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  1. The Hot Rock
  2. Wacky College Football Season
  3. Husband missing from wife, after winning lotto
  4. Thankgiving Day Parade
  5. All six of CNN's "undecided voters" were Democratic operativ
  6. Send Christmas Cards to the troops
  7. Man Tasered After Refusing to Sign Ticket
  8. News Anchors bloopers
  9. Black Friday
  10. Smart gift idea
  11. 130 Cat Mosh Pit
  12. Applewashed
  13. Open Windows in the Winter
  14. What we want for Christmas and Chanukah
  15. My site
  16. Exoskeleton Turns Humans Into Terminators.
  17. Worthless survey on illegal immagration
  18. Football Player Murdered
  19. Gatorade inventor Cade dies at 80
  20. Idiot Drives His Lamborghini 219 mph On Public Road
  21. Israel, Palestinians agree to new peace path
  22. 3rd Grade Geography: 1 - Blonde: 0
  23. Sick Co-workers
  24. Another rigged debate
  25. What An Awesome Girlfriend Does
  26. Cop Pulls Vehicle Over and Ends Up Dealing With an AK-47
  27. Citations
  28. Westboro Church
  29. Horror movie for men, & I guess women as well
  30. Evel Knievel Dies at 69
  31. Vanity License Plates
  32. Utah trooper’s use of Taser reasonable
  33. Republican Candidates Self-Destruct on CNN
  34. Wallpaper
  35. Time for Helen Thomas to retire (Presidential Press Briefing
  36. Windows RG Demo - FUNNY!!!!
  37. Pole Honors Germany's Red Baron
  38. Shampoo for men
  39. US Intel says Iran not Developing Nukes
  40. Reporters Expose Airport Security Lapses By Blowing Up Plane
  41. Attacked on the Subway
  42. Optimum Phone Commercial
  43. Blizzard Warning In Hawaii
  44. Salute to Soldiers Music Video
  45. Stoned Cop Thinks He's Dead
  46. The ladies and gents of cvn-76 pump it.
  47. Bobby Knight Outtakes
  48. CompUSA (store closing sales)
  49. NYC to Consider Horse-Drawn Carriage Ban
  50. Trapped in the Drive-Thru
  51. MTA Hikes Unlimited Cards
  52. Parrot Forces Man to Keep Changing His Ringtone
  53. Size does matter in pizza war
  54. Residents: Menorah Dwarfs Christmas Tree
  55. WFAN and Beyond!!
  56. Wireless LAN
  57. Wind turbines to power every British home by 2020
  58. Man freed after 100 hours in lavatory (Scotland)
  59. Nuttybuddy, new type of an athletic cup
  60. Best Lede Ever?
  61. Republican Presidential Debates, December 12
  62. w00t is added to the dictionary!
  63. Scientist convicted of killing husband with stun gun, acid
  64. MLB Steroid Report to be Released Today
  65. Yanks Attempt Druggie Distraction, Finalize $275M ARod Deal
  66. Ike Turner dies
  67. Hooters Owl Crashes Macy's Thankgiving Parade
  68. Local Girls Get Early Christmas Surprise (daddy in a box)
  69. 5 minutes of Cloverfield (Sci-fi movie)
  70. Congress authorizes war funds and sends bill to Bush
  71. Philly Cheesesteak Shop Tells Patrons to Speak English
  72. The 2007 Darwin Awards
  73. Are Ladies' Nights Discrimination?
  74. Lady News Anchor Hits NYC Police Officer
  75. Dad sells son's Christmas present as punishment! (with a twi
  76. Fla. Woman Has 10 Husbands, Charges Say
  77. LAPD Leaves Woman in Car After Crash, Tows It
  78. San Francisco Considers a Tax on Sugary Drinks
  79. Modeling agency for ugly people open for business in NYC
  80. Live longer, don't get married
  81. C.T woman grabs Santa's Yule Log
  82. Bank Gives $1,000 to STaff...to Give to Charity
  83. U.S Navy to the rescue
  84. Hillary The Movie
  85. Writing to God in Heaven: "An Angel in the Post Office"
  86. Britney Spears' 16 year old sister....PREGNANT
  87. Air Force Recruiting Commercial from the 1950s (Moose?)
  88. Can't Ignore the Cops Anymore
  89. It's Official: MTA Tells Us To Go Eff Ourselves
  90. 2007, year in review
  91. Holidays at the office
  92. SiCKO (Michael Moore's Health Insurance Film)
  93. Hillary Clinton's brother is a deadbeat dad
  94. Piece of Me- Britney's New Single
  95. A great way to spend, my day off today, Friday before Xmas
  96. Protest in New Orleans
  97. Charlie Wilson's War
  98. Shift Happens
  99. Got a Zune
  100. Wii like game system & a cell phone, combined
  101. What's wrong with this picture?
  102. Bad day at the Office?
  103. Japanese group prank video
  104. Smith: 'Hitler was a good person'
  105. Pablo Fransisco - Very funny
  106. Google Circa 1960
  107. Nice Christmas present for the wrong person
  108. Xmas Eve Moon
  109. Tracking Santa
  110. The Queen, black & white TV, to youtube.com
  111. *** Yuletide log on TV ***
  112. Terragen2 Render
  113. Good times in Jail
  114. Pakistan opposition leader Benazir Bhutto was assassinated
  115. Paris Hilton loses family inheritance!
  116. Japanese woman dies being refused medical care
  117. Why do some Chinese Resturants have photos with green tints
  118. Iron or Steaming?
  119. New Year's Plans
  120. Fox News - Useless Without Photos
  121. Taser New Official Spokesman
  122. New Knight Rider vs Old Knight Rider
  123. Mother Lies To Win Hannah Montana Tickets
  124. 1-2-3, how far can we go?
  125. What Will Life Be Like in 100 Years?
  126. American Gladiators is returning to TV on 06-January
  127. Something Only an Aviation Nut Would Notice
  128. Hockey Fly By
  129. FBI makes a new bid to find 1971 skyjacker 'D.B. Cooper'
  130. College Bowl Games 2008
  131. Men Shot With .357 as They Traced It for Tattoo Pattern
  132. Special videos of 2007
  133. Suspect Jumps Bridge, Takes Police Dog With him
  134. Hockey Fights
  135. How many five year olds could you take in a fight?
  136. Maximum Internet "Ownage"
  137. Commuting woes this morning (in NJ)
  138. Huckabee, Obama win Iowa
  139. Harris County mother leaves children to wed in Africa
  140. Proud to be American?
  141. The Two Happiest Days in a Boaters Life
  142. Woman struck by golf ball files suit
  143. Senator Clinton claims to have 35 years of experience
  144. There is never a lack of weirdness on the internet.
  145. A BAS LUCY, A BAS! (I Love Lucy clip)
  146. Panasonic unveils world's largest TV
  147. Huckabee vows to defy birthright citizenship
  148. Newbusted (political comedy)
  149. How to Marshall a Jet
  150. Xbox Live - Anyone?
  151. Spitzer Wants to Rename Triborough "RFK Bridge"
  152. Katrina's victims ask for huge checks
  153. My first vote for the 2008 Darwin Awards
  154. Somebodies seen "Weekend at Bernies" to many times !
  155. The News today...
  156. Richardson to end presidential bid
  157. Getting The Bug
  158. No Pants on the Subway Day
  159. Everest conqueror Hillary dies at 88
  160. Another contender for the 2008 Darwin Awards
  161. Al Sharpton upset with the use of the word Lynching
  162. Police Dummy Stolen From Cop Car
  163. French Missile
  164. Addicting....
  165. Who’s the right candidate for you?
  166. It's January, and what do I hear...
  167. You Sneeze Like A... Panda!
  168. The Galaxy
  169. Tehran: U.S. trying to spread 'Iran-phobia'
  170. Strange-wilderness movie
  171. The Official Darwin Thread
  172. Big Blue!!!
  173. Forget the Oil Crisis, We're Almost Out of Helium!
  174. There is no crying in football
  175. DVD wars, is Blu-ray going to be the winner?
  176. Cloverfield
  177. Could Race Destroy the Democrats?
  178. Any VDub drivers here
  179. While we are on the subject of movies....
  180. Katie Couric Off-Camera
  181. Michigan primary
  182. Apple Releases the MacBook Air
  183. The Bulgarian Drift
  184. Man Says NYC Hospital Forced Rectal Exam
  185. Semper Fi?
  186. Man Shot Himself In Genitals During Robbery
  187. Cloverfield monster revealed!!
  188. Doctor refuses to serve after Military education
  189. Mark Malkoff Lives in Ikea
  190. Bigfoot Jumps a 727!
  191. I am your brother (American Idol)
  192. Worst wrestling move
  193. Artist to build four giant waterfalls in New York
  194. Golf Magazine Editor Fired for Noose Cover
  195. Drudge Report is 10 years old
  196. Russian Sabre Rattleing (Nukes)
  197. My Macbook Pro is Broke :(
  198. 14 Year old Hits Police Cruiser
  199. Giants in the Super Bowl
  200. Stay off the roads
  201. Breast implants are increasing in popularity, Among men
  202. Your country has some (insert f-word) ridiculous policies...
  203. Dream Car
  204. Penniless teen parties up a storm
  205. Tom Brady May Not Play
  206. WTF. Heath Ledger is dead.
  207. NYC Knife Law Help
  208. Drunk Animals
  209. Carded at polls: No photo ID, no vote
  210. Keys
  211. Birthday Present to Myself
  212. 9 most racist Disney characters
  213. Barry Bonds asks court to dismiss criminal charges
  214. Spectator sues Blue Man Group over antics
  215. Rap Lyrics Explained With Charts and Graphs
  216. Saddam Faked WMDs to Discourage Iran Invasion
  217. For Sale By Owner...
  218. Aircraft Spotting Ringtones?
  219. My FIRST New Car
  220. Egypt Takes Steps to Close Gaza Border
  221. Monte Carlo Hotel (Vegas) on fire
  222. Guess the Checkpoint!!!!!
  223. Woman removes top, slaps cop
  224. 5 Killed When BMW Flies Off Elevated Airstrip
  225. Large US Spy Satellite Plummeting to Earth After Failure
  226. Newsbusted video (episode 134)
  227. Bring the noise- something we can all relate to perhaps.
  228. Discovering a new interest and passing it on.
  229. NYPD Wants to Ban Geiger Counters
  230. Rudy Wants to Require RealID Card to Get Online
  231. State of the Union Address
  232. The Real Reason behind Global Warming
  233. Sweet R/C Chinook
  234. Obama takes big risk on driver's license issue
  235. Mets Get Johan Santana!!!
  236. Gotta give it to Dell
  237. Osaka Police Use 2,240 Officers & 460 Patrol Cars to Catch 1
  238. Chocolate hotel room in New York
  239. Viewers lost due to Hollywood writers strike
  240. Power Tools
  241. Tips for home wireless router.
  242. I want to shoot myself!
  243. Berkeley council tells Marines to leave
  244. Navy testing a new gun that makes a big boom
  245. Heavily Armed Cops to Patrol Subways
  246. Grand Central Stuck in Time
  247. 50 Cent's Crew Makes Paris Cry
  248. New shotgun developed for the Military
  249. Giants win!!
  250. Superbowl Ads 2008