  129. Attack Fox News on your own time, President Obama
  130. Tax refugees staging escape from New York
  131. Schwarzenegger sends very special message to legislator
  132. Obama's grand Afgan idea
  133. Pataki endorses Hoffman
  134. Scozzafava suspending her campaign for the 23rd district
  135. Election night, November 3
  136. Gay-Marriage Activists Look Ahead After Big Defeat in Maine
  137. Obama wants his war options changed
  138. Jobs 'Saved or Created' in Districts That Don't exist
  139. AP Turns Heads for Devoting 11 Reporters to Palin Book
  140. Buchanan: KSM Trial Could Cost Obama Reelection
  141. Rudy running for Senate not Governor
  142. SNL skit, China wants their money back
  143. Punch a terroist...get a Court Martial
  144. “Party Crashers” had five-year relationship with Obama
  145. Surgeon general calls for more minorities in medicine
  146. So long Public option
  147. While We Slept...
  148. NYT on Bloombergs carbon footprint
  149. Obama gives himself B+ for first months in office
  150. Gov.-elect Chris Christie plans to slash N.J. spending
  151. MSNBC looks at Reid’s ObamaCare deals?
  152. House Democrat changes to a Republican
  153. Sen. Max Baucus (D-MT) Drunk Speech on Senate Floor
  154. Health bill would leave millions uninsured
  155. The Ant and The Grasshopper - Modern Day Version
  156. Your Tax Dollars At Work: How to Shoot Heroin Pamphlet
  157. Sen. Christopher Dodd won't seek reelection, will retire
  158. Paterson's son busted for possession of stolen debit card
  159. Pelosi’s a horrible woman, says … Jack Cafferty
  160. Beck: Who's your favorite founder? Palin: All of 'em!
  161. Martha Coakley: Curt Schilling Is A Yankees Fan
  162. Obama, Bush, Clinton unite for Haiti
  163. GOP's Brown wins Mass. Senate seat in epic upset
  164. Hoyer: Voters upset about GOP obstructionism, not Dem agenda
  165. Howard Dean makes a nice attempt to BS Chris Matthews
  166. The day Obamacare died *Parody*
  167. Chris Matthews takes on Rep. Grayson on Obama-care
  168. November doesn't need to be a nightmare for Democrats
  169. Carville: Dem Problems Caused by NOT Blaming Bush Enough
  170. State of the Union "drinking game"
  171. Fact Checking Obama,State of the Union speech
  172. President Obama, Republicans, (Let's get ready to rumble)
  173. Roger Ailes defends Glenn Beck to Arianna Huffington
  174. Obama admits health care overhaul may die on Hill
  175. Rep. John Murtha of Pa. dies at 77
  176. NYC mayor: U.S. needs to pay costs of 9/11 trial
  177. Poll: Americans don't want 9/11 trials in NYC or any court
  178. N.J. Gov. Christie Freezes Spending
  179. Joe Biden update: Iraq one of Obama's 'great achievements'
  180. Michael Savage: Palin is Unelectable
  181. No One In Charge of NY, Gov Paterson Literally Doing Nothing
  182. New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie Feb 11 speech
  183. Missouri lawmakers want governor to play the lottery
  184. Gov. Paterson to drop election bid; announcement expected
  185. Rep. Maxine Waters needs an IQ check
  186. Rep. Charlie Rangel steps down from tax committee
  187. Obama advisers to recommend tribunals for 9/11 plotters
  188. President Obama caught lip synching
  189. Jesse Ventura is Bat S*** Crazy...
  190. Senator Brown: An entire year has gone to waste
  191. FACT CHECK: Premiums would rise under Obama plan
  192. Gov. Paterson earmarks $778,000 for conjugal visit trailers
  193. Twelve States to File Suit against Health Care Reform
  194. Biden at Health Reform Signing: "This is a big f#$&%n deal!"
  195. More information on the new healthcare bill
  196. NJ gov off to a strong start; some say too strong
  197. Senate Republicans Prevent Committees From Meeting After 2 P
  198. Companies hit by new taxes due to new healthcare bill
  199. Man arrested for Rep. Eric Cantor death threat
  200. Politician moron of the year (Guam may tip over)
  201. PHOTO: Someone Isn't Impressed With Obama
  202. Breaking News...John McCain Is Not A Maverick
  203. CBO chief says debt 'unsustainable'
  204. Bill O'Reilly Interviews Sen. Tom Coburn On Fox News Bias
  205. Why were complaints about Rep. Eric Massa not made public?
  206. In NJ school cut debate, insults overshadow issues
  207. Charlie Crist to Run as Independent in FL Sen Race
  208. Video message from the Arizona Gov. to President Obama
  209. President Obama to Nominate Elena Kagan to Supreme Court
  210. How will we win the war on terror?
  211. Democratic Senate candidate lied about serving in Vietnam
  212. Specter loses, Paul wins
  213. Arizona's illegal immigrant law escalates to LA power grids
  214. Chuck Schumer next Senate Democratic leader?
  215. N.J. Gov. Chris Christie swiftly vetoes 'millionaires tax
  216. Obama campaigning against Bush--again
  217. Iran renews offer to help on US oil spill
  218. Sestak: White House offered me a job
  219. Democratic strategist blasts White House over rig spill
  220. CNN Poll: Support for border crackdown grows
  221. Powell: Obama's Iran Sanctions Not Strong Enough
  222. More U.S. Voters Want Arizona-Like Immigration Law
  223. Jews should get the hell out of Israel (Helen Thomas)
  224. Anarchy To Reign If Paterson Shuts Down NY
  225. N.J. union considers funding media campaign against Christie
  226. U.S. indirectly paying Afghan warlords as part of security
  227. Arizona not a border state, according to AZ Supervisor
  228. West Virginia Sen. Robert Byrd dead at 92
  229. Wrong track distress (NY Times editorial on Pres. Obama)
  230. No wonder our Space Program blows...
  231. Vice President Joe Biden, Iraq success comment
  232. New GOP Commercial Solidifies Steven Slater's Position in American History
  233. Connecticut Senate Candidate Forced to Explain PAC Donations
  234. Nice moment in politics
  235. Understanding the Tea Party
  236. Props to our local radio host
  237. Animation explains the rise of the Tea Party to Taiwan and the world
  238. Powell says illegal immigrants do his home repairs
  239. Jimmy Carter: Reagan only won in 1980 because of the third-party candidate
  240. I want O'Donnell in office.
  241. School tells boy "American flag no longer welcome on campus"
  242. 'The Euro Game Is Up! Who the hell do you think you are?' - Nigel Farage MEP
  243. Report Civil Disob-er...if you see it, report it videos now coming to Wal-Mart
  244. Someone please explain this to me.
  245. Arnie and Paterson should have a beer together.
  246. Anyone Else Smell Obama's Failed Re-election (Israel)
  247. Congressman Weiner: Concorde-Hater
  248. Harvard Study: 4th of July Celebrations 'socialize' kids into Republicans
  249. Healthcare Stance
  250. Open Letter to NYC Council Member Fernando Cabrera