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  1. BAC 167 Strikemaster Mk80A G-SOAF departure at RAF Fairford
  2. Luxair ENTIRE Fleet | Landing & Take-off | Luxembourg Findel Airport
  3. Boeing E-4B 747-200B USAF arrival at Munich Airport
  4. Ilyushin Il-96-300 Russia State arrival at Munich Airport
  5. 2 Sukhoi SU-27 Flanker Ukraine AirForce departure at RAF Fairford
  6. Boeing 727-282 Burkina Faso XT-BFA arrival at Munich Airport
  7. Boeing C-17A Globemaster III USAF arrival at Munich Airport
  8. VLM Airlines | OO-VLQ | Fokker F50 | landing and Taxi at Antwerp Airport | Flyvlm
  9. Eurofighter Typhoon T German Air Force departure at RAF Fairford
  10. Lockheed Martin F-22 Raptor USAF departure at RAF Fairford
  11. Delivery Flight Airbus A350-941 D-AIXH Lufthansa arrival Munich Airport
  12. Qatar Amiri Flight Boeing 747-8KB BBJ A7-HHE arrival at Munich Airport
  13. AMAZING Plane Spotting at Brussels Airport | Egyptair A332 - Air Dolomiti E190 ...
  14. 45 min Munich Airport Plane Spotting A350 A340 A330 747 777 737…….
  15. Wet Runway arrival Qatar Amiri Flight Airbus A330-203 Munich Airport
  16. Fouga CM-170 Magister departure at RAF Fairford
  17. Boeing KC-135R Stratotanker USAF departure at RAF Fairford
  18. 3x ALFAJET French AF, arrivals at Eindhoven [VIDEO]
  19. Ilyushin Il-76MD Ukraine Air Force departure at RAF Fairford
  20. Boeing E-7A Wedgetail Australian AirForce departure RAF Fairford
  21. Eurosense |OO-ESA| Cessna 404 Titan II | Taxi and Take-Off at Antwerp Airport
  22. Lockheed C-130H Hercules Royal Jordanian AirForce departure RAF Fairford
  23. Wet Runway departure Emirates Boeing 777-31H/ER at Munich Airport
  24. First Landing & Water Salute Airbus A380 Lufthansa at Munich Airport
  25. Etihad Airways Boeing 777-3FX/ER Overwing Vortex arrival
  26. Plane Spotting at Munich Airport A340 A350 A330 and many more
  27. FedEx Boeing 757-2B7(SF) arrival at Munich Airport
  28. Gulfstream G-IV | N900RL | Pegasus Elite Aviation Landing and Taxi at Antwerp Airport
  29. Engine Vortex Airbus A350 Lufthansa departure Munich Airport
  30. Boeing C-17A Globemaster III USAF arrival at Munich Airport
  31. Lufthansa Airbus A340-642 departure at Munich Airport
  32. ANA Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner JA876A arrival Munich Airport
  33. [15+ min.] Plane Spotting at Luxembourg Airport Findel | Great Views with sunshine!
  34. Overwing Vortex Etihad Airways Airbus A380-861 arrival London Heathrow
  35. Antonov An-225 Mriya landing at Leipzig Airport LEJ UR-82060
  36. FOG at Brussels | Atlas Air Boeing 747-47UF emerging from the Clouds!
  37. London Heathrow arrivals 25min Action A380 A350 A340 A330 747 787 777 767
  38. Qatar Airways Airbus A350-1041 A7-ANA arrival at London Heathrow
  39. Qatar Airways Amiri Flight Boeing 747-8KB BBJ departure at Munich Airport
  40. FRISIAN FLAG 2018, Morning Departures ; Leeuwarden [VIDEO]
  41. [20+ min] Sunshine Plane Spotting at Brussels Airport!!
  42. New | Flybe service London Southend - Antwerp | Landing and Take-off at Antwerp Airpo
  43. Lockheed F-16CM Fighting Falcon USAF departure RAF Fairford
  44. TUI Airlines Belgium | Boeing 737-85P(WL) | Take-Off at Ostend-Bruges International A
  45. Sikorsky CH-53K King Stallion USMC flying Display ILA AirShow
  46. Eurocopter EC665 Tiger UHT flying Display German Army
  47. 20 + Minutes of Plane Spotting at Fort Lauderdale
  48. Air parade of the German Air Force A400M Transall CH-53 Eurofighter Tornado
  49. [15+min] Plane Spotting at Luxembourg Findel | The Big Cargo Hub
  50. EgyptAir Boeing 737-866 SU-GEN Special Livery
  51. Airbus A400M 2 Tornados Refuling Flypast German Air Force
  52. NEW Cathay Pacific | Airbus A350-941 Take-Off at Brussels Airport
  53. Lufthansa A350-941 New Livery D-AIXI landing at Munich Airport
  54. Stampe Fly In 2018 | Saturday Part 1 | Vintage Plane Spotting at Antwerp Airport!!
  55. Airbus A350 XWB Flying display ILA Berlin
  56. Quick Reaction Alert Mission 2 Eurofighter 1 Pilatus PC9 German AirForce
  57. Aerosmurf | Brussels Airlines Airbus A320-214 Take-Off at Brussels Airport | Belgian
  58. Stampe Fly In 2018 | Saturday Part 2 | More Vintage Plane Spotting at Antwerp Airport
  59. 2018 Summer Season Trailer | pitrixplanespotting | Aviation Music Video
  60. Nice Landing C17 GLOBEMASTER, NATO, 03, Eindhoven [VIDEO]
  61. MIRAGE 2000's, FRISIAN FLAG 2018, Afternoon Flight, Leeuwarden [VIDEO]
  62. TUI Airlines Belgium | Boeing 737-8 MAX Take-Off at Brussels Airport
  63. APROC; APACHE exercises, Netherlands AF, Gilze-Rijen [VIDEO]
  64. RARE Grumman E-550A, Italian AF, Eindhoven [VIDEO]
  65. Heavies Only | Plane Spotting at Luxembourg Findel Airport
  66. TUI Airlines Belgium | Embraer ERJ-190STD | Landing and Take-Off at Antwerp Airport
  67. Charter | AtlasGlobal | Airbus A321-211 | Landing & Take-Off at Brussels Airport
  68. Plane Spotting at Brussels Airport | 20 Minutes of Awesome Plane Spotting!
  69. DEPARTURE E-550 Gulfstream,14-12, Italian AF, APROC, Gilze-Rijen [VIDEO]
  70. APROC, Dassault 900 Falcon, French AF, 4/FFAFQ , at Gilze-Rijen [VIDEO]
  71. Trojan Horse on Final approach! | Turkish Airlines A321 | Landing & Take-Off at Bruss
  72. Ethiopian Cargo Heavy Arrival & Departure at Brussels Airport | Boeing 777-F6N
  73. Panavia Tornado A-200 Italian Air Force flying Display
  74. Crosswind Spectacle KLM B747's
  75. STOP-OVER CH-47/ UH-60,US Army 4th CAB, Eindhoven [VIDEO]
  76. Planes in Action at Antwerp Airport!! | 20 Minutes of Plane Spotting
  77. SunExpress Boeing 737-8HC(WL) Landing and Take-Off at Brussels Airport
  78. Saab JAS-39C Gripen Vapor Vortex Overwing Condensation
  79. European Council Movements at Brussels Airport | Awesome Government traffic: Macron,
  80. Urselavia 2018 | Antonov An-2 | Yakovlev 52 | Spitfire | Mustang | Pitts | Sea King a
  81. 6x CHINOOK Departure TOGETHER ; 4thCAB USArmy, Eindhoven [VIDEO]
  82. NICE DEPARTURES 4 F16's Netherlands AF, at Volkel [VIDEO]
  83. Year Of Zayed 2018 | Emirates Boeing 777-31H(ER) Landing and Take-off at Brussels Air
  84. Smoky and Old ANTONOV An-2 | multiple Landings and Take-Offs | Incredible views!
  85. TYPHOON Departures to Trapani, ItalianAF, at Volkel [VIDEO]
  86. Plane Spotting at Antwerp Airport | Nice Business and General Aviation Traffic!!
  87. [Rare] Royal Air Maroc Boeing 747-428 Evening Landing at Brussels Airport
  88. KC-390 Embraer flying Display at Farnborough AirShow 2018
  89. Aero L-39ZO Albatros, NX139LE, Volkel [VIDEO]
  90. ZWARTBERG FLY-INN; Impressions Open Day 08-07-2018 [VIDEO]
  91. Newest TUI Airlines Belgium Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner Landing and Take-Off at Brussels
  92. Airbus A330-941N NEO flying Display at FIA 2018 F-WTTE
  93. Airbus A220-300 flying Display FIA18 C-FFDO
  94. Emergency Landing Oil leaking and Engine Vibrations | 1948 Pilatus P2-05 | Urselavi
  95. Lockheed Martin LM-100J Hercules flying Display FIA18
  96. [20 min.] Overhead Plane Spotting at Brussels Airport | Beautiful Close-Up Summer fin
  97. Boeing 737-7 MAX flying Display Farnborough AirShow 2018
  98. Brussels Airlines Airbus A330-200/300 Taking-Off at Brussels Airport
  99. KLM | PH-BQC | Boeing 777-206(ER) Landing at the Polderbaan, Amsterdam Schiphol
  100. Holes in the sky
  101. Thai Airways Int. Airbus A350-941 Take-Off at Brussels Airport | Amazing views !
  102. Plane Spotting at Antwerp Airport Deurne | TUI E190, Flybe ATR72 and many more!
  103. North American Bronco Stunning Departure!! | Urselavia 2018
  104. Antonov AN-124-100 Ruslan Volga-Dnepr Airlines RA-82079 arrival Munich Airport
  105. Etihad Airways Airbus A330-243 Taking-Off at Brussels Airport | Great sunlight!
  106. FLY-IN Schaffen 2018, Oldtimer Fly-In [VIDEO]
  107. Surinam Airways Airbus A340-313 landing at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol | Nice Exotic
  108. Slovak Government Airbus A319-115(CJ) Landing at Brussels Airport | EU Summit
  109. 20+ min | Plane Spotting at Brussels Airport | Head-On Landings | Vliegtuigspotten in
  110. Antonov AN-12 Landing at Maastricht-Aachen Airport | The Sovjet Smoke Bomb
  111. FLY-IN Oostmalle-Zoersel 2018; [VIDEO]
  112. The Typhoons Flying display at Urselavia 2018 | 2x Pitts S-2 Special
  113. LATAM Cargo Colombia Boeing 767-3 landing at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport | Heavy Cargo
  114. Plane Spotting - Heavy Rain and Lightning Short Final at Fort Lauderdale
  115. Su27 FLANKERS, Ukrainian AF; ARRIVALS , Kleine Brogel [VIDEO]
  116. NATO | Boeing E-3A Sentry AWACS | Full Power departure at Geilenkrichen Airbase with
  117. Su27 Flanker, FULL DEMO , UkrainianAF, Kleine Brogel [VIDEO]
  118. Turkish Airlines Airbus A330-203 Take-off at Brussels Airport | Close-Up Action!
  119. [15+min] Plane Spotting at Antwerp Airport Deurne | Sunshine Action!! | Spotten in An
  120. VERY SPECIAL DEPARTURE, Su27 Flankers UkrainianAF, KB [VIDEO]
  121. Breitling Jet Team | Beautiful show at The Belgian Air Force Days | Kleine Brogel Air
  122. Old DHL Airbus A300B4-622R(F) Landing, Taxi and Take-Off at Brussels Airport
  123. Boeing E-3D Sentry AEW1 707-300 RAF arrival at RAF Fairford
  124. 747 @ EHAM
  125. Red Arrows flying Display RIAT 2018 incl.Radio
  126. Delta Airlines Airbus A330-323 Landing Action at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol! | Close-
  127. WALK ALONG THE FLIGHTLINE; Belg.AF.Days 2018, at KB [VIDEO]
  128. 2018 Winter Season Channel Trailer | pitrixplanespotting
  129. Frecce Tricolori flying Display RIAT 2018 incl.Radio
  131. [20+ min] Plane Spotting at Amsterdam Schiphol | A spotting paradise! | Vliegtuigspot
  132. Lockheed Martin F-35A Lightning II USAF flying Display
  133. Icelandair Boeing 757-208(WL) Landing and Take-Off at Brussels Airport | Beautiful li
  134. Dassault Rafale B French Air Force flying Display
  135. [Powerful Demo] Ukraine Air Force | Sukhoi Su-27P Flanker during the Belgian Air Forc
  137. Qatar Airways Cargo Boeing 777-FDZ Landing at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol | Heavy touc
  138. McDonnell Douglas CF-188A Hornet Canadian AirForce flying Display
  139. Northrop F-5E Tiger Swiss AirForce Shooting to ground Target Axalp 2018
  140. Couteau Delta Tactical Display Team French AirForce flying Display
  141. SAS Scandinavian Airlines Airbus A319-131 Take-Off at Brussels Airport
  142. Ex Air Berlin Boeing 737-8 still in Full Air Berlin livery 1 Year after ceasing opera
  143. One of the world's Smallest Jet Airlines: People's Viennaline | Taxiing at Zurich Air
  144. Airbus A340-313 Luftwaffe German AirForce landing Munich Airport
  145. Amazing Final Approach Dassault Rafale B French Air Force
  146. 2 Dassault Rafale M French NAVY departure at RAF Fairford
  147. Summer Plane Spotting at Brussels Airport | Morning Rush | Arrivals and Departures
  148. Bombardier Sentinel R1 Royal Air Force arrival at RAF Fairford
  149. Near Birdstrike on a Qatar Airways Boeing 777-300 at Brussels Airport
  151. TIGER, NH90, MERLIN, CHINOOK, MD902, arrivals, at KB [VIDEO]
  152. F18 HORNET, Spanish AF DEMO at KB [VIDEO]
  153. General Atomics MQ-9B Sky Guardian arrival RAF Fairford
  154. In Belgium, we speak diamond | Brussels Airlines Airbus A330-223 Taking-Off at Brusse
  155. Heavy Cargo Aircraft at Brussels Airport | Boeing 747F, 777F and Airbus A300F
  156. Beluga XL Airbus A330-743L arrival Bremen Airport
  157. TAP Air Portugal Airbus A321NEO | Taxi & Take-Off at Brussels Airport | Brand-New Air
  158. Transavia Sunweb Livery Landing at Amsterdam Schiphol | Creating Memories!
  159. F35 ROLLING BY at KB, Italian AF, BAFD 2018 [VIDEO]
  160. DEPARTING 2xF16, AWACS, AlfaJet; BAFD at KB [VIDEO]
  161. Special flypast 12 Northrop F-5E Tiger II Swiss Air Force
  162. The Boeing 737 Versus The Airbus A320 | Which is the Ultimate medium-haul Airliner?
  163. Easyjet Airbus A320NEO | Pushback & Taxi at Zurich Airport | Evening Sunlight
  164. Royal Jordanian Boeing 787-8 arrival and departure Munich Airport
  165. Emirates Boeing 777 Landing, Taxi & Take-Off at Brussels Airport | Multiple viewing p
  166. Hainan Airlines Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner Landing at Brussels Airport
  167. National Airlines Boeing 747-428 arrival at Munich Airport
  168. F16's +TYPHOON's +TORNADO Departures 65 Years 313sq; Volkel [VIDEO]
  169. Etihad Airways Boeing 777-3 Smoky Landing at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol
  170. Airbus A380-841 Lufthansa New Livery First Landing at Munich Airport
  171. [20 min] Plane Spotting at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol! | Great views | Vliegtuigspott
  172. F16's, TIGER TAIL 65 years 313 sq, Netherlands AF, at Volkel [VIDEO]
  173. ARRIVALS Typhoons + F16's, at Volkel [VIDEO]
  174. Czech Airlines | The City of Prague | Airbus A319-112 landing at Brussels Airport
  175. NIGHTFLYING F16's, 313 squadron Netherlands AF [VIDEO]
  176. Edelweiss Air | Airbus A340-313 Take-Off at Zurich Airport
  177. Making the Dutch F104 D-8114 'HOWL' again [VIDEO]
  178. Is this thing able to fly? | Fokker D-VIII Replica at Antwerp Airport | Stampe Fly-In
  179. Morning Flights MARKET GARDEN 2018, Eindhoven [VIDEO]
  180. A Plane Spotting Year in 20 Minutes | This was 2018, another Great Spotting Year
  181. The Victors | Full show at Urselavia 2018
  182. Qatar Airways A350-1041 A7-AND Flight departure at Munich Airport
  183. Icelandair Boeing 737-8 MAX | Landing at Brussels Airport in Winter Sunshine
  184. Was it wrong to choose the Russian Superjet? Brussels Airlines retires the Sukhoi Sup
  185. Skyteam Livery | KLM Boeing 777-306(ER) landing at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol
  186. TUI Airlines Belgium Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner | Landing and Take-off at Brussels Airp
  187. Edelweiss Air | Airbus A320 Taxiing at Zurich Airport
  188. Asiana Airlines Cargo | Boeing 747 landing at Brussels Airport
  189. 15 min takeoff and arrival compilation at Munich Airport
  190. IL-76 Ukraine Air Force arrival at RAF Fairford
  191. Air Transat Airbus A330-243 Heavy Landing at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol
  192. How an Aircraft picks up a Banner | Not an easy operation.
  193. Boeing E-4B 747-200 Nigh****ch Doomsday USAF arrival Munich Airport
  194. Flybmi ceases operations | 5 minutes of Landings and Take-Off's
  195. IMPRESSIONS Opendoor Nat.Military Museum, Soesterberg [VIDEO]
  196. Airbus A340-212 Egypt Government SU-GGG arrival Munich Airport
  197. Embraer Phenom 300 Full Power Departure at Antwerp Airport | Beautiful Sunlight
  198. TOUCH & GO's F16 , J-641, Netherlands AF at Eindhoven [VIDEO]
  199. LAST ACTIVE in NATO, An26 Hungarian AF, 406, at Eindhoven [4K-VIDEO]
  200. HISTORICAL CENTER 15e Wing Belgian AF at Melsbroek [VIDEO]
  201. GLOBEMASTER , NATO 03, at Eindhoven [4K-VIDEO]
  202. [20 min] Plane Spotting at Brussels Airport | Summer Sunshine Traffic | Heavies Inclu
  203. LOT Boeing 737-8 MAX arrival at Munich Airport
  204. Cessna CitationJet CJ2 Taxi & Departure at Antwerp Airport Deurne | Beautiful Sunligh
  205. Wingroll B747.............PH-BFY
  206. All Nippon Airlines Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner Landing and Taxi at Brussels Airport
  207. KC135 Stratotanker, French AF; EART 2019 at Eindhoven [4K-VID]
  208. Piper PA-46-500TP MERIDIAN, 2-COOK, at Eindhoven [4K-VID]
  209. Nice ARRIVAL Airbus 320 WIZZAIR at Eindhoven [4K-VID]
  210. NICE Ilyushin Il-76TD, 4K-AZ100; Silk Way, Eindhoven [4K-VID]
  211. KLM Boeing 787 and 777 Landing Action at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol | Heavy traffic
  212. FRISIAN FLAG 2019; Start Morning Wave [4K-VID]
  213. Royal Netherlands AF Hist.Flight ARRIVAL at Volkel [4K-VID]
  214. WOW Air Bankruptcy | Causes and Consequences of the WOW Air Failure Explained
  215. The Mighty Antonov AN-124 Departure at Ostend-Bruges Airport | Start Up and Close-Up
  216. DEPARTURE Voyager ZZ330, RAF, EART 2019 at Eindhoven [VIDEO]
  217. General Aviation Action at Antwerp Airport Deurne | 10 Minutes of Plane Spotting
  218. EasyJet Airbus A321-251NX Neo G-UZMC departure at Salzburg Airport
  219. EART Tanker Departure KDC10 Neth.AF at Eindhoven [VIDEO]
  220. C130 Hercules, 31-50, SPANISH AF, Eindhoven [VIDEO]
  221. Airbus A400 ATLAS, FRENCH AF, F-RBAB, visit Eindhoven[VIDEO]
  222. Etihad Airways Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner Take-Off at Brussels Airport | Fantastic views
  223. Today's Special visitor at Munich Airport Boeing C-17A Globemaster III RAAC
  224. TUI Family Life Hotels | Landing & Take-Off at a foggy Ostend-Bruges International Ai
  225. 3 Take-Offs at Antwerp Airport Deurne | General Aviation Plane Spotting
  226. Corendon Airlines Boeing 737-8 MAX Landing at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol
  227. Watching Airplanes at Brussels Airport, the heart of Europe | Amazing Traffic!
  228. Piaggio P180 AVANTI, OY-RIB, Eindhoven [VIDEO]
  229. T&G + ARRIVAL, Gulstream, V-11 with NEW LIVERY, Neth.AF [VIDEO]
  230. TYPHOON's active, German AF at Nörvenich [VIDEO]
  231. Ilyushin IL-62 LAST WHO FLY´S! Rada Airlines EW-450TR Taxi+Take Off at Bratislava
  232. TUI Airlines Belgium Boeing 737 Landing at Brussels Airport | Great views!
  233. TORNADO's and TYPHOONS in ACTION, German AF at Nörvenich [VIDEO]
  234. Kuwait Airways Boeing 777-369/ER 9K-AOK departure at Munich Airport
  235. Lockheed Martin F-35B Lightning II RAF Hovering
  236. Stampe Fly In 2019 | An impressive Saturday at Antwerp Air Deurne
  237. McDonnell Douglas CF-188A Hornet Canadian AF flying Display
  238. Nextgen Partners Pilatus PC-12 Landing & Taxi at Antwerp Airport Deurne | Stampe Fly
  239. AIRPOWER DEMO 2019, Volkel Openday [VIDEO]
  240. Saab AJS37 Viggen flying Display Volkel 2019 AirShow
  241. F35 LIGHTNING II, F-008,Neth.AF, DEPART Volkel to US [VIDEO]
  242. Plane Spotting at Ostend-Bruges International Airport
  243. Flying Wing Prototype | Verhees Delta 2B | Antwerp Airport Deurne | Start-Up and Flyp
  244. Eurowings Airbus A330 Landing, Taxi and Take-Off at Brussels Airport | Flying for Bru
  245. Comlux Aruba 777-29M(LR) (Crystal) Take off at Manchester Airport
  246. TEST FLIGHT F-35, F-001, Netherlands AF at Volkel [VIDEO]
  247. Boeing 737 MAX in Action | Great Footage
  248. F7F Tigercat Suffers Wheel Failure After Landing
  249. Brussels Airport Plane Spotting | Rwandair, All Nippon, Brussels Airlines ...
  250. Emirates Boeing 777 Landing and Take-Off at Brussels Airport Zaventem