Danger sign at St. Maarten's Princess Juliana International Airport.

Video: When Surfing the Fence in Saint Maarten Goes Terribly Wrong

The jet blast warning signs at Maho Beach are generally ignored, but a new video of a woman face planting behind a JetBlue takeoff might prove the signs are there for good reason.
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The Dangers of Post-Crash Speculation

Oh, speculation. The social by-product of any disaster. How I loathe it.
by Phil Derner Jr.

Mitt Romney campaign press secretary Andrea Saul tweeted this photo of firemen rushing onto the aircraft in Denver. (Photo via @andreamsaul)

Mitt Romney’s Wife in Denver Emergency Landing

A business jet carrying Ann Romney made an emergency landing in Denver Friday afternoon when the cockpit reportedly filled with smoke.
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American Airlines flight attendants protest labor cuts in New York City, April 23, 2012. (Photo by the Association of Professional Flight Attendants)

The Bankrupting Cost of Airline Bankruptcy

American Airlines spending $10 million-a-month on bankruptcy lawyers and consultants might seem outrageous, until you look at the alternative.
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Brandon Pelletier urinates at LAX.

Video (NSFW): Drunken Twilight Star Pees In The Middle Of LAX Terminal

Here's an actor named Bronson Pelletier whipping it out and peeing on the rug in front of hundred of LAX passengers late last month.
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