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December 9, 2012

Mexico Plane Crash Kills Singer Jenni Rivera and 6 Others

The Learjet 25 carrying Jenni Rivera was enroute from MTY to TLC, about 1 hour flight time. (Map by NYCAviation/GCMap.com. Photo by Jenni Rivera via wikipedia)

A plane carrying well-known Mexican-American singer Jenni Rivera crashed in Mexico early Sunday morning, killing Rivera, her brother and the five other people onboard.

The Learjet 25 jet (N345MC) reportedly lost radar contact at around 3:40 am local time, about 10 minutes after taking off from Monterrey following a concert. It was enroute to the city of Toluca, near Mexico City.

Mexico’s Ministry of Communications and Transport late Sunday said search teams had located wreckage of a plane believed to have been Rivera’s located near the town of Iturbide, south of Monterrey.

N345MC was delivered in 1969 (just a few months after Rivera was born) and was owned by Las Vegas-based Starwood Management. NTSB records show the plane was involved in a landing mishap [PDF] in Amarillo, Texas, in 2005. In that incident, the plane suffered “substantial” damage when it ran off the side of the runway but was apparently repaired.

Jenni Rivera, a native of Long Beach, California, was 43. During her life she sold over 20 million copies of her 13 albums and was an active supporter of organizations that help battered women.

Introduced in 1967, the Learjet 25 is a mid-sized business jet that can carry up to 8 passengers with a crew of 2 pilots as far as 1,800 miles.

Lear 25 N345MC side HOU July 9 2010 092

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  • J__M__M

    Payne Stewart was in a 35, not a 25.

  • aviatorcop

    This aircraft is owned by Christian Esquino of Starwood Management a front company. Esquino who was deported in 2007 after his release from a Federal prison for falsifying aircraft logbooks has a long history of questionable behavior regarding aircraft. Esquino owns 30+ aircraft under several corporate names. It is just sad that this poor woman had the misfortune of getting on one of his aircraft. This aircraft not even legal for charter.

    • Sir, you need to pull your head out of your ass. You have no clue about who you are talking about or what happened. Are you even inolved with Aviation? Your comments suggest NO. People like yourself only damage aviation. Man up and call me Jett Reeves 909-260-4709

      • aviatorcop

        Well I guess we get no comment from Jett Reeves since he has been working for Christian Esquino AKA Eduardo Nunez for almost 15 years. So perhaps it is the end of the road for this ongoing conspiracy before it kills anyone else. Since Mr. Reeves has seen fit to publish his number everyone should feel free to ask him about his own federal felony.

  • aviatorcop

    Well I guess I won’t have to pull my head out of my a** after all!! Latin Fox News and every other news source is saying the same thing. Everyone who has fronted for Esquino is in the cross hairs now. That includes maintenance, people who fronted the sales knowing full well what was going on.has gone.

  • aviatorcop

    Well since EVERY news agency is reporting exactly the same things I guess I won’t have to pull my head out of my a**. Everyone who was involved with this ongoing diversion of aircraft will swing for it. This includes the maintenance folks, Chino mafia,and salesmen who fronted the sales through escrow companies… So so much for your holier than me B.S. Nothing but a bunch of felons doing what they do.

  • Guest

    i love you so much and i hope your family is hopeing for you jenni rivera and i hope you are ok up with the god

  • isamar

    i love you so much and i hope your family is hope for you Jenni Rivera and i hope you are ok up with god

  • Juan Bravo

    I really think this plane lost a wing, maybe a crack on the wing from the 2006 accident. Think about it, if a plane loss a wing they go down in a barrel, whish get a lot of G-force inside the aircraft and as you know, the fuel goes in the wings, that would explain why theres no fire on the scene. If my theory its right, whish im really think i am, this guys died before they even touched the ground, and get a red-out 10 secs later.. That will cover, no radio contact, no fire at scene and more than 1000ft radius of aircraft parts…