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  1. Air Canada A319 @ Heathrow
  2. F/A-18 Cockpit Minicam
  3. Best Viewing Spot (in the world)
  4. 787 vs. A380: Top Gun Spoof
  5. Inside Trumps 757
  6. Beautiful South African A330-200
  7. Hawaiian Airlines Hula Flash Mob
  8. First Visit - Emirates Airbus A380 In Boston
  9. [HD]Video Volkel The Netherlands; Tornado +F16 +Havard +Beaver +
  10. I love the Qantas Roo! Do you?
  11. Diversion Heavies W/ATC @ Logan
  12. nigerian c130 chased from france to cambridge uk !
  13. World Traffic Over 24hrs
  14. A summer evening at Geneseo - feat. Never Miss
  15. Emirates A380 - Beautiful Take Off
  16. Etihad Manchester City Football Club Livery
  17. Sydney, Australia. HD video with some ATC
  18. CorsairFly 747 Crosswind Landing at St. Maarten
  19. Emirates 777-200 take off Manchester Airport
  20. Windy Wellington, New Zealand
  21. [HD]Video: Leeuwarden Open House: BATCH 1: C17 + F4 + Mig29 +Hunter
  22. Iberia A340 Departing Boston Logan Airport At Dusk
  23. Singapore Airlines A380 'Sunrise' Landing @ Heathrow
  24. Delta (NWA) DC9-51 Departing KMKE
  25. Great Wall Cargo B747-400F Take off 23L Manchester Airport HD
  26. Saudi Arabian Boeing 747SP At Boston Logan Airport - Interesting Window Treatments
  27. US Airways Diversion from Heathrow and Virgin A330 Take off
  28. Qantas Airways A380 'Sunrise' Landing @ Heathrow
  29. British Airways, To Fly, To Serve Videos
  30. British Airways B747 'Sunrise' Landing @ Heathrow
  31. A fun video about Aer Lingus
  32. American 767-300 Take off MAN
  33. Emirates A380 (Rugby World Cup Livery) at Manchester A6-EDN
  34. Crosswind Landings at Zurich Filmed on Super 8, Circa 1982
  35. Landing at Lukla, Nepal
  36. Etihad Airways A340-600 Landing @ LHR
  37. Double 747's at Manchester HD
  38. A380 (among others) landing in crosswinds at Auckland International Airport
  39. American 777-200ER Landing @ Heathrow
  40. EasyJet's 200th Airbus (Special orange scheme)
  41. The A380 in Prague & Budapest this past weekend
  42. Anyone care to comment on WheelTug?
  43. SKYTEAM China Eastern Airbus A340-600 Departure
  44. 2x Air Canada 777-300ER's @ Heathrow
  45. Singapore Airlines Airbus A380-841 [9V-SKA] CLOSE UP Takeoff
  46. PIA 777-240er Late landing
  47. INAUGURAL Korean Air Airbus A380-861 [HL7611] Flight to Los Angeles
  48. Armadillo Aerospace Reusable Rocket: Lands Vertically!
  49. EK A380 @ Heathrow (Gloriously Sunny Day)
  50. Ground Action in Boston
  51. No Frills Airlines.
  52. BIRDSTRIKE?? Cathay 747-400 MAN
  53. 787 Air 2 Air
  55. [HD]Video: Kleine Brogel; Eurofighter Typhoon Italian AF + F16 Belgian AF
  56. Incoming from Bangkok
  57. INAUGURAL Korean Air Airbus A380-861 [HL7611] Takeoff To Incheon
  58. John Travolta's 1964 Boeing 707-138B [N707JT] Takeoff From Los Angeles
  59. JFK 10/16/11
  60. (Video) Aviation Art: Sky's the Limit, & More!
  61. GE90 Powered British Airways 777-200ER (G-VIIL)
  62. Go arounds and Crosswind's at MAN HD
  63. McDonnell Douglas Tribute Video
  64. Winnipeg Jets Intro Video
  65. EVA Airways Boeing 777-300ER Tribute Video
  66. Iran Air 727 landing in Tehran without nose gear
  67. [HD]video; Eindhoven 24-10-11; Il76 + C17 +KDC10 +B737 +
  68. Singapore Airlines Airbus A380-841 [9V-SKI] CLOSE UP Landing
  69. Battlefield Walkthrough - Mile High Club - Wow!!
  70. Missing the Pacific Wave
  71. First-ever Lufthansa Airbus A380 Visit To Boston
  72. Building Florida One
  74. FIFI's Flight to Oshkosh
  75. Manchester Terminal 2 Operation 747,A330,A321
  76. My 1:400 Scale Model Collection (Complete as of October 2011).
  77. JFK Airport!! (FSX)
  78. Smoke Squadron Plane Almost Eats It...
  79. 2011 Bayport Aerodrome Fly-In August 20th
  80. Aerosoft Official Wilga X Video!
  81. Polar Air Cargo 744F Hard Landing [Video]
  82. LOT 767 Belly Landing Onboard View
  83. Lufthansa Cargo MD11F '100 years air cargo' livery, Take Off Manchester
  84. Hovering A330
  85. US Airways 767-200ER @ Heathrow
  86. Delta Airlines: B757, B767, A330 @ Logan
  87. Dreamliner arrives in Auckland, New Zealand
  88. Air New Zealand Airbus A320-232 [ZK-OJR] 'Crazy About Rugby'
  89. Air New Zealand Boeing 777-319ER [ZK-OKO] Takeoff From Los Angeles
  90. Boeing 787: Awesome Wing Wave!
  91. Virgin A330 & Emirates A380 Take off's
  92. My trip to Tennessee
  93. Qantas A380 Landing in Los Angeles
  94. Kenyan airways 777-2U8ER diversion manchester, take off
  95. B-29 Takeoff
  96. Making of Bombardier Q400
  97. Lufthansa 747-8I Model (Phoenix)
  98. Cathay Pacific Airways Cargo Boeing 747-467F/SCD [B-HUO] Landing in Los Angeles
  99. C-130 Display at Paris Air Show
  100. Lufthansa Windy Calgary Landing
  101. JFK Runway 13R takeoff on an A319
  102. Fall Colors from the Air...
  103. EVA Airways Boeing 777-300ER Landing in Los Angeles
  104. VSXY
  105. Lockheed L-1329 JetStar II [N77C] Taxi
  106. CLOSE UP Landing of KLM Boeing 747-400 in Los Angeles.... WOW!
  107. Early morning shots of NYC at Dawn
  108. FedEx Panda Express Decals
  109. SIA 77W - Music to the Ears!
  110. Lockheed C-130 Hercules Takeoff From LAX
  111. Emirates Boeing 777-200LR Taking Off From LAX
  112. TAP Air Portugal A319 @ EGCC
  113. Korean Airlines Airbus A380-861 [HL7611] Takeoff
  114. China Eastern Airlines "Better City, Better Life" Airbus A340-642 [B-6055] Takeoff
  115. Great Youtube Channel
  116. China Airlines Cargo 747-400F (Great Engine Sounds)
  117. Awesome Go Arounds
  118. Lufthansa Cargo McDonnell Douglas MD-11F [D-ALCD] Engine Start
  119. Incredible Flight Through New York City
  120. United Airlines 777 (UA/CO Livery) Landing on 27L at Heathrow
  121. Singapore Airlines Boeing 777-300ER Takeoff
  122. Singapore Airlines Boeing 747-412 [9V-SPO] HEAD ON Takeoff
  123. Saudi Arabian B777-200 @ Boston!
  124. Turkish Airlines " FC Barcelona Livery" Boeing 777-3F2(ER) [TC-JJI] Landing
  125. Korean Airlines Airbus A380-861 [HL7611] HEAD ON Takeoff
  126. Lufthansa Airlines '50th Anniversary' Boeing 747-430 [D-ABVH] Takeoff
  127. A Few LAX Spotting Videos
  128. Extinction Looms! BMI A330
  129. Marine One Landing in Los Angeles
  130. Qantas Airways Airbus A380-800 [VH-OQA] Engine Run
  131. View the Vortices
  132. Cathay Pacific Boeing 747-867F [B-LJF] CROSSWIND Takeoff
  133. Cargolux Airlines International Boeing 747-8R7F [LX-VCB] Landing in Los Angeles
  134. Spanish Flag Carrier: Iberia A321 @ LHR
  135. HATR
  136. Fantastic flight Over Newark Liberty International to Freedom Towers and beyond...
  137. Virgin Atlantic Airbus A340-600 Landing in Los Angeles
  138. LAN Airlines Boeing 767-300ER 'ONE WORLD LIVERY' Takeoff From Los Angeles
  140. 3yr old first ride in dady's P-51 "Glamorous Gal"
  141. China Airlines 'SKYTEAM Livery' Boeing 747-409 [B-18206] Takeoff
  142. Turkish Airlines A330-200 @ Heathrow
  143. Manchester T2 ops, De-icing & Take off's!
  144. RARE VIDEO - Sands Casino and Resorts Boeing 747SP-31 [VP-BLK] Takeoff to Macau
  145. Cargolux Airlines Boeing 747-4B5BCF [LX-ACV] CLOSE UP Landing in Los Angeles
  146. KLM Royal Dutch Airlines Boeing 747-406M [PH-BFV] CLOSE UP Takeoff
  147. Cockpit View Landing 767 At Schiphol
  148. A ride on B-17 "Yankee Lady"
  149. Cool Flight Around Freedom Tower
  150. Crosswind Landings during a storm at Düsseldorf
  151. Honolulu International Airport
  152. 'All Black' 777-300 arrives in AKL for the first time
  153. Emirates A380: Crosswind Landing (Manchester Airport, UK).
  154. Turkish Airlines Boeing 777-3F2(ER) [TC-JJK] CLOSE UP Landing
  155. Emirates A380 Take Off: Bathed in Eerie Winter Afternoon Light
  156. Virgin Atlantic Airways Airbus A340-642 [G-VWEB] Sunset Landing
  157. Pilot takes three landing attempts in windy Wellington, New Zealand.
  158. US Airways A330-300 Wet/Crosswind Take Off (MAN/EGCC)
  159. A320 action from the flight deck
  160. F-18 Ride Along
  161. Hitler Reacts to Microsoft Flight
  162. Saudi Arabian Airlines Boeing 747SP-68 [HZ-AIF] Takeoff
  163. Air New Zealand 'All Blacks' Boeing 777-319(ER) [ZK-OKQ] CLOSE UP Taxi
  164. Wet Wet Wet Take Off: First Choice A321
  165. US Cities Detroit X & Bronco X
  166. Air Force Two Departure From Los Angeles
  167. threeholers only!
  168. Spotting At Miami - 13 Minutes Of Cool Planes!
  169. DVR Alert: "The Horsemen Cometh" - Video of the Horsemen P-51 Aerobatic Team
  170. Malaysia Airlines Boeing 777-2H6(ER) [9M-MRE] Landing in Los Angeles
  171. USAF Lockheed C-5B Galaxy "Stewart AFB" [90023] Takeoff
  172. USAF 'Air Force One' Boeing 747-2G4B [92-8000] Landing
  173. Boeing 787 Dreamliner Departing Rockford (KRFD)
  174. PIA Boeing 777-240LR 'Crosswind Landing' MAN/EGCC (UK)
  175. New great videos!
  176. Red Flag IMAX Movie
  177. PIA Boeing 777-240LR 'Take Off' (Incl. Engine Vortex)
  178. Military jet can you identify & a helicopter in England
  179. New Years Flight over Germany
  180. easyJet A319 'Crosswind Landing' MAN/EGCC (UK)
  182. Crane Drops A-4 Fighter
  183. [HD-Video] Sky Symphony
  184. Astonishing Flight Around Freedom Tower
  185. [HD]Video Eindhoven 31-01-12; AlfaJet BAF +Citation Swiss AF
  186. Classic LAX action JAN 89
  187. Lufthansa Airbus A340-642X [D-AIHW] Landing in Los Angeles
  188. Giants United 767 gets a water cannon salute
  189. Singapore Airlines Airbus A380-841 [9V-SKI] Takeoff to Narita
  190. Aerial Crabbing Over Central Park
  191. Finnair E170 Crosswind Take Off
  192. Full[HD]Video Eindhoven 8-2-12: Fa50 SwissAF +C160 GAF +
  193. United,Delta,American 777,757,767 @ LHR- Condensation
  194. BMI ERJ145 - Manchester - London Heathrow [Full Flight]
  195. Teterboro Parody - Hilarious
  196. Air New Zealand 'All Blacks' Boeing 777-319(ER) [ZK-OKQ] Takeoff
  197. The BEST spot for Chocolate Chip Pancakes!
  198. Early Morning Arrivals at London Heathrow Airport.
  199. The Airbus Family at Los Angeles International Airport
  200. ANZ1 Heathrow - Los Angeles Boeing 777-300ER [Full Flight Video]
  201. The Boeing Family at Los Angeles International Airport
  202. Bob Crandall Returns to American
  203. Cathay Pacific Cargo 'Hong Kong Trader' Boeing 747-867F [B-LJA] Takeoff with ATC
  204. Eject! Eject! A-6 Carrier Landing
  205. Airphil Express A320 Runway Overshoot
  206. A little overhead bin humor
  207. Americas First Jet Flight 1942
  208. Yemen Government Boeing 747SP-27 [7O-YMN] Landing with ATC
  209. Full[HD]Video Eindhoven 21-02-12 KDC10 +B767 +KingAir Sw.AF
  210. Outrageous Flight from Empire State Building to One World Trade Center
  211. Nice Crosswind Landing (Lufthansa A319)
  212. Youtube Channel Plane Spotting and bird spotting
  213. US Airways Shuttle 727 at LGA
  215. Heavy Jets
  216. World Record Paper Airplane Throw
  217. Qantas A380 CLOSE UP
  218. Air New Zealand 'All Blacks' Boeing 777-319(ER) [ZK-OKQ] Up Close and Personal
  219. 70 planes in 15 Minutes. Review of year 2011
  220. John Travolta's Private Boeing 707-138B [N707JT] Takeoff From Los Angeles
  221. Turkish Airlines A321: Crosswind Landing Made To Look Easy!!!
  222. Boeing 787-8 First Visit to Boston!
  223. Head on Pushback & Taxi with a BA 772 at LHR!
  224. TAP 103 LIS-EWR 3-4-2012
  225. 787 Visits Boston - From My Perspective
  226. Federal Express McDonnell Douglas DC-10 [N375FE] Takeoff
  227. Virgin Atlantic Airways Boeing 747-4Q8 [G-VFAB] CLOSE UP Taxi
  228. Full [HD]Video: Eindhoven 9-03-12; AN12 +DC10 +Gulfstream +C130
  229. Qantas Airways Airbus A380-842 [VH-OQE] CLOSE UP Landing
  230. Qantas Airways Airbus A380-842 [VH-OQA] HEAD ON Night Takeoff
  231. Air New Zealand 'All Blacks' Boeing 777-319(ER) [ZK-OKQ] CLOSE UP Takeoff with ATC
  232. First Virgin Atlantic A340-600 Receives NEW Livery [VIDEO & PICS]
  233. Copa jet hit by lightning, aka "Why the ramp should be closed during thunderstorms"
  234. Airbus Tests New A350's Rolls-Royce Trent XWB Engine on A380
  235. Hong Airlines Airbus A330-200 @ MAN/EGCC (LUCKY CATCH!!)
  236. [HD Video] One year in 5 minutes
  237. Huge Amounts Of Wing Condensation - VS Boeing 747 Foggy T/O
  238. Flying W Airport: March 17-18, 2012
  239. Volga Dnepr Airlines Antonov AN124-100 [RA-82045] Taxi and CLOSE UP Takeoff
  240. The Awesome Airbus A380
  241. Video of AH-64 Apache Crash
  242. Southwest airlines taking off from Pbia Florida:
  243. [HD] Ilyushin IL-76TD with old engines, amazing sound ! (Silk Way)
  244. Rare Visit from Etihad 777-300 at Manchester - Slow Taxi - FULL HD
  245. FBI Agents in Casino Demonstrate the Importance of Fuel Management
  246. F/A-18 Carrier Ops in HD (Wowzers)
  247. Crossing Newark Liberty International at 1500 feet
  248. Breathtaking View of Freedom Tower
  249. Videos from Ricardo Ferreira
  250. Video: Mortars Almost Take Out 727 in Kirkuk, Iraq