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  1. Movie for Phil, Zombie Strippers
  2. Danica Patrick Wins Her First Indy Race!
  3. How bacon is made
  4. Cop laughs when the guy lifts his shirt
  5. The Caffeine Cuve (A Scientific Study)
  6. Lion going to go hungry, attacks a Hippo
  7. Love Eggs?
  8. 3 Queens all in Southampton Today
  9. Any Romanian people? You are going to love this one
  10. Don't shoot behind jet wash
  11. Penis Pirates!
  12. Cliff Diving in Jamaica (her butt hurts)
  13. N.Y. Orders Large Web Retailers To Charge Internet Tax
  14. Gore Ducks, as a Backlash Builds Against Biofuels
  15. US vessel fires at Iranian boats in Gulf, again
  16. Japanese man under fire in Philippines for grabbing the boot
  17. Drink with the drunk monkeys
  18. How Will You Spend your Stimulus Checks?
  19. N.Y. Daily News owner said to offer rival bid for Newsday
  20. Ok, whose car does this belong to (#1 airplane geek of the y
  21. Dude gives up good job to be a carpenter, has wood allergy
  22. Sharpton vows to 'close this city' after officer acquittals
  23. Oil strike in the UK
  24. N.Y. going after Indian casinos to collect cigarettes tax
  25. Wanted: Women to eat chocolate for a year
  26. What laptop does Microsoft's CEO use for his presentations?
  27. A10 RC Model at Top Gun 2008
  28. Supreme Court upholds voter ID law
  29. Chilean mayor to offer free viagra to older men
  30. Who cares what their saying
  31. Some good news involving the fat Rev. Albatross Sharpton
  32. "Gangsta" 7 year old steals car
  33. Economy grows by only 0.6 percent in first quarter
  34. Bad conduct gets Army recruits promoted faster, study shows
  35. GTA IV
  36. Man Attempts to Cash Check for $360 Billion
  37. Nice moment in sports
  38. A fast food tax to help NJ hospitals? Corzine open to idea
  39. Great Best man speech
  40. Barbara Walters admits affair, reveals how she likes coffee
  41. Crackdown leads to drop in illegal immigration
  42. Shark Surfer
  43. President Bush talk about the economy & high oil prices
  44. How to Salvage a Sinking Ship Carrying 4,700 Cars
  45. Lawmakers being forced to give up gas-guzzling cars
  46. Special lady, with a special talent
  47. Amazon sues NY over Internet sales tax collection
  48. Girl carries secret baby to hospital, still attached
  49. What's your shave?
  50. Yankees Fan Murders Red Sox Fan After Fight
  51. LI Biker Flips Cops Finger, Pops Wheelie, Crashes
  52. Let's get ready to rumble, is trademarked, worth $400 millio
  53. 60-Plus Illegal Immigrants Found In Big Rig
  54. Newsbusted, May 6 episode
  55. Pelosi says more stimulus needed, Bush "in denial"
  56. NY Senate expected to OK gas tax holiday
  57. "I love New York" campaign gets a new look
  58. GTA IV's First Week: 6 Million copies, $500 Million,
  59. New game for the Wii, "pole dancing"
  60. What to use to clean a Flat Screen monitor
  61. Magazine ban on military bases could hurt morale
  62. NYC Group Tortures Drug Dealers
  63. Mom appalled at racy books in store (check out her last name
  64. The Fat Reverend Al Sharpton is a collar (LOL)
  65. 75 students arrested in San Diego State University drug bust
  66. Mother Sues Town After Child Steps In Dog Dropping
  67. EU trade chief hits at Democrat hopefuls
  68. Survives bear attack & drives himself to the hospital
  69. Why women are to blame for killing off real men
  70. Illegal Immigrant Raped, Impregnated 10-Year Old Girl
  71. Iraqi officials say leader of al-Qaida in Iraq arrested
  72. Charles Barkley's no better than Ron Burgundy
  73. Movie about steroids (Bigger, Stronger, Faster)
  74. Happy Mother's Day: Woman pregnant with 18th child
  75. House Bill Would Open Amtrak NE Corridor to Competition
  76. Woman Helps Cops Find Men Who Stole Her Laptop
  77. Distraction Causes Motor Accident
  78. Females- Maybe just built better than men (see photo)
  79. Ex-cop suing for job back, after he's fired for being too fa
  80. Cleaning your balls
  81. Texas may call for Amazon to pay millions in sales taxes
  82. 25% of LA's Welfare Goes to Undocumented Immigrants
  83. NASA to Announce Success of Long Galactic Hunt
  84. William Shatner (Captain Kirk) interview
  85. Congress divided on energy plan
  86. Illegal Alien raid in Iowa, 300 arrested
  87. Create their own "I Love New York" commercials
  88. News Anchors Gone Wild! (NSFW Language)
  89. LeBron James: "Mom, sit your butt down!"
  90. High-school student banned from prom for skimpy dress
  91. Parents board flight, forget toddler at airport
  92. Lexus Delivers McCartney's Hybrid Car Via Jumbo Jet
  93. Man uses gun to scratch back; shoots himself
  94. Everyday Normal Guy
  95. 3D Holographic Imaging
  96. Spam email (secret gold in Iraq)
  97. Slowing Down Saves Gas!
  98. Bill O'Reilly goes viral
  99. Boeing-Powered Porsche For Sale
  100. California Supreme Court overturns ban on gay marriage
  101. Bin Laden: Palestinian Cause Prompted 9/11
  102. Bush begs Saudis for more oil; snubed
  103. The Taco of Your Dreams
  104. Ted Kennedy rushed to hospital
  105. Man survives bear attack
  106. The Power of a Tornado
  107. The World’s Largest LOL-cat, An Invisible Bike Mural
  108. Inter-League Play this past weekend
  109. World's First LOLPlane?
  110. Oil Shortage fears push oil futures near $140
  111. Willie Randolph Blames Racism for Harsh Coverage, Apologizes
  112. Ca. Congresswoman Stops Paying Mortgage, Abandons House
  113. Barbarians in Kenya burn 15 women accused of witchcraft
  114. Big Oil defends profits before irate senators
  115. IN girl swallows 30 magnets from one of her toys
  116. Canada to deport first US deserter of Iraq war
  117. Fanfare to mark Brooklyn Bridge's 125th birthday
  118. Naked Pilot/Naked Flight Attendant Caught in the Woods
  119. Kung Fu Panda movie
  120. Porn Tax Considered As Solution To Budget Shortfall
  121. Man has sex with 1,000 cars
  122. Houston, "We Landed on Marrs"
  123. Man calls free number 500 times, because he likes her voice
  124. Ex-president says EU is colluding in a human rights crime
  125. French Families Adopt U.S. Graves in Normandy
  126. Shark attacks boy in his bedroom
  127. Media matters attacking Lou Dobbs
  128. The Telectroscope at Brooklyn Heights
  129. Florida Teacher has class vote Autistic Student out of class
  130. Mets Tix For Tonight
  131. Ex-Press Spokesman Slams Bush in New Book
  132. Recording Sound From YouTube Clips
  133. N.Y. is set to recognize gay marriages performed elsewhere
  134. GDP Grew More Than First Thought, Increasing 0.9%
  135. Fox News channel is #1 for the 77th consecutive month
  136. Invertuality- Jules
  137. You throw like a girl, really
  138. AGAIN: 2 Killed in Manhattan Crane Collapse
  139. Uncontacted Tribe in Brazil
  140. I Got $10 for Eating a Rose!!
  141. TSA - What they really stand for
  142. Jamaica bay
  143. Walk of Shame commercial
  144. Triboro Bridge to be renamed
  145. The Price is Wrong
  146. SecDef Fires Air Force Heads After Dual Nuke Screwups
  147. "All Summer Long"
  148. Great Gas Experience! </sarcasm>
  149. Israeli minister threatens Iran
  150. Anne Heche pays the price in divorce settlement
  152. Building My Own Computer
  153. Two NYC Landmarks Being Sold to Foreigners
  154. Skydiving over Calverton!!
  155. Storm Chasers: Where's the Tornado? Oops, We're Inside of It
  156. How depressing is this right now?
  157. Update: Willie Ball Over at Shea!
  158. Tim Russert Dead
  159. Some recommended books
  160. More Severe Weather Enroute
  161. TSA Wants "respect"
  162. Beer contains female hormones
  163. Hancock movie in the UK, got some special attention
  164. 1/3 of People Shot By Tasers Need Medical Attention
  165. Connie Kalitta's son killed in drag racing accident
  166. 'Gus' crowned world's ugliest dog
  167. George Carlin dies at 71
  168. History at Shea Last Night (Not the Good Kind)
  169. NY Biker Pulled Over Doing 144 in a 55
  170. Fla. Man Drinks 23 Shots in 30 Mins, Dies
  171. Spain Pulls a Victory for the First Time in 44 Years!
  172. Iran Digging 320,000 Graves to Bury Dead Enemies
  173. In-N-Out on Long Island soon???
  174. New Computer Plan
  175. Starbucks to close 600 U.S Stores
  176. Biofuels behind food price hikes: leaked World Bank report
  177. Oil falls by $8 over two days as supply worries dissipate
  178. Russia Threatens Military Response to US/Czech Missile Deal
  179. Rep. Rangel rents apartments at discount rates...
  180. The Day The Earth Stood Still [2008] movie
  181. NYC Will Close 2 Car Lanes To Make Room For Bikes
  182. The Dreaded Summer Cold
  183. Former Bush press secretary Tony Snow dies
  184. Minor League manager goes nuts
  185. Cool Photo from Dubai
  186. McKinney running for president as Green candidate
  187. Bobby Murcer
  188. Does anyone watch those new "Reality" shows?
  189. Islanders Coach Nolan Quits
  190. Pulled a back muscle
  191. McDonald's fined 1 million $ for hiring illegal aliens
  192. US to open 3.9m acres in Alaska for drilling
  193. The Dark Knight
  194. NY Governor: If Obama loses, it’ll be because of racism
  195. For Some Ohioans, Even Meat Is Out Of Reach
  196. USAF Brass Using Anti-Terror Funds for Posh Plane Pods
  197. UK Prime Minister's Aide Could Learn from Winnie the Pooh
  198. A True Hero
  199. Danica Patrick Gets in Another Fight
  200. The prostate cancer 'wonder pill'
  201. Parents find 'Dark Knight' isn't for kids
  202. Senate Republicans pushing for more drilling
  203. Air Force missile launch crew fell asleep
  204. Teens today.......!
  205. FCC Approves Sirius/XM Merger
  206. 7 Drown in 2 Days at NYC and LI Beaches
  207. Governor vetoes climate change curriculum
  208. See what happens when Tommy does not take a shower!
  209. Towers at Flushing Meadows
  210. NY Governor to Deliver Unprecedented "State is Broke" Speech
  211. Virgin Galactic Space Ship
  212. Woman, 44, Gives Birth to 18th Child
  213. Who let the dog out!
  214. Wounded Warrior Project (with pix)
  215. Queens' 300 Beer Gardens in the Old Days
  216. Pudge to Yankees for Farnsworth
  217. Camel Toads!!! (SFW)
  218. Sheikh Flies Lamborghini 6500 Miles for Oil Change
  219. Tide of illegal immigrants now being reversed
  220. Wheel...Of...Dumb!!!
  221. Laptop Cooling Pad
  222. "The Lone Gunmen" TV Show Foreshadows 9/11
  223. Triumph The Dog, goes to Comic con
  224. Univision News Beats ABC, CBS, NBC in New York City
  225. A website everyone can relate to !!
  226. Brazil Extorting World for $21 Billion to "Save Rainforest"
  227. Need Urgent Laptop Repairs...
  228. Jihad comes to China....
  229. Man from Florida. calls 911, not happy with sandwich
  230. Re. Pelosi wants to save the planet, blocking drilling votes
  231. Clearance Fail (video)
  232. The economy can't be THAT bad....
  233. Texas Executes Mexican for Raping, Killing Teens
  234. Brett Favre traded to the Jets
  235. Japanese Game Show, Marshmallow Eating
  236. Blast from the past website
  237. Mexican woman on donkey fends off lion
  238. Border patrol agent held at gunpoint
  239. China Detains White House Olympic Press Plane
  240. Maryland County Police go NAZI...
  241. Russians move into Georgia rebel area
  242. Continental new way to save money
  243. Mr. T continues to pity fools.
  244. Edwards admits to affair, denies fathering child
  245. Bernie Mac dies at 50
  246. TSA Publishes Children's Book
  247. Shea Plastic Seats to Sell for $869
  248. 26 Cheerleaders Stuck in Elevator
  249. Rehab created for Internet addicts
  250. Ice cream festival in Japan (winning flavor, Beef flavored)