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Spirit Airlines’ Dirty, Relevant Ads Strike Again

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Written by: Jason Rabinowitz
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In the latest Spirit Airlines ad, the royal baby is dropped from a window

Spirit Airlines is well known for their rather…off beat…take on the news, and this week the airline has once again published some rather interesting animations. For whatever reason, the world media has been absolutely fixated on the birth of the royal baby, and Spirit has jumped on the bandwagon to advertize $19.90 fares for $9 club members. The animation depicts a new born baby, complete with crown, being dropped out of a window, proclaiming “The royal prince has arrived.” with letters then dropping out of the text, transitioning to “The royal price has dropped.” Presented right on the Spirit.com home page, the animation may be a tad unsettling to some prospective passengers.

At the same time, Spirit has a separate animation mocking the latest Anthony Weiner scandal. The movie trailer style animation proclaims “This summer, the weiner rises again.” To the right of the text, a masked hot dog holding a cell phone is presented, and additional text appears, reading “Carlos Danger in a Spirit Airlines production,” with fake movie reviews scrolling across the bottom. This advertizement offers $24 off vacation packages.

It is no secret that Spirit is able to show Southpark-like style relevance in their advertizing, but their latest ads may be a bit much for some potential passengers. Let us know how you feel about these ads in the comments.

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