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Video: Azul ATR Veers Off Runway in Brazil

Nobody was injured when this Azul ATR 72 airliner briefly veered off a runway while landing in Brazil on Friday.

Heavy crosswinds reportedly battered Azul Flight 6902 as it landed at Cascavel from Sao Paulo, causing the left main landing gear to slide off the runway and onto a patch of red dust.

After steering the plane back onto the runway, it came to a complete stop at a 90 degree angle across the runway.

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  • That runway was built pretty wrong… The prevailing wind on this airfield is what you guys can see in this video .. They built it in a different orientation (15/33) and became this. Smaller aircrafts suffer even more with crosswind situations there. The only way to fix this stupidity would be building a new runway. And this time with study of experts to discover the prevailing wind in the area and try to minimize the error.. I hope they have noticed this time that thing is really serious.. B.R, Ivan