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  1. JetBlue Receives First A321 Assembled In The United States
  2. Bombardier Lands First US Customer with Delta C-Series Order
  3. Akbar Al Baker Touts Qatar’s Upcoming Service to Atlanta
  4. The Route Launch Experience: Qatar Lands in Boston
  5. The 2016 Bethpage Air Show at Jones Beach Gets Ready to Take Flight
  6. Aircraft Down in the Hudson
  7. The Time Has Come For Bag Tags To Join The 21st Century
  8. RFID Bag Tracking…Why?
  9. PHOTOS: The Thunder Rolls at Shaw Air Force Base
  10. Two Demo Team Birds Down
  11. United Unveils New ‘Polaris’ Business Class Product
  12. PHOTO TOUR: Qatar Airways A380 Visits Atlanta
  13. The newest Brazilian airline takes off
  14. TRACK IT LIVE: Solar Impulse 2 Is Heading For NYC
  15. Jets Roar At The 2016 Fort Lauderdale Air Show
  16. Buying for Flying: An Investment in the Sky
  17. LATAM Airlines Brazil Prepares Its Operation for Rio 2016 Olympics
  18. PHOTOS: The RIANG Open House and Airshow
  19. Behind the Scenes with the U.S. Navy TACDEMO Team
  20. The First Look at Tom Hanks as Sully
  21. No more Dash-8s? Why no more landing at LGA?
  22. Orbis Unveils Its New Flying Eye Hospital
  23. Revisiting TWA 800 Twenty Years Later
  24. Squadron Phoenix receives his second P-95 modernized
  25. Behind The Scenes: Bethpage Jones Beach Airshow
  26. When The Unthinkable Happens: A Memoir of Being a Witness to a Crash
  27. Toss Out Your PC. The Best Flight Sim Experience is On Your Phone
  28. The Dangers of Post-Crash Speculation
  29. Kalitta first 767 departing, Yip
  30. Survive an Aircraft Evacuation
  31. Or How About We Cut Delta Some Slack?
  32. Man Versus Machine in the Aviation World
  33. Horsepower (Not Horses) Takes Center Stage at Famed Ascot Racecourse
  34. Brand new Delta A321 cabin
  35. It’s Back! New York’s Greatest Plane Spotting Week of the Year Returns for 2016
  36. Lebanon Is South of Maine: An Outsider’s Look At UN Week
  37. Report on the Crash of Blue Angel 6
  38. Proud in the Turboprop Crowd
  39. So Long, Senior Fleet
  40. Emirates Announces Fort Lauderdale as 11th US Destination*
  41. British Airways Announces Ft. Lauderdale As Their Newest US Destination
  42. Delta E175 Comfort + mod
  43. First IFL Cargo Crj200 landing
  44. JetBlue Flies Back in Time with Their New “Retrojet”
  45. Iran Makes Big 777 and 737 Order. Pretty Wild.
  46. PHOTOS: The Grand Canyon Onboard The Maverick Experience
  47. Emirates Arrives at Fort Lauderdale/Hollywood International Airport
  48. OPINION: The Risks of Reducing The FAA’s Control Of Our Aviation Infrastructure
  49. Active Shooter at FLL Airport
  50. The Day I Learned How to De-Ice an Airliner with a Broom
  51. The Rush To Save A Vintage C-53
  52. Eight Executives of Kingfisher Airlines
  53. KBOS Boston Logan now able to handle Airbus A380's!
  54. 7-Nation Travel Ban: Who Here Has Seen/Felt Effects?
  55. Is The F-35 Really Worth $1.5 Trillion?
  56. FenceCheck shutting down
  57. Gyms in Airports: Best Idea Ever, or the Death of an Era?
  58. Aircraft On Fire at JFK
  59. New Air Canada Paint Scheme
  60. Super Jumbo History at Boston Logan
  61. New jetBlue special scheme on an E-190 "Blueprint" at BOS
  62. Adult Onset Flight Anxiety – No One Is Immune
  64. Ameristar MD83 runway overrun
  65. Fact Time: Wednesday’s Ameristar MD-83 Overrun in Detroit
  66. DEVELOPING: Winter Storm Stella Takes Aim at Northeastern US and Eastern Canada
  67. Why NYCAviation Uses The Weather Channel’s Winter Storm Naming System
  68. 22L/4R Closure 2017
  69. Was WestJet’s “Scary” Approach Really As Bad As It Seemed?
  70. Why The Circular Runway Concept Would Not Work
  71. The Forgotten Victims of Alaska Airlines Ending the Virgin America Brand
  72. The Patrouille de France Soars Into New York, Launching Their US Tour
  73. Breaking: U.S. Sets Records in 2016 for Most Airline Passengers and Safety
  74. Misused Aviation Terms, Part 1: Airlines and Accidents
  75. Alaska Airlines Announces Three New Transcon Routes
  76. No Punishment for Harrison Ford: A Positive Sign for Aviation Safety Culture
  77. FRIDAY PHOTOS: The 787-10 Takes Flight
  78. Not So Fast: Would 3rd Runway at Rikers Island Alleviate LaGuardia’s Ailments?
  79. Overbooking, Bumping, Removal, Regional Airlines, and Your Rights
  80. A Look At The Laws: What Is Required When You’re Denied Boarding
  81. AOG: What really happens when your airplane breaks
  82. PHOTOS: Patrouille de France Returns To The Skies Over Stewart Airport
  83. PHOTOS: Checking Out The Performers At The MCAS Beaufort Airshow
  84. OPINION: The Investigator Most Qualified
  85. The FAA and President Trump’s Order on Regulations
  86. Do Pilots Like Being Passengers?
  87. JetBlue’s Mint Expansion Reaches Fort Lauderdale
  88. Surprising and Delighting NYC’s Finest
  89. Forecast for an Air Show: The 14th Annual Bethpage Air Show at Jones Beach
  90. SLIDESHOW: Smoke, Wings, and Noise Fill the Skies Over Rhode Island
  91. NTSB Issues Preliminary Report on Teterboro Crash
  92. What’s Happening at LaGuardia?
  93. Hands on History With The Geico Skytypers
  94. Gulf Diplomatic Crisis Hits Qatar Aviation
  95. ATC Reform: The President’s Push for the Privatization of Air Traffic Control
  96. Stratolaunch: The Next Evolution of Consumer Space Travel
  97. Norwegian Air International Launches Flights to Stewart International Airport
  98. USAF Thunderbird Flips Over at Dayton Airport
  99. 2017 Paris Airshow Highlights
  100. OPINION: The Issues Behind Air Traffic Control Reform
  101. British Airways Arrives in Fort Lauderdale
  102. FRIDAY PHOTOS: Fantastic Photos from the NYCAviation Photo Hangar
  103. Helicopter water landing off Long Island
  104. FRIDAY PHOTOS: A New User Joins the NYCAviation Photo Hangar
  105. Friday Photos: Our Favorite Uploads For The Week Of July 23rd
  106. Today, AUG01, A333 TAP CS-TOV (Retro Livery) in EWR (Newark)
  107. Making Rain Shine: Behind the Scenes with the 2017 USAF Viper Demo Team
  108. Friday Photos: Special Liveries
  109. Today, AUG08, A333 TAP CS-TOV (Retro Livery) in JFK (New York)). Arrival 20h00
  110. New England Patriots Buy 2 Planes
  111. Friday Photos: The NYCAviation/PHX Spotters LAX Meetup Is Next Month!
  112. Friday Photos: Some Of Our Favorite Recent Photo Hangar Uploads
  113. Privatization Is Not The Answer For Our ATC System
  114. Friday Photos: The Mighty Threeholer!
  115. Flying Into History: The Breitling DC-3 World Tour
  116. Friday Photos: A Tribute to St. Maarten and St. Barthelemy
  117. JetBlue Unveils A Refreshed “JetGreen” For The NY Jets
  118. Elon Musk Announces Plans for Long- and Short-Haul Spaceflight
  119. A Flight Through History: Selfridge ANGB Celebrates its First 100 Years
  120. Electra Memories
  121. Friday Photos: The 2017 LAX Meetup, Part One
  122. Southwest Airlines Announces Entry into the Hawaiian Market
  123. BOAC and How it All Began for Me
  124. United Airlines Bids Farewell to the Queen
  125. An Ode to the Observation Decks at JFK
  126. Delta Museum
  127. Asiana changes flight to B777
  128. The World’s Last Martin 202 Lives… in New Jersey!
  129. A 727? Again?
  130. An Open Letter From Your Captain
  131. The Mystique of the Boeing SST
  132. VOTE NOW: The Uglies of March
  133. An Important Message From NYCAviation Founder Phil Derner, Jr
  134. The Bethpage Air Show at Jones Beach: Celebrating 15 years of Greatness
  135. “The Wings of Man” at Walt Disney World
  136. Airshow Review: Thunder Over Michigan
  137. Geico Skytyper down in Melville
  138. JETBLUE.COM website revamped
  139. PHOTOS: United’s New Polaris Lounge at EWR
  140. Checking Out The 2018 Air Show at Quonset Point
  141. When will Singapore stop their A380 to JFK ?
  142. Join Us at LAX In September For #SpotLAX2018
  143. Sounds Like a Great Place for an Airshow!
  144. EVA Hello Kitty B777s
  145. UAS in the USA: A History of Drone Regulations
  146. How Existing Funding Could Keep The FAA Open In A Future Shutdown
  147. The Refreshed Aer Lingus Livery: Teal Is The New Green
  148. What Did and Didn’t Happen at LaGuardia Today?
  149. Joining the ‘First Flyer’s Club’ Aboard Delta Air Lines A220
  150. JFK Spotters might want to start keeping an eye out for news.....
  151. Emotional Baggage: Passengers Taking Their Bags During Airline Emergencies
  152. We’re Going To Do What!?! Formation Flying In A Motorglider
  153. The Legal Responsibility of Passengers During an Airplane Evacuation
  154. JetBlue Unveils Bruins Themed “Bear Force One”
  155. United Airlines Moves to its New LaGuardia Home
  156. Business Aviation: Invaluable in White Plains, and Across New York (Op-Ed)
  157. NBAA Forum Brings Business Aviation Community To White Plains
  158. Finnair Celebrates 50 Years in New York
  159. What’s Happening This Week At The 2019 Paris Air Show
  160. #SpotLAX2019 Is Right Around The Corner, Are You Ready?
  161. American Celebrates The Super 80 Send Off As Its MD-80s Fly West
  162. Brussels Airlines Showcases their Boutique Hotel in the Sky
  163. The Future of Business Aviation in Focus at NBAA BACE
  164. United’s Fantasy Flight Makes Holiday Wishes Come True
  165. SWISS Shows Off Its Revamped JFK Lounge
  166. China Cargo Arrival to JFK
  167. Join Us for #Avgeek Movie Night!
  168. Airlines Leading the Way in the Age of COVID
  169. Flying During These Unprecedented Times Of Coronavirus
  170. Speak Like an #AvGeek: A Glossary For Enthusiasts
  171. #SpotLAX2020 Has Been Cancelled. Here’s Why:
  172. Trump B757
  173. United Airlines Returns To John F. Kennedy International Airport
  174. Announcing Our Plans For #SpotLAX2021
  175. A Step Towards Normalcy At The Jones Beach Airshow
  176. Onboard Breeze Airways First Flight From Louisville
  177. #SpotLAX2021 Is Coming: What You Need To Know
  178. For Disruptive Passengers, The Cost Can Be Sky High