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November 6, 2012

Omni Air Pilot Arrested After Seattle Carjacking

An Omni Air International Boeing 767-200ER (N234AX) at JFK Terminal 4. (Photo by Kaz T.)

An Omni Air pilot was arrested Saturday night after carjacking a man in front of a Seattle hotel.

The unidentified pilot reportedly hopped into the back seat of an unknown man’s rental car near SeaTac Airport. When asked what he was doing, the pilot responded, “You know, you know.”

Even after the victim pointed a handgun at the pilot and pistol whipped him, he still managed to hop into the driver’s seat and speed away. Police located the car and the bloodied attacker in a parking lot a short time later.

The flight the pilot was meant to operate to Japan the next day was subsequently delayed a whole day, and of course the pilot was replaced, Omni’s President told AP.

Omni is a charter airline operating a fleet of Boeing 767s and 777s.

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