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  1. Atlantic Trident 2017
  2. Melissa Pemberton Edge 540 Aerobatic at it´s Best at Sanicole Air Show
  3. Finnair Airbus A320-214 OH-LXD departure at Munich Airport
  4. KC135, French AF, EART 2017; ARR.+ DEP, Eindhoven [VIDEO]
  5. [Tomorrowland] Brussels Airlines [OO-SNF] Airbus A320-214 landing & Taxi at Brussels
  6. Jet Executive Gates Learjet 35A/ZR/Avcon R/X D-CCCA arrival at Munich Airport
  7. Nice LOW-PASS A400 ATLAS, 54-05, German AF; in beautiful light [VIDEO]
  8. North American B-25N Mitchell flying Display at Sanicole AirShow
  9. Lufthansa Airbus A330-343 D-AIKE departure at Munich Airport
  10. North American B-25N Mitchell and Supermarine 361 Spitfire LF9C flypast
  11. [RARE] AtlasGlobal [TC-ABL] Airbus A320-214 landing at Brussels Airport 25L
  12. Lufthansa Bombardier CRJ-900LR D-ACKA arrival Munich Airport
  13. Lufthansa Airbus A340-642 D-AIHW arrival at Munich Airport
  14. Alitalia Airbus A320-216 EI-DSC arrival at Munich Airport
  15. Munich Airport departures Compilation 15min, A340-600 and many more
  16. VistaJet Bombardier Challenger 350 9H-VCO arrival at Munich Airport
  17. Lufthansa Airbus A350-941 D-AIXA departure at Munich Airport
  18. British Airways Airbus A320-232 G-EUYO arrival at Munich Airport
  19. [20+ min] Summer Plane Spotting at Brussels Airport!!! (part 2)
  20. SPANISH AF, F-18 Hornets at Volkel, Take-Off [VIDEO]
  21. 29 Happy Landings at Munich Airport B-787, A320 and more
  22. President Trump's arrival at Brussels Airport!! (2x Air Force One)
  23. Emirates Airbus A380-861 A6-EOA departure at Munich Airport
  24. Singapore Airlines Boeing 777-312/ER 9V-SWP departure at Munich Airport
  25. Munich Airport departures Takeoff Compilation 22 in 12min A340 B767 A330 B737 ......
  26. Qatar Airways LATAM Airbus A350-941 A7-AMA departure at Munich Airport
  27. The Huge Boeing 747-4D7 from Thai Airways departure at Munich Airport HS-TGY
  28. Cargo Air Boeing 737-46J LZ-CGW departure at Munich Airport
  29. Overhead Takeoff Lufthansa Airbus A340-600 at Munich Airport
  30. Saudia 789 departure, PAE
  31. Munich Airport arrivals 10min Action A-350 A-340 and many more
  32. Emirates 773 landing, PAE
  33. Mahan Air Airbus A340-311 EP-MMB departure at Munich Airport
  34. Qatar Airways LATAM Airbus A350-941 A7-AMB arrival at Munich Airport
  35. Air Canada 789 delivery landing
  36. DREAM ARRIVALS F4 Phantom, Hell.AF, TWM2017; Florennes [VIDEO]
  37. Transall C-160D Special Livery flying Display German Air Force
  38. ACA 773 landing, YVR
  39. Sikorsky CH-53 Sea Stallion Flying Display Luftwaffe
  40. Airbus A400M Atlas Luftwaffe Flypast and Landing at Penzing AirBase
  41. Condor Boeing 767-330/ER D-ABUZ Flight DE2164 MBJ-MUC arrival at Munich Airport
  42. Aca A333 landing, YVR
  43. Panavia Tornado IDS Low Apporoch Low flypast and Landing at Penzing Airbase
  44. FIRST DEPARTURES F16,Hawk,Typhoon, TWM2017,Florennes [VIDEO]
  45. Airbus A-340 Special Compilation 30min Action Takeoff & Landings Kuwait Airways....
  46. Bumpy Landing Go2Sky Boeing 737-86J at Munich Airport
  47. Eurofighter Typhoon S Luftwaffe 30+06 flypast and Landing
  48. China Southern 787 landing, YVR
  49. Etihad Airways Airbus A340-642 F1 Livery A6-EHJ arrival at Munich Airport
  50. China Eastern A330 landing, YVR
  51. Lockheed C-130H Hercules from the RNLAF flypast & Landing at Penzing Airbase
  52. VP-CZW BBJ take off, DTW
  53. EgyptAir Airbus A330-343 SU-GDS at Munich Airport
  54. Berry Emb120 crosswind landing, DTW
  55. Rouge 767 landing, YVR
  56. Airbus A-330 Special Compilation 30min Action Takeoff & Landings
  57. Delta 747 take off, DTW
  58. Urselavia 2017
  59. Air China 777 landing, YVR
  60. 3 Generations Skylift Flypast C-160D Transall, Nord Noratlas Douglas C-47 Skytrain
  61. Air Algerie Cargo Lockheed L-100-30 Hercules 7T-VHL departure at Munich Airport
  62. Nord 2501F-3 Noratlas 62-SI F-AZVM flypast + Landing at Penzing Airbase
  63. JAL 787 landing, YVR
  64. FedEx Federal Express Boeing 777-FS2 N869FD arrival at Munich Airport
  65. ACA 789 landing, YVR
  66. Boeing 747 Special Compilation 20min Action Takeoff & Landings + Bonus
  67. Eurofighter Typhoon Flying Display German Air Froce 30+22
  68. [RARE] Egyptair [SU-GCH] Airbus A330-243 landing at Brussels Airport 25L
  69. Air Canada 767 landing, YVR
  70. Lufthansa 747-400 take off, DTW
  71. Qatar Airways Airbus A350-941 A7-ALM departure at Munich Airport
  72. Korean 747-8 landing, YVR
  73. Tarom Boeing 737-38J YR-BGE arrival at Munich Airport
  74. Douglas C-47A Skytrain Low flypast + Landing Penzing Airbase
  75. Swiss [HB-JBC] Bombardier CS100 landing at Brussels Airport 25L
  76. Philippine airline 777 landing, YVR
  77. Private Jet Compilation Takeoff & Landing at Munich / Salzburg Airport
  78. Air Transat A330 landing, YVR
  79. Lufthansa Airbus A340-642 D-AIHL departure Munich Airport
  80. Cathay Pacific 777 landing, YVR
  81. RIAT Monday departures 2012 80min at RAF Fairford
  82. KLM A330 landing, YVR
  83. INAUGURAL RwandAir [9XR-WP] Airbus A330-343 landing at Brussels Airport 25L
  84. Korean air cargo 777 landing, YVR
  85. ANA 787-9 landing, YVR
  86. Lufthansa 747 landing, YVR
  87. [40+ min.] Summer Plane Spotting at Brussels Airport!!
  88. Xiamen 787 landing, YVR
  89. F4 PHANTOM, Hellenic AF , ARRIVALS at Geilenkirchen [VIDEO]
  91. Sukhoi SU-27P Ukraine AirForce flying Display RIAT 2017
  92. Eva 747 landing, YVR
  93. Vortex + Over wing Condensation Dassault Rafale flying Display RIAT 2017
  94. Air France 777 landing, YVR
  95. Ilyushin IL-76 MD + 2 Sukhoi SU-27 Ukraine Air Force arrival at RAF Fairford
  96. Sukhoi Invasion at Brussels Airport!! | A Compilation
  97. Red Arrows flying Display at RIAT 2017 AirShow incl. ATC
  98. USAF Thunderbirds and Red Arrows Flypast at RIAT2017
  99. Beijing capital A330 landing, YVR
  100. Kalitta's latest 767 delivery, YIP
  101. SUNSHINE TUI Airlines Belgium [OO-JNL] Boeing 767-304(ER)(WL) landing at Brussels Air
  102. CV-22B Osprey USAF flying at RIAT 2017 AirShow
  103. Heavies at runway 06
  104. Airbus A400M Atlas flying Display RIAT 2017
  105. Air New Zealand 777 landing, YVR
  106. Piaggio P180 AVANTI, MM62287, Italian AF,Eindhoven [VIDEO]
  107. Eurofighter Typhoon FGR4 RAF flying Display RIAT 2017
  108. F-22A Raptor USAF flying Display incl. ATC at RIAT 2017
  109. Air France 777-300 take off, DTW
  110. WALK-AROUND Brussels Airlines [Magritte Special Colours] at de Luchtvaartdag 2017
  111. Boeing Chinook Royal Air Force flying Display
  112. KLM 777 landing, YVR
  113. Couteau Delta 2 Dassault Mirage 2000D flying Display
  114. Airbus Final Approach Compilation 25min arrival Action
  115. Nordica [ES-ACF & ES-ACC] Canadair Regional Jet CRJ-701ER & CRJ-900ER landing at Brus
  116. Lockheed U-2S Spy Plane USAF arrival at RAF Fairford
  117. Boeing 737-7BC BBJ N835BA departure at RAF Fairford
  118. Boeing 737 action
  119. 2 F-16C, 2 F-15C and one F-15E USAF landing at RAF Fairford
  120. Delivery Flight | Luxair DH8C | LX-LQJ | landing at Luxembourg Findel 24
  121. Saab JAS-39C Gripen flying Display
  122. Solo Turk F-16 flying Display at RIAT 2017
  123. AMAZING Performance | Consolidated PBY Catalina | WWII Amphibious Aircraft | G-PBYA |
  124. Textron Scorpion Cessna E530 arrival at RIAT2017
  125. Airbus A330 action
  126. First Delta A350 take off, DTW
  127. Patrouille Suisse Display incl. ATC RIAT 2017
  128. SpaceX Falcon 9 CRS-12 Launch from 30000 feet on Delta flight 1420!!!
  129. Swiss Avro RJ100 | Now history... | A small Compilation
  130. Airbus A400M Atlas flying Display at RIAT 2017 AirShow
  131. Cargolux Cutaway livery | Boeing 747-8R7F | landing & Taxi | LX-VCM | Luxembourg Find
  132. Sukhoi SU-27 P Ukraine Air Force flying Display RIAT 2017 AirShow
  133. Boeing EF-18A Hornet Spanish Air Force flying Display
  134. NetJets Europe | CS-PHD | Embraer EMB-505 Phenom 300 | Landing, Taxi and Take-off at
  135. FedEx MD 10 Full Throttle Takeoff
  136. EL AL's First 787 Landed in Ben Gurion Airport 4X-EDA El Al Israel Airlines Boeing 78
  137. How to Offload a B757 Cargoplane | DHL Boeing 757F | D-ALEN | Luchtvaartdag 2017
  138. Eurofighter Typhoon FGR4 Royal Air Force flying Display
  139. 2x Ethiopian Cargo Sunshine Overhead CLOSE-UP finals into Brussels Airport 25R! | B77
  140. Panavia Tornado A-200 Italian Force show flying Display RIAT 2017
  141. 70th Anniversary USAF Flypast F-15 F-16 KC-135 C-130
  142. Frecce Tricolori full flying Display Jesolo AirShow
  143. Plane Spotting at Antwerp Airport
  144. SUKHOI OVER-HEAD Finals | 3 Brussels Airlines & Cityjet | Sukhoi Superjet 100 | Bruss
  145. Boeing KC-767J 767-2FK/ER JASDF arrival RIAT 2017
  146. Alitalia Airbus A319-111 EI-IMX arrival at Munich Airport
  147. ANA All Nippon Airlines | Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner | JA827A | Landing at Brussels Airp
  148. A400 ATLAS, German AF, Geilenkirchen ARRIVAL at Geilenkirchen [VIDEO]
  149. MIG 29 Polish Air Force; ARRIVALS at Kleine Brogel [VIDEO]
  150. SAUDI HAWKS; Kleine Brogel ; Sanicole Airshow 2017 [VIDEO]
  151. Rafale; French AF, TAKE-OFF +ARR; Kleine Brogel, Sanicole Airshow 2017 [VIDEO]
  152. Munich Airport arrivals Boeing 787 737 Airbus A-340 A-320 and many more
  153. Arcus Executive Aviation | D-IAAD | Embraer Emb-500 Phenom 100 | landing at Luxembour
  154. Engine spool up Compilation A-350 A-330 A-340 B-757 and more
  155. STEEP TAKE-OFF F18's Hornet FINNISH AF; Kleine Brogel [VIDEO]
  156. DOUBLE SMOKY Mig 29's Polish AF, Kleine Brogel [VIDEO]
  157. Boeing KC-135R Stratotanker USAF arrival at RAF Fairford
  158. Red Arrows departure at RAF Fairford
  159. 2 F-4 Phantom II Hellenic Air Force arrival at RAF Fairford
  160. Dassault Rafale C French Air Force departure at RAF Fairford
  161. El Al Israel Airlines | 4X-EHC | Boeing 737-958(ER)(WL) | landing at Brussels Airport
  163. Different spray departures......AMS
  164. Thunderbirds USAF flying an Rehearsal Training Display RIAT 2017 AirShow
  165. Lockheed C-130H Hercules Air Force departure RIAT 2017 AirShow
  166. SAAB GRIPEN, Swedish AF at Kleine Brogel [VIDEO]
  167. STRAIGHT UP at Kleine Brogel, DEPARTURE Typhoon RAF [VIDEO]
  168. Lockheed U-2 S Spy Plane USAF arrival RAF Fairford
  169. HEAR & SEE Transall German AF, Arr.&Dep. at Kleine Brogel [VIDEO]
  170. STEADFAST NOON 2017; Gripen's, Czech AF, at K.B. [VIDEO]
  171. Plane Spotting at Brussels Airport | An amazing compilation | 47 planes in 18 min.
  172. STEADFAST NOON 2017; Tornado's , Italian AF, KB [VIDEO]
  173. Dassault Rafael C flying Display Sanicole Sunset AirShow
  174. DELIVERY FLIGHT Dutch F16's to Jordanian AF at Volkel [VIDEO]
  175. GOODBYE!! | Brussels Airlines Avro RJ100 Compilation at Brussels Airport | Landing, T
  176. F-16AM Fighting Falcon Belgium AF Sanicole Sunset AirShow
  177. Patrulla Águila FULL flying Display
  178. DEPARTURES Apaches +Black Hawks, USArmy at Eindhoven [VIDEO]
  179. Hughes OH-6 Cayuse Speedboat chase Jesolo AirShow
  180. FAREWELL!! | Brussels Airlines De Havilland Canada DHC-8-402Q | Compilation at Brusse
  181. Eurofighter Aeronautica Militare flying Display Jesolo AirShow
  182. Market Garden 2017, MORNING DEPARTURES at Eindhoven [VIDEO]
  183. Qatar Airways | A7-ALO | Airbus A350-941 landing at Brussels Airport 25L
  184. Full Lightning Strike B777-300 on climbout AMS
  185. AIRBUS A320 NEO S7 Airlines departure Munich Airport
  186. Lufthansa Airbus A340-600 Special
  187. Summer Plane Spotting at Antwerp Airport | GLF5, F900, E190, EA50, E55P ... | Part 2
  188. Lufthansa Retro Livery A321-231 Landing & departure
  189. Impressive departures AMS @ runway 36L
  190. Star Wars R2D2 Livery ANA Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner
  191. NEW Lufthansa Airbus A350-941 departure Munich Airport
  192. VipJet Embraer ERJ-135BJ Legacy 600 departure
  193. Panalpina Livery | N850GT | Atlas Air Boeing 747-87UF | landing at Luxembourg Findel
  194. Airbus A340-642 Lufthansa departure Munich Airport
  195. 2nd BATCH; Dutch AF F16's to Jordanian AF -Volkel [VIDEO]
  196. Cessna AMAZING SHORT Take-Off | after ONLY 430 Meters / 1410 Feet of the runway | Lux
  197. Saab JAS-39C Gripen Hungarian Air Force Flying Display
  198. F-16AM Fighting Falcon Belgium Air Force flying Display
  199. Eurofighter Typhoon Aeronautica Militare flying Display Jesolo AirShow 2017
  200. Virgin Atlantic Airways Airbus A340-642 G-VFIZ departure London Heathrow
  201. 757 Landing in a Heavy Fog at ATL
  202. Etihad Airways Airbus A380-861 A6-APD departure London Heathrow
  203. Fouga CM-170 Magister | MT-5 | Red Devils colours landing & Take-Off at Antwerp Airpo
  204. FULL AFTERBURNER Departures, F-16's BelgianAF at KB [VIDEO]
  205. Grumman G-73 Chalks Seaplane Flight 1993 Fort Laudedale to Miami to Key West
  206. Qatar Airways Airbus A380-861 A7-APG departure London Heathrow
  207. London Heathrow Airport Takeoff Compilation A380 777 787 747 A340 and many more
  208. Pilatus Britten-Norman BN-2T Islander ASTOR G-DLRA landing at RAF Fairford
  209. 2 General Dynamics F-16AM Fighting Falcon Belgian Air Component landing
  210. One year of aviation (2017)
  211. Airbus A400M Atlas C1 Royal Air Force RAF arrival at RAF Fairford
  212. Stunning overwing condensation Dassault Rafale C
  213. LAST BATCH - 3 F16's JordanianAF, Departure –Volkel [VIDEO]
  214. F-16AM Fighting Falcon Belgian Air Component touch and go + landing at RAF Fairford
  215. Plane Spotting at Brussels Airport | Winter 2016 | Includes some rare planes!
  216. Lockheed Martin MC-130J Hercules USAF arrival at RAF Fairford
  217. Gates Learjet C-21A USAF arrival at RAF Fairford RIAT 2017
  218. F-16D Fighting Falcon USAF Thunderbirds Takeoff at RAF Fairford
  219. USAF Thunderbirds flying Display RIAT 2017 incl. ATC
  220. Beech C90A King Air | N925WW | Landing and Taxi at Antwerp Airport/Antwerpen Luchthav
  221. Crazy Landing !! Lockheed C-130H-30 Hercules RNLAF arrvial at RAF Fairford
  222. Etihad Airways Boeing 777-3FX/ER A6-ETO arrival at Munich Airport
  223. AirBridgeCargo Boeing 747-867F/SCD VQ-BVR arrival at Munich Airport
  224. Boeing P-8A Poseidon 737-8FV US NAVY arrival at RAF Fairford
  225. 20+ min | Plane Spotting at Luxembourg Findel | Amazing Traffic!
  226. Westland WS-61 Sea King Mk41 German NAVY arrival RAF Fairford
  227. Air Berlin Etihad Airways Livery Airbus A320-214 arrival at Salzburg Airport
  228. Eurocopter AS-350B-3 Ecureuil Flying Bulls OE-XTV departure, arrival Salzburg Airport
  229. KDC-10 Netherlands AF, T-264, at Eindhoven [VIDEO]
  230. ARRIVAL Bombardier Challenger; PH-HWM, JetNetherlands Eindhoven [VIDEO]
  231. RIAT Wednesday arrivals at RAF Fairford 2017 U-2 C-130 B-1B KC-135 and many more
  232. Emirates Vortex Landing | Boeing 777-31H(ER) | A6-EQI | Brussels Airport 25L
  233. Beautiful Final Approach Germanwings Airbus A319-132 at Salzburg Airport
  234. Bell 427 from Heliteam Süd D-HANA arrival at Salzburg Airport
  235. Air Berlin Niki Airbus A321-211 OE-LNZ arrival Salzurg Airport
  236. RIAT Thursday arrivals at RAF Fairford 2017
  237. Brussels Airlines | Tomorrowland, Tintin, Trident & Magritte | Overhead finals into B
  238. NEW AIRBUS A330/MRTT034, EC332, Departure Eindhoven [VIDEO]
  239. Impressive Cloudburstparty KLKM B747 @ KL31
  240. Plane Spotting at Antwerp | vliegtuigspotten op de luchthaven van Antwerpen | Amazing
  241. Bumpy Crosswind Landing B748F Cargolux
  242. F-22 Raptor open weapons bay flypast USAF incl. Radio ATC
  243. Lockheed U-2 S Spy Plane USAF arrival at RAF Fairford
  244. Boeing B-52H Stratofortress USAF arrival at RAF Fairford
  245. Rockwell B-1B Lancer USAF arrival at RAF Fairford
  246. Chinook CH-47 Roll and flying backwards
  247. Tunisair | TS-IMO | Airbus A319-114 | landing at Brussels Airport 25L
  248. Lufthansa NEW Livery Boeing 747-8 D-ABYA arrival at Munich Airport
  249. Boeing C-17A Globemaster III USAF departure at RAF Fairford
  250. Lufthansa NEW Livery Airbus A321-231 D-AISP departure Munich Airport