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  1. Who Needs the Big 3? Atlanta Company Plans New Police Car
  2. Way to go Michael Phelps
  3. Japan harnesses energy from footsteps
  4. Auto Bailout Fails in Senate, Bush May Use TARP Money
  5. Woman accused of attacking officer in groin area (Florida)
  6. Who Will Be Person of the Year 2008?
  7. T.O. bringing down America's team.
  8. ‘He’s Gone’: Hall&Oates tribute Alan Colmes on ‘Daily Show'
  9. Bernard Madoff Investment Securities: "One big Ponzi scheme"
  10. VIDEO: Iraqi Journalist Throws Shoes at President Bush
  11. NHL Officially a Joke: Sean Avery Released for Trash Talk
  12. Ahhh! Governor Paterson has no sense of humor
  13. Merry...a...Happy.... I wish you a nice holiday season
  14. The Smartest Parents In The World...
  15. A new low in stupidity. Note: fogged windows attract cops!
  16. Another Reason to use Firefox
  17. It's REALLY snowing!
  18. College ew... Any takers?
  19. Weird people make me laugh!
  20. Endless David Caruso One-Liners
  21. Film workers protest vs. strike at SAG meeting
  22. Clever Commute
  23. New HBO TV Series!
  24. New version of Frosty the Snowman
  25. UAW sacrifices look to some like surrender
  26. Oh, The Cleaning I will Do!
  27. Police dress up as seniors to catch criminals
  28. Holiday greeting with a blast from the past
  29. NY/NJ: Going To 3 Different Sports Games In One Day?
  30. Favorite Movie Line or Dialogue?
  31. JibJab - 2008 Year In Review
  32. Dolphin Stampede
  33. Police detain Mexican beauty queen, seize weapons
  34. Health Dept. Catches Food Poisoning at Own Christmas Party
  35. NASA awards $3.5 billion for space deliveries
  36. Amazon says 2008 holiday season was 'best ever'
  37. Dog Walks Into Store, Steals Bone
  38. The Happy Dance with Matt
  39. China Hasn't Sent Navy Overseas In 500 Years, Until Today
  40. Israeli bombs crash down on Gaza
  41. Bush asked to seize land for 9/11 memorial
  42. Angry wife jailed after biting husband's you-know-what
  43. Russian Professor: United States to Break Up in 2010
  44. Maybe This is Why Car Dealers are In Trouble
  45. Sarah Palin Now a GILF
  46. Top 10 "Delta Bravo's" for 2008
  47. Viacom could go dark on TWC...and that would suck.
  48. Indy sequel tops 2008 list of movie mistakes
  49. Woman, 88, fends off naked intruder by grabbing jewels
  50. Hollywood's 10 Hardest-Working Actors
  51. Looking for Apple MacBook Pro users...
  52. Women use threat of no sex to stop fireworks
  53. Fox News stays ahead of CNN in viewership
  54. 500 gatecrashers storm Facebook birthday party
  55. 77% of Americans, media Making Economic Crisis worse
  56. Album sales plunge, digital downloads up
  57. Pro Obesity tax video
  58. Crew fights off Somali pirates with water jets
  59. War Vet, 50, Stunned By New Deployment (Moose, be scared)
  60. Motorists' habits spur call for tax increases
  61. John Travoltas Son Dies In Bahamas
  62. Join the World Trade Center Rescuers foundation
  63. Man wins $10M for his widow
  64. Economic Crisis Can Be Traced Back to One Mortgage
  65. You Know Things Are Bad When Billionaires Start Suiciding
  66. Joke: 'When OJ Dies'
  67. Blackberry Pearl Help Needed
  69. Woman charged with firing up husband's privates
  70. Forget the diamond ring...gimme my organs back!
  71. Nigerian gangs vs Mafia (Italy)
  72. Great place to get a burger
  73. Motorist with 16 guns, ammo stopped at airport
  74. Yet Another Hot Teacher Seduces Another Student
  75. McMurdo Station, Antarctica, Condition 1 Weather
  76. Golden Globe winner (John Adams mini- series won!)
  77. Sex offender wins lottery that aids sex abuse victims
  78. Buying on Web to avoid sales taxes could end soon
  79. Smart Car vs. Wall @ 70 MPH
  80. Man accused of selling daughter for cash, beer
  81. Nuke50/50 Ammo (nuclear tipped ammo)
  82. texting, myspace, facebook, now twittering?
  83. Pentagon Report: Sudden Collapse of Mexico Possible
  84. I like the way Oprah thinks!
  85. 'Fantasy Island' star Ricardo Montalban dies at 88
  86. Giants to Sign Manning for 8 Years, $120 Million
  87. TV At the JFK Delta Terminal
  88. Rangel to reintroduce military draft measure
  89. Circuit City to liquidate remaining US stores
  90. Judge said to "Suck It" (Spring break lawsuit)
  91. Great Shockwave Video
  92. Luckiest Guys Ever (video)
  93. When railroading goes bad...
  94. Man claims Benz, Porsche stolen in same night
  95. A MaCnificient Day
  96. President Obama
  97. Dolan fails at controlling the news
  98. Ohio man sues after being hit by stripper's shoe
  99. Socks
  100. Bad college basketball foul
  101. Sec. of Interior considers reopening Statue of Liberty crown
  102. Nice story with a Superbowl ending
  103. View Youtube in HD!!!!! ALL VIDEOS
  104. pimp my ride
  105. Queen's guard attacks American tourist
  106. Baker of 'Racist' cookies Apologizes (Greenwich Village)
  107. Israeli and Palestinian, first breaches of Gaza ceasefire
  108. PETA's Banned Superbowl ad
  109. Berkeley departments skirmish over 3M contract
  110. Iran tells U.S. to show change in policy not tactics
  111. What is Starbucks thinking?!
  112. Japan: Workers Sent Home to have nooners
  113. Zombies sighted in Texas
  114. News is reporting only negative news (example)
  115. The Perks of the Job
  116. What's Left of Shea Stadium
  117. Google Street View Hits a Deer
  118. Women Have Nightmares, Men Dream of Sex
  119. Volcano Eruption Imminent in Alaska
  120. Mayor to Axe $1B from Budget, Cut 23K Jobs, Hike Taxes
  121. Amazing talent at a beauty pageant
  122. Wyoming Man Cited for Drunken Horse Riding
  123. Steelers have a new mascot
  124. North Korea Ditches Nonaggression Pact
  125. Astronomy Question
  126. Some Serious Parental Denial
  127. Adding up the Super Bowl by the numbers
  128. Pie-Face Prank
  129. Pittsburgh Schools on 2 hour delay BC of Superbowl
  130. The Usual Suspect
  131. Israel bombs Gaza tunnels in series of air raids
  132. Taking Swan Lake to the next level
  133. Superbowl commercials
  134. The Bacon explosion (get in my tummy)
  135. Bloomberg bit by Groundhog
  136. 2009 Philadelphia Auto Show
  137. Amateurs, $2,000 Superbowl commercial wins contest
  138. Scientists Discover Martha Washington Was Kinda Hot
  139. New Yorkers annoyed by slow walkers
  140. Porn interrupts final three minutes of Super Bowl in Tucson
  141. Little Kid is Loopy After a Trip to the Dentist
  142. Mets Memories
  143. Guitar Hero Fan Breaks World Record
  144. Hot MILF members of NYCaviation
  145. Call Him A-Roid: Alex Rodriguez Tested Positive in 2003
  146. Fossil of 43-foot super-snake Titanoboa found in Colombia
  147. Unimpressed: Person Swims Across Atlantic
  148. Beer vending machines in Japan
  149. Sirius XM Prepares Bankruptcy Filing
  150. Australian Fireman Shares Water With a Koala
  151. Just When You Thought Government Couldn't Sink Any Lower...
  152. U.S. Navy, Russian warships seize 26 pirates off Somalia
  153. Comic-Con 2009) in New York, geek central
  154. Chocolate pedicure
  155. A woman missed her flight at the boarding gate HKIA
  156. Paterson wants to tax porn
  157. Business owner lost his balls
  158. 25 People to Blame for the Financial Crisis
  159. C-SPAN’s Presidential rankings
  160. Peaceful Creek Turns Into Raging River in 20 Seconds Flat
  161. Yankees Building Vacation Stadium in the Hamptons
  162. Cash Strapped States May Scrap Death Penalty to Save $
  163. NY Gov Paterson's latest.....
  164. Attorney General: US a nation of cowards on racial matters
  165. Woman considers 24th marriage
  166. Tennis Channel Won’t Televise Dubai Event in Protest
  167. TMZ posts photo it claims is a beaten Rihanna
  168. Acorn breaks homeowners back into foreclose homes
  169. Tom Leykis Off the Radio
  170. New Pain at Pump: Gas Tax Hikes
  171. Buchanan, Dyson disagree over Holder's race comment
  172. Sharpton Calls On FCC To Investigate News Corp
  173. Your share of stimulus tax breaks
  174. Everything's amazing, nobody's happy (FUNNY!)
  175. That's what she said....
  176. Octuplets mother offered $1M porn contract
  177. Looking for Help With a Song
  178. Great web site
  179. This Guy Can't Find a Better Job? Mind Boggling
  180. Ideas for commercials from a comedian
  181. Newsday Planning to Charge for Online News
  182. Google NUKE!
  183. Soft Toilet Paper Worse for Environment than Hummers
  184. Easy Monitor Cleaning
  185. Another Smart Decision from Gov. Paterson
  186. PayPal Forces Man to Prove Gas Fill-up Didn't Cost $81.4B
  187. Book About ATC on 9/11?
  188. Man Watching Porn Gets House Broken Into By A good samaritan
  189. Free burger at Arby's
  190. Michael Phelps, please don't try this at home...
  191. McGruff Ruffed up !!!!
  192. Samsung Memoir SGH-T929
  193. Will Smith Calls Ralph Macchio For 'Karate Kid' Advice
  194. MIdnight Marsupial Madness
  195. China harasses US NAval ship.
  196. A San Francisco Police Captain tells the media the TRUTH!!!
  197. 92KRock now 92NOW, O&A Gone
  198. Funny commercial
  199. Jimmy Kimmel scores 'EXCLUSIVE' Octomom birth video
  200. Dog Warning! (Caution - Graphic Image)
  201. Porn sting goes to the Dogs "EPIC FAIL"
  202. Thank God I'm a man
  203. Strip club to host job fair
  204. Parked Truck Got Hit
  205. Looking for help with DRIVERS
  206. Surviving A Lynch Mob - AIG Internal Staff Memo
  207. Rapping flight attendant - southwest style
  208. Dental Recommendations...
  209. Now this is extreme!
  210. GM and Chrylser death watch
  211. Would You Desert A Friend If You Found Out.....
  212. NYC Parking Tickets
  213. My New Idol
  214. GMail Autopilot!
  215. Mac's latest product
  216. New starbucks product - Plug and pour!
  217. What would you do? Another college topic.
  218. How's this for random conversation.
  219. Ann Coulter Falls for April Fool Prank
  220. Metallica Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame Jam
  221. Calling Seal Team 5....
  222. Just reminiscing.......April 8 2003
  223. Hey Van Halen Fans
  224. Woody Harrelson Assaults Photographer @ LGA, Blames Zombies
  225. Mets Home Opener - Anyone Goin?
  226. Mel Gibson is going to lose some serious bank
  227. Marilyn Chambers Dies
  228. This Woman Is Amazing
  229. For some major laughs check out these Peter Sellers scenes
  230. Anderson Cooper (CNN) teaches us something about teabagging
  231. Madden retires from booth after 30 years
  232. Japanese love dolls
  233. Good reason not to eat at Dominoes
  234. "This is the second notice....
  235. Diff'rent Strokes Remix
  236. "A" Team movie
  237. Worst Pitch Ever
  238. Real Life Pacman
  239. Where Are The Fans?
  240. EPIC FAIL of the Highest Order!
  241. Boeing Unveils 40,000-Foot Emergency Slide
  242. Moving to Atlanta...
  243. Guy In Wheelchair Because He Was Hit by a Bus Is Hit by a Bu
  244. Gotta love the Marines
  245. Englishwoman fined for noisy sex
  246. The New Homeland Security Threat list
  247. China Faked Spacewalk?
  248. Japanese boobie game
  249. Night at the Musuem 2 "Battle of the Smithsonian"
  250. Welcome to New York, Swine Flu