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October 17th in Aviation History

1977: The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey loses its bid to ban the Concorde from operating to John F. Kennedy International Airport based on noise abatement concerns. In British Airways Board v. Port Authority of N.Y. and N.J. et al., the US Supreme Court refuses to overturn the ruling of a lower court that had dismissed the Port’s attempt to block the flights. Scheduled service from London and Paris would begin on November 22nd, 1977.

1931: The first hook-on test of the U. S. Navy’s parasite fighter program takes places, as the Curtiss XF9 C-1 prototype successfully docks with the dirigible USS Los Angeles (ZR-3).

1922: A Vought VE-7 flown by Lt Virgil Griffin makes the US Navy’s first takeoff from an aircraft carrier, the USS Langley.

Griffin in Ve-7 r

Lt. Griffin lifting off the U.S.S. Langley

1900: On her second flight, the Zeppelin LZ-1 remains aloft for 80 min.

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