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  1. Delta A330-200 take off
  2. Advanced Legend F16 Block 52+ Fighting Falcon "IRON FIST"
  3. Delta 747 take off, dtw
  4. Dual 2-Seater "Family" F16 Frisian Flag 2016
  5. KLM B747 Cpt Bas van Leeuwen @ KL685
  6. Delta 763 landing, DTW
  7. Cloudburst party @ Schiphol Airport
  8. Giro d'Italia Bell 206L-1 LongRanger PH-HHK - Teuge
  9. Delta E175 take off, dtw
  10. A350-900 Singapore Airlines departing at EHAM
  11. DHAC Piper Super Cub Nice oldtimer PH-TOM Teuge
  12. BlackShape, Grumman Tiger, Breezer, Partenavia, Dakota TEUGE
  13. Texas Rangers 767-200 take off, Dtw
  14. Fighter pilots [email protected] Aerodrome & Blackpool Airport
  15. Smoking Antonov! Ukraine Air Alliance An-12 UR-CZZ [email protected] Aerodrome
  16. 8x USAF ANG High-wing F15 Eagle Takeoff
  17. Last years good old F-16, replacement F-35A Lightning II
  18. Brand new fighter jet Touch 'n' Go and parachute assisted landing
  19. 4x RAF Tornado GR4 Full AFTERBURNER
  20. Runway 27 @ Crosswindlangs
  21. Smoking Jet Tires - Let's Burn Some Rubber!
  22. Duo F-16 Afterburner Take Off Belgian AF
  23. 2x Dutch F35 Lightning II 5th Generation first time Europe Netherlands!
  24. 2x Duo-seater RNLAF F16 support for Dutch F35A - EHLW
  25. First Take Off Dutch F35A at Leeuwarden Airbase
  26. Dutch F35 vs F16 Low Approach - Leeuwarden Air Base
  27. Dutch F-35 Lightning II vs F-16 Viper Pulling some G's
  28. Red Arrows, First visit to Blackpool 2016 @ Blackpool Promenade 21/4/2016
  29. Low Approach Low Pass F-35 [Testflight]
  30. 4x F16 Full Throttle Afterburner TakeOff
  31. NICE Takeoff 5x F16 RNLAF at Leeuwarden [31-5-2016]
  32. Dutch F35 Backtrack & Takeoff F-002 Leeuwarden [1-6-2016 VIDEO]
  33. F16 Line Up and Wait - Go Back - Touch and Go [VIDEO]
  34. 2x Dutch F35 Duo Backtrack + Duo Take Off [VIDEO]
  35. RNLAF KDC-10 T-264 Press Flight Dutch F-35A Leeuwarden
  36. Take Off Saab 91D Safir PH-RLD + Scheibe SF 25E PH-676 TEUGE
  37. [HD] RISING
  38. Skywest Crj200 emergency landing, Dtw
  39. Short Final F35 Lightning II F16 Go-around [VIDEO]
  40. 5x F16 Low Approach High Key Touch and Go [VIDEO]
  41. Bush flying in Lancashire! - Short field/STOL Action-N208AJ-Cessna 208B Grand Caravan
  42. Frecce Tricolori Special White Smoke Demo 2016 [VIDEO]
  43. Patrouille Suisse Moments Before Mid-Air Collision Crash 2016 [VIDEO]
  44. FLYBY F-35A Martinair MD-11 Spitfire 2x F-16 + KLM A330-200 [VIDEO]
  45. AIRPOWER F-35 Lightning II goes Transonic - Luchtmachtdagen 2016 [VIDEO]
  46. Over 2 Hours inflight - Eurowings flight from Cologne to Lissabon
  47. Aborted Landing and Go Around at Lisbon with an Boeing 737-800
  48. The sound of wake Vortex
  49. Nice Low Pass RNLAF C-130 Hercules [VIDEO]
  50. Turkish Stars Demo 2016 - Türk Yıldızları [VIDEO]
  51. 'Orange Pride' @ KLM - PH-BVA
  52. VIP USAF C-20 Gulfstream Landing & Departure [VIDEO]
  53. Frankfurt Airport Action - Music Video
  54. 12x Full AFTERBURNER Take Off F16 + F35 AIRPOWER 2016 [VIDEO]
  55. LEGENDARY Spitfire Formation RAF BBMF and KLuHV [VIDEO]
  56. Runway 27 at Short Final
  57. HIGH SHOW Saab JAS39 Gripen Czech Air Force [VIDEO]
  58. RAF RED ARROWS Fly like a BOSS [VIDEO]
  59. BLACK CATS Royal NAVY Helicopter Display Team 2016 [VIDEO]
  60. SLOVAK MIG-29 Fulcrum TIGER Unleashed [VIDEO]
  61. Autorotation EC120B Colibri Descending Maneuver EHLE [VIDEO]
  62. 2x Supermarine Spitfire Mk.I Flying Legends EHLE [VIDEO]
  63. NICE AMERICAN Eurocopter AS350B3 Lelystad N161UG [VIDEO]
  64. IMPRESSIVE F-16 Solo Display Team Belgian AF [VIDEO]
  67. 3x SPITFIRE Reaching For The Sky LELYSTAD [VIDEO]
  68. FUNNY Registration D-ILDO Piper PA-42 Cheyenne 400 [VIDEO]
  69. Hispano HA-1112-M1L Buchon G-AWHK Dunkirk Lelystad
  70. A new great spot at Amsterdam Airport - Roof of Parking P3
  71. Martinair Cargo MD11 @ Last Departure 'EVER'
  72. LOUD TAKE-OFF 4x Tornado Italian A.F. at Norvenich [VIDEO]
  73. FULL POWER AFTERBURNER Departure F35 at Volkel [VIDEO]
  74. A Busy Day at Frankfurt Airport
  75. 10x EUROFIGHTER Typhoon Full Speed TAKE OFF
  76. US C-40 take off, Dtw
  77. 4x RAF Tornado GR4 Low level Overhead Landing
  78. First Kalitta 767 landing
  79. 7x F16 Minimum Interval Full Afterburner Takeoff [VIDEO]
  80. 6x Mirage 2000 Low level Overhead Landing
  81. 10x F18 Hornet FiAF Take Off + Low Level Landing [VIDEO]
  82. Go Around! F16 High Key landing J-065 Leeuwarden [VIDEO]
  83. 10x F16 take-off for 'BELGIAN NATIONAL DAY' Flypast [VIDEO]
  84. ATLAS DEMO-FLIGHT - Belgian Air Force Days 2016 Florennes [VIDEO]
  85. Lufthansa wing condensation take off
  86. Wet inlet Delta 747 departure
  87. Afterburner Thursday! 4x F-16 Leeuwarden Air Base [VIDEO]
  88. First job as an Airline Pilot
  89. TYPHOONS Italian AF + 4x F16 Neth.AF at Volkel [VIDEO]
  91. F-18's SPANISH AIR FORCE arrivals at Kleine Brogel [VIDEO]
  92. LOW-PASSES Boeing B-1 USAF at Kleine-Brogel [VIDEO]
  93. PURE JET NOISE 4x RAF Tornado vs 4x Mirage 2000
  94. Saab J-29 Tunnan High Speed Pass Sanicole Airshow 2016
  95. Special F16 Tiger Formation Display Sanicole Airshow 2016
  96. LOUD F18 Hornet Special TIGER Paint Sanicole Airshow 2016
  97. Whistling Turtle FOUGA Magister Sanicole Airshow 2016
  98. The MIGHTY F-15E STRIKE EAGLE at Volkel [VIDEO]
  99. F16 High Speed LOW Pass Leeuwarden Air Base [VIDEO]
  100. Thunderstorm Plane Spotting at Fort Lauderdale International Airport
  101. Saab 35 DRAKEN Spitting FIRE Sanicole Airshow 2016 [VIDEO]
  102. IMPRESSIVE Departure 4x F-15E STRIKE EAGLE at Volkel [VIDEO]
  103. Singapore Airlines SIA327 with ATC
  104. Qatar Cargo contrailspotting
  105. Air India contrailspotting
  106. ONLY Airworthy P-38 Lightning in EUROPE
  107. Philly Eagles take off, DTW (AA 332)
  108. Contrailspotting over Hungary
  109. 7x F16 LOW Approach PASS Leeuwarden Air Base [VIDEO]
  110. NICE Close VIEW 4x F16 ILS Landing EHLW 14-10-2016
  111. SFO Heli Spotting
  112. Volkel EXCERSIZE COLD IGLO; F16's +Tornado's +F15’s [VIDEO]
  113. SAAB Formation Viggen Draken, Tunnan, SK 60 and Gripen [VIDEO]
  114. Wet @ Runway 36L
  115. F16's NETHERLANDS AF Departure at Volkel [VIDEO]
  116. Wet Delta 747 departure from DTW
  117. Air Rescue! - Bell Helicopter 412
  118. Delta A332 landing, DTW
  119. F16 FULL Afterburner DEMO
  120. A380 Emirates spotting
  121. F16 Full AFTERBURNER Leeuwarden
  122. LAST ARRIVAL Transall, 50-95; German AF at Eindhoven [VIDEO]
  123. Alaska Sunset take off
  124. Frontier A321 take off
  125. CZAF Saab JAS39 Gripen FAST Solo Display
  126. Ameristar 737-200 landing, YIP
  127. Bombardier CRJ 900LR (Lufthansa CityLine) spotting with ATC
  128. 6x USAF F-15 Eagle LOW LEVEL
  129. Market Garden 2016; Morning departures, C130's, Transall, -Eindhoven Airport [VIDEO]
  130. Kalitta 727 departure
  131. Delta 777 take off
  132. EUROFIGHTER twin-engine JET POWER [VIDEO]
  133. Spirit A320 Neo departure
  134. Empire of Airline pilots
  135. A310 dusk landing in Boston
  136. Etihad Airways Airbus A340-642 A6-EHE arrival at Munich Airport
  137. Iberia Airbus A319-111 EC-LEI departure at Munich Airport
  138. Swiss Air Lines BAE Avro 146-RJ100 HB-IYR arrival at Munich Airport
  139. Overwing Vortex Mahan Air Airbus A340-642 Flight W5102 arrival at Muinch from Tehran
  140. BMI Regional Embraer ERJ-135LR G-RJXK arrival at Munich Airport
  141. Air Dolomiti Embraer 195LR I-ADJR arrival at Munich Airport
  142. Lufthansa Airbus A320-214SL D-AIUY arrival at Munich Airport
  143. Condor Thomas Cook Special Take-off and landings at Munich Airport
  144. TUIfly Special Take-off and Landings at Munich Airport
  145. F-16C Block 52+ Fighting Falcon Polish Air Force flying Display
  146. Eurofighter Typhoon Spanish Air Force flying Display
  147. Lockheed Martin F-16C Fighting Falcon Hellenic Air Force Zeus Demo Team
  148. Fully Loaded Eurofighter Typhoon FGR4 from BAE Systems flying Display
  149. Navigation PASS A400 German AF at Eindhoven [VIDEO]
  150. MiG-29A Polish Air Force flying Display
  151. Lockheed Martin F-22A Raptor US Air Force Demo Team flying Display
  152. Etihad 787-9 Dreamliner @ Manchester
  153. Heritage Flypast F-22 Raptor and F-35 from the USAF
  154. Red Arrows F-35 and Eurofighter Special Flypast
  155. Ramex Delta Dassault Mirage 2000N French Air Force flying Display
  156. Sprayblasting PH-BFW @ KLM B747
  157. F-35B Lightning II US Marine Corps flying Display
  158. Solo Turk F-16C Fighting Falcon Turkish Air Force flying Display
  159. Boeing E-6B Mercury Boeing 707-300 US NAVY Takeoff
  160. Airbus A400M Atlas flying Display
  161. Eurofighter Typhoon S Italian Air Force flying Display
  162. 3 McDonnell Douglas F-15C Eagle F-15E Strike Eagle USAF arrival at RAF Fairford
  163. Alaska "honor" 737-900 take off
  164. Bell-Boeing CV-22B Osprey US Air Force flying Display
  165. Final Farewell and last landing of a Dutch AF pilot at Volkel [VIDEO]
  166. Dassault Rafale C French Air Force flying Display
  167. Boeing E-3A Sentry AWACS Boeing 707-300 takeoff
  168. C-160D Transall German Air Force Takeoff Vortex
  169. Eurofighter Typhoon FGR4 Royal Air Force flying Display
  170. Boeing F/A-18F Super Hornet US NAVY flying Display
  171. Lockheed Martin F-35A Lightning II from the US Air Force departure at RAF Fairford
  172. Crazy Crosswind Landing Dassault Mirage 2000N
  173. Kuwait Airways Airbus A340-313 Takeoff at Munich Airport
  174. Bell-Boeing CV-22B Osprey USAF flying Display
  175. *New* Singapore Airlines A350-900 at Manchester (VIDEO)
  176. Corning Inc. DO328 take off
  177. High G-Force Tide Turn Eurofighter Typhoon Spanish AF
  178. Vertical Landing F-35B Lightning II US Marine Corps
  179. Red Arrows Crossing´s and Split´s
  180. Lockheed Martin F-22A Raptor USAF Vertical Takeoff
  181. F-35B Lightning II & KC-130 from the USMC Refueling flypast
  182. Alaska "more to love" 739 take off, DTW
  183. Lockheed Martin F-35B Lightning II USMC Hovering
  184. Ilyushin Il-96-300 Russia State RA-96019 departure at Munich Airport
  185. Boeing C-17A Globemaster III US Air Force 04-4132 arrival at Munich Airport
  186. Lufthansa Airbus A350-941 D-AIXA departure at Munich Airport
  187. NH-90 TTH Belgian Air Component approach Kleine Brogel Airbase
  188. On-board Takeoff Boeing 737-800 out of MIA with ATC
  189. Lockheed Super Constellation & Patrouille Suisse flypast
  190. Westland WS-61 Sea King Mk48 and NHI NH-90 NFH Belgian Air Component flying together
  191. C130, 16806, Bisontes, Esq501; Portuguese AF, ARRIVAL [VIDEO]
  192. Qatar Amiri Flight Boeing 747-8KB/BBJ A7-HBJ Takeoff EDDM
  193. Boeing C-32A 757-200 United States of America Takeoff
  194. Awesome wingvortex @ Cathay Pacific B777-300
  195. [SkyTeam] TAROM [YR-BGF] Boeing 737-78J(WL) landing at Brussels Airport 25L
  196. Emirates Airbus A380-861 A6-EDU departure at Munich Airport
  197. Challenger 604 Nomad Aviation 9H-JGR Takeoff Munich Airport
  198. 4 F-16 Thunder Tigers Belgian Air Component flying Display
  199. KCLT Time Lapse
  200. McDonnell Douglas F/A-18C Hornet Swiss AF flying Display
  201. Orbest Airbus A330-343 CS-TRH departure at Munich Airport
  202. Windshear landing Condor Boeing 767-3Q8/ER D-ABUO at Munich Airport
  203. Etihad Airways Airbus A340-642 A6-EHL departure at Munich Airport
  204. Red Arrows Champagne Split
  205. AF1 take off, Dtw
  206. ANA Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner JA872A landing at Munich Airport
  207. Lockheed L-1049F Super Constellation flying Display
  208. TYPHOONS, German AF, Take-Off at Novenich [VIDEO]
  209. Saudi Aramco Aviation Boeing 767-2AX/ER N767A departure at Munich Airport
  210. [OVERHEAD landing] Iberia [EC-HGR] Airbus A319-111 on final approach towards Brussels
  211. Crosswind Landings 10min Landing Action Storm Doris at Munich Airport
  212. Plane Spotting at Fort Lauderdale Airport on both runways with ATC!
  213. TORNADO's Italian AF, Take-Off at Norvenich [VIDEO]
  214. Qatar Airways Airbus A350-941 A7-ALF Takeoff at Munich Airport
  215. Commonwealth CA 12 Boomerang WWII Australia Fighter flying Display
  216. Aeroflot Airbus A321-211 VP-BTL Manchester United logojet departure at Munich Airport
  217. Lufthansa Airbus A340-642 D-AIHT Flight LH452 MUC-LAX departure at Munich Airport
  218. Lufthansa A330 departure, DTW
  219. Lockheed L-1049F Super Constellation Engine startup
  220. Emirates Airbus A380-861 A6-EOK departure at Munich Airport
  221. Consolidated PBY-5A Catalina flying Display
  222. Lufthansa Airbus A340-642 D-AIHV departure at Munich Airport
  223. Rossiya Russian Airlines Airbus A319-100 VP-BNB departure at Munich Airport
  224. North American Rockwell OV-10B Bronco arrival at Kleine Brogel Airbase
  225. (25+ min) Plane Spotting at Ostend-Bruges International Airport
  226. Etihad Airways Airbus A340-642 A6-EHE arrival at Munich Airport
  227. Boeing C-32A 757-200 United States of America departure at Munich Airport
  228. Westland WS-61 Sea King Mk48 Belgian Air Component SAR Display
  229. Delta A321 take off, DTW
  230. Lufthansa Airbus A-320 Crosswind Landing at Munich Airport
  231. Thomas Cook Airlines Belgium [OO-TCT] Airbus A320-212 landing at Brussels Airport 25L
  233. Lufthansa Airbus A350-941 D-AIXA departure at Munich Airport
  234. Altitude - from the deck of a Beech 1900D
  235. Cityjet [EI-FWB,EI-FWC] Sukhoi Superjet 100-95B landing and taxi at Brussels Airport
  236. Crosswind Landing BMI Regional Embraer ERJ-145EU G-EMBJ at Munich Airport
  237. Douglas C-47A Dakota 3 BBMF Flying Display
  238. Singapore Airlines Boeing 777-312/ER 9V-SWP departure at Munich Airport
  239. Panda 892 @ Wu Wen & Xing Ya arriving in Holland
  240. North American T-28B Trojan flying Display
  241. [NEW] Cobalt Air [5B-DCZ] Airbus A320-214 landing and taxi at Brussels Airport
  242. Condor Boeing 767-330/ER D-ABUB departure at Munich Airport
  243. Thai Airways Boeing 747-4D7 HS-TGY departure at Munich Airport
  244. Lufthansa Airbus A340-642 D-AIHB LH460 MUC-MIA departure at Munich Airport
  245. 2 Sukhoi SU-22 Fitter from the Polish Air Force flying Display at Sanicole AirShow
  246. Emirates Skycargo [A6-EFO] Boeing 777-F1H landing at Brussels Airport 25L
  247. Austrian Airlines Star Alliance Livery Airbus A320-214 OE-LBZ Landing and Takeoff
  248. A310 MRTT EART 2017, Luftwaffe, FLY-BY+ARR.-Eindhoven [VIDEO]
  249. Emirates pilot forgets to retract landing gears during Take-Off at Brussels Airport
  250. Helicopter crossing Westland WS-61 Sea King Mk48 and NHI NH-90 NFH Belgian Air Force